Using Spectral Processing To Add Instrument-Specific Effects To Stems

Spectral processing can open up possibilities when working with stems, from adding effects like delay, to targeting specific instruments for dynamics processing, and more. In this tutorial, we show you how.

How To Get Big ‘80s Drums

Got big hair and big shoulder pads but small drums? We show you how to take your ‘80s percussion from wimpy Hall And Oates to stomping New Order.

How To Bring Your Mix Alive With Bus Processing

We show you how to take your mix from dull to sparkle with bus processing plugins from the Arturia FX Collection 2.

How to Use Ableton Live to Make a Music Video Using Videosync

In this tutorial, we show you how to make a music video in Ableton Live 11 using Videosync.…

Dub-Style Drum Processing For Character And Groove

In this tutorial, we use Surreal Machines’ Dub Machines plugins to turn a dry beat into delay-soaked dub madness.

Mixing Breakbeats

In this new installment of our mixing series, we mix a ’90s-style breakbeat using Waves plugins in Ableton Live.

Organizing Plugins In Ableton Live And Other DAWs

In this tutorial, we look at different ways to organize your plugin collection based on your personality type.

The Right EQ For The Job

There are so many different types of EQ, how do you know which one is right? In this tutorial, we break down some common types of EQ and highlight when to use them.

Tuning Drums To Improve Your Mix

In this tutorial, we explore how to use tuning to improve drum mixes and add weight to the low end.

Mixing Microhouse

In the first-ever installment of our Mixing Demystified series, we mix a microhouse beat using Waves plugins in Ableton Live.

Understanding Ableton Live 11’s New Spectral Effects

We get to grips with Live 11’s two new spectral effects and use them to process a breakbeat.

Dynamic Modulation With LFOs – Part Two

In this second installment of our LFO-focused tutorials, we complete the house beat from part one with a modulating pad and randomized vocal effects.

Secretos de la Producción de Música Dance: Sonido Capturado y Lo-Fi

Este seminario es un pequeño ejemplo de nuestro nuevo libro “Secretos de la Producción de Música Dance…

Acid House Processing With Waves Vocal Bender

We use Waves’ new vocal processing plugin Vocal Bender to tweak out an acid house track.

In The Red: Mixer-Distorted ‘90s Techno Drums

In this tutorial, we explore using a channel strip plugin to recreate mixer distortion.

Dynamic Modulation With LFOs

In this tutorial we program a dub techno beat and look at multiple ways to use LFOs to add layers of modulation.

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