Using PlayStation Impulse Responses With FabFilter Pro-R 2

From Call of Duty to Fifa, PlayStation has been a staple in most of our lives for 30 years. But…

Make An Italo Bassline With Chance Engine

Chance Engine is a Max for Live device designed to add controlled yet random fluctuations to the most important…

Step-by-Step Guide: Adding Audio Playback to Your PDF Documents

Labels receive hundreds of promos every day. Some of these tips might help improve the submission process.…

How To Choose The Best Amplifier For Your Hi-Fi Speakers

With a wealth of options to choose from, we help you choose the best amplifier for your hi-fi speakers…

How AI Sound Matching Does More Than Just Find Sounds Quicker

Sound matching technology can be a boon for workflow, but there are other, hidden advantages behind using AI for sample…

Making Moves: How To Pack Your Studio Equipment For A Smooth Relocation

Moving the studio doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are some tips for safely and securely getting all your…

5Ways To Use Pulsar Massive By Pulsar Audio

In our new 5Ways Youtube video series, we show you five different ways to use Pulsar audio’s new Pulsar…

Mixing A House Track With Channel Strip Plugins

Is it possible to get a solid mix done with just channel strips? We use Waves’ SSL EV2 plugin and find out.

How To Use A Sequencer With Catalyst

There are a tonne of sequencers out there. How does the new CATALYST stack up with the rest?…

How To Use MPE With Chordjam 1.5

We use Chordjam alongside Live’s Wavetable to make a pitch-bending synth progression. Chordjam has recently been updated to…

Five Plugins, One Chain: Creating A Reverb Effect With A Variety Of OneKnob Plugins

Single knob-style plugins can be convenient for quickly adding effects but can they be used in a more creative way? We string together a chain of Waves OneKnob plugins and find out.

Mixing A Breaks Track Using Waves’ Gold Plus Subscription

Is it possible to mix a song using just Waves’ Music Maker Access subscription service? We find out.

Make Lo-Fi With Pastels By Lunacy Audio

In this tutorial we’re going to use Pastels, a brand new CUBE expansion pack, to make lo-fi house…

A Look At Synth Modulations For Beginners

Using the modulation matrix in Wavetable in Ableton Live to help bring a track alive.

Making Your Own Techno Kick Mix Chain Using Waves’ StudioRack

Using Waves’ free StudioRack plugin, we show you how to build up a go-to kick chain with compression, saturation, EQ and parallel processing.

Create Organic Sounding Tracks Using Toontrack’s EZDrummer

In this tutorial, we’re going to use Toontrack’s EZDrummer to add an organic flair to your house tracks…

Sequencing a Chord Progression With WaveDNA’s Liquid Music

In this tutorial, we show you how to sketch out compelling chords without any music theory knowledge.

10 Common Modulation Routings Using Ableton’s Wavetable

Learn how to set up 10 of the most common modulation routings in Ableton Wavetable.

The Ultimate Delay Guide

Delay may not be as complicated as some other kinds of effects but there’s still a number of things to keep straight. We take the guesswork out of choosing the right

How Gain Staging In Your DAW Can Help Keep Your Mix Clean And Punchy

In this gain staging walkthrough, we show you step by step, how to improve your mixes, keeping them clean and…

Make Classic House For Beginners With UJAM’S Free Drive

We load up UJAMs latest instrument and take it for a drive around classic house territory. If you want to…

Watch Three Tutorial Videos On How To Use Ableton Note

We teamed up with Ableton and Jinku to produce three short videos showcasing how to use Ableton’s new, and…

Five Key Production Thoughts with Hybrasil

Inspired by the city where he now lives, Berlin, Hybrasil’s latest album is a rolling thunderous techno odyssey. We…

Dirty FM Bass

We continue our exploration of FM synthesis techniques with a variation on a dirty, LFO-modulated bass sound.…

How To Make Banging Modern Garage In Style Of Overmono ‘So U Kno’

In this Beat Dissected we create a beat inspired by Overmono’s dancefloor-filling hit ‘So U Kno’.…

It’s Now Possible To Program Polyrhythmic Pizza Beats With Beat Scholar

Ever thought you could program a 10-note fill within one quarter note? Now you can.

Reese Bass Redux

We go back to basics with the iconic Reese bass sound, demonstrating some simple techniques before moving on to a…

FM Electric Piano

Moving forward with our examination of FM synthesis, we show how to create a classic electric piano patch in NI…

Tearing Acid Techno Bassline With SynthMaster2

We use KV331 Audio’s SynthMaster 2 to create an unorthodox acid bassline complete with effects – and all within the single plugin.

Making Six Sounds With One Preset Using Forbidden Planet By EastWest

EastWest is known for their huge library of sample-based instruments, but Forbidden Planet is their first adventure into the realm of hybrid morphing synths. In this tutorial we push one preset (out of the available 600!) to the limit.

Complex Arps

Arpeggiators aren’t just for simple chord parts. Bruce Aisher explores some more advanced uses.…

Quantisation & Velocity Editing Basics

Quantisation and velocity editing allow us to correct inconsistencies in our beat programming, but when should we use it? Bruce…

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