Synthesizing A Clap With White Noise

We show you how to create your own bespoke clap using white noise and analogue synthesis.

Ageing Your Synths With VHS-Style Effects

We show you how to recreate the sound of an old VHS tape using standard effects plugins.

Sell Your Music: Choosing The Right Music Distribution Service For You

If you’re looking to release your music, it’s important to consider how music distribution services can benefit you…

Advanced Parallel Buss Processing

Parallel processing is a handy mixing technique for adding interest and character without overwhelming the mix.

5 Ways To Add Flanging To Techno Drums

We show you had to add flanging to techno drums.

Creative Tape Stop Effects

We show you how tape stop effects can bring movement and interest to your beats, pads, and breakdowns.

The Rights and Wrongs of Sampling

How to clear a sample? Do I need to clear a sample? What about one-shots? In this article we breakdown the most common sampling queries.

Processing Berghain Kicks With Multiband Distortion

We show you how to apply multiband distortion to Berghain-style kicks.

Choosing The Right Compressor Type

We show you how to choose the correct compressor for the job.

Creating A Daft Punk-Style Talk Box Effect With Waves OVox Vocal ReSynthesis

Waves’ new OVox Vocal ReSynthesis plugin is a powerful vocal processor that can do everything from robotic vocoder effects to…

Burying the Mix in Burial Style Reverb

There are numerous approaches to reverb from echo chambers to mechanical devices through to analogue circuits and on, of course…

Understanding Diva’s Different Oscillators, Filters and Envelopes

Diva is fairly complex in its modular architecture. In this tutorial we show you how to get the most out…

Organised Chaos: Distortion as a Mix Tool

For many of us, distortion conjures up sonic images of guitar heroes from Tony Iommie to Dimebag Darrell. But what…

Programming and Layering Sliced Drum Breaks for Use in Techno

In this tutorial we’re going to explore how we can slice separate drum breaks, program, process and layer them…

How to make an Acid House bassline

We show you how to make an Acid House bassline squeal using AudioRealism’s ABL2 – a Roland TB-303 clone…

Drones From Drums

In our latest tutorial we look at how to make a drone using a simple kick drum one shot. Sound…

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