The Best…

The Best Music Production Subscriptions For Producers

We round up the expanding universe of comprehensive music sound subscription libraries for electronic music producers.…

The Best Photos From CRSSD Festival 2024

As the sun sets on another CRSSD Festival, enjoy the best photos from a weekend of house and techno.…

Five Of The Best Apps For Remote Collaborations

Looking to share a track privately, securely and receive review comments? There are only a few services that offer this…

Ten Of The Best: Synth Mods

DIY or die. Sometimes the only answer is to take matters into your own hands. We’ve picked ten of…

The Best Artists At CRSSD Festival 2024

Attack Magazine breaks down 5 must-watch sets at this year’s CRSSD Festival.…

The 10 Best Hardware and Software Releases of the Year

From synths to effects, grooveboxes to pedals, here are our favorite music production releases of 2023.

Ten Of The Best: Hardware Drum Machines

We recommend ten of the best hardware drum machines available today, from brand new bargains through to money-no object…

The 13 Best Electronic Music Tracks Of The Year

The annual thankless and impossible task is upon us. Here are 13 tracks we really got into this year.…

Ten of the Best Abandoned Plugins

From an early NI emulation to trackers and more, some of the best soft synths and effects ever made are now lost to the inexorable march of technology.

Ten Of The Best Multiband Compressor Plugins

Multiband compressors are an indispensable weapon in any mixing arsenal. Here are 10 to consider for your next dynamics purchase.

5 Underrated Artists Right Now

In a first for Attack, the in-house team choose five artists we believe are underrated. At least for now…

Ten Soft Synth Emulations That Are Better Than The Hardware

Extra features! More polyphony! So much cheaper! Here are 10 synth plugins that improve on the synths they’re emulating.

The 10 Best Gifts For Music Producers Under $300 On Reverb

Stuck on what to get the music producer in your life. Here are 10 cool gifts on Reverb for the studio that won’t get you in trouble with the credit card company.

10 Of The Best Soundtoys Mixing Presets

Haven’t used Soundtoys plugins for mixing before? Here are a few mixing plugin secrets, and not-so-“secret secrets…

10 Of The Best 25-Key MIDI Keyboards Now

Need some MIDI keys but not a great big keyboard? One of these affordable mini controllers could be just right.

Ten Of The Best Hardware Synths 2022

From affordable to expensive, we run down the best hardware synthesizers on the market in 2022.

The 10 Best Studio Monitors Under $1,000 On Reverb Right Now

Replace your current set of monitors or grab a second pair for mixing from this list of studio speakers that won’t make your wallet cry.

The Best Artists At Seismic Dance Event 2022

Attack Magazine breaks down 5 must-watch sets at this year’s Seismic Dance Event taking place Nov 11-13th…

The 10 Coolest Modded Synthesizers On Reverb Right Now

Forget about cherry, mods are where it’s at. These 10 hot-rodded synths on Reverb will make you wonder why more of your gear isn’t tricked out.

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