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Building Up A Massive Ambient Pad With Lunacy Audio CUBE

Layering synths and cinematic strings is a sure-fire way to add size to a pad patch. In this article…

Spatial Sound Design with Baby Audio’s Crystalline

In this tutorial, we use Baby Audio’s new algorithmic reverb plugin to create drones, hi-hats, reversed melodies and tempo-synced room ambience!

Five Plugins, One Chain: Creating A Reverb Effect With A Variety Of OneKnob Plugins

Single knob-style plugins can be convenient for quickly adding effects but can they be used in a more creative way? We string together a chain of Waves OneKnob plugins and find out.

Mixing A Breaks Track Using Waves’ Gold Plus Subscription

Is it possible to mix a song using just Waves’ Music Maker Access subscription service? We find out.

Generating Powerful And Rhythmic Basslines With Audiomodern Playbeat 3

In this article we use Audiomodern’s advanced sequencer to create limitless basslines!

Layering Vinyl Drum Breaks With Oeksound Soothe2

In this article we apply soothe2 to vinyl drum breaks in order to reduce harsh resonant frequencies before layering the breaks with punchier drum samples. This makes the process of layering much easier and helps to achieve a better mix overall!

Making Your Own Techno Kick Mix Chain Using Waves’ StudioRack

Using Waves’ free StudioRack plugin, we show you how to build up a go-to kick chain with compression, saturation, EQ and parallel processing.

Create Organic Sounding Tracks Using Toontrack’s EZDrummer

In this tutorial, we’re going to use Toontrack’s EZDrummer to add an organic flair to your house tracks…

Getting Vocals Release Ready With Leapwing UltraVox

You’ve recorded vocals but where do you go from there? We show you how to add dynamics, saturation, and polish to a vocal group with one plugin.

Dynamic 2-Step Beats With Audiomodern Playbeat 3

In this article we use Playbeat 3’s randomization and Auto-Remix features to program a swung beat with constant variation. 

The Ultimate Delay Guide

Delay may not be as complicated as some other kinds of effects but there’s still a number of things to keep straight. We take the guesswork out of choosing the right

How Gain Staging In Your DAW Can Help Keep Your Mix Clean And Punchy

In this gain staging walkthrough, we show you step by step, how to improve your mixes, keeping them clean and…

Organising Samples With AI And Waves Cosmos

Get your unwieldy sample folder under control with Waves’ Cosmos, a free AI-powered sample organizer. We walk you through the process.

Frequency Sidechaining With Oeksound soothe2

article, we apply the lesser discussed Sidechain feature of Soothe 2 to a breakbeat mix. We’ll use it to make the vocals and kick pop out over the harmonic elements and subby low end. This might just be the sidechaining secret weapon we’ve been waiting for!

Five Key Production Thoughts with Hybrasil

Inspired by the city where he now lives, Berlin, Hybrasil’s latest album is a rolling thunderous techno odyssey. We…

Dirty FM Bass

We continue our exploration of FM synthesis techniques with a variation on a dirty, LFO-modulated bass sound.…

Can Denise Audio’s ‘Perfect Room’ Give Us ‘Perfect Space’ Reverb?

Room-style reverb can bring a sense of intimacy to a track. We use Denise’s Perfect Room to vibe up a chill downtempo song.

Does Plugin Order Matter?

Is the order of plugins in a chain important? The short answer is yes. The long answer is a little more complicated.

Reese Bass Redux

We go back to basics with the iconic Reese bass sound, demonstrating some simple techniques before moving on to a…

FM Electric Piano

Moving forward with our examination of FM synthesis, we show how to create a classic electric piano patch in NI…

Six Tips for Mixing and Producing with Waves Plugins

In this tutorial we look at some of our go-to Waves plugins and their applications across a full beat. 

Limiting For Streaming With AI And Sonible smart:limit

We use AI and limiting to help bring a house track up to Spotify’s target loudness level with Sonible smart:limit.

Complex Arps

Arpeggiators aren’t just for simple chord parts. Bruce Aisher explores some more advanced uses.…

Quantisation & Velocity Editing Basics

Quantisation and velocity editing allow us to correct inconsistencies in our beat programming, but when should we use it? Bruce…

Learn How To Produce Disco Using Toontrack

Have you ever wondered how to create a disco track? Learn how from this tutorial on producing disco music using…

Lo-fi House Using The New Retro Fi Plugin From Waves

We use Waves’ new lo-fi chain plug-in, Retro Fi, to add warm analogue-style textures and character to a house beat.

Creative Distortion

Distortion is one of the fundamental signal processing tools we have at our disposal. Mix expert Bruce Aisher explains how…

Drum Synthesis in Logic ES2

Synthesising your own sounds from scratch is the surefire route to unique drum hits. Bruce Aisher explains how it’s…

Rethinking Compression: 3 Techniques You Should Be Using

There’s more to compression than just clamping down on dynamics. We show you three ways to expand your compression toolkit.

Adding Quality And Clarity To Your Mix with Oeksound’s Soothe2

We put Soothe2 to the test on the stems and mix bus of a deep house track.

How To EQ A Mix

EQ is one of the three fundamental tools used to shape the mix. Bruce Aisher explains how to use it…

Vocal Chopping & Pitching

We outline some of the most effective techniques for integrating sampled vocals with your track.…

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