In a first for Attack, the in-house team choose five artists we believe are underrated. At least for now...

In the age of unlistened to music, you’d be forgiven for not noticing the amazing wealth of good music out there. We all know Spotify favours the majors, but we’re here to favour those lesser-known artists. And for good reason too, as there is a plethora of good talent right now. If musicians are going to keep AI at bay, then they’re going to have to push the envelope beyond the generic.

The amount of artists we’d like to feature outweighs what we can realistically manage. To that end, enjoy our list of just five artists we feel are criminally overlooked, right now.


British DJ and Producer John Randall creates a highly inventive blend of techno, breaks, bass, and world music under the name YAK. His releases on labels such as Version, R&S Records, and 3024 have received praise for their inventive production techniques and unique sound. Some of his most popular tracks include “Mido,” “Wide Eye,” and “Rhodes Island.”

Despite YAK’s talent and unique sound, he still remains relatively unknown outside of a dedicated fanbase and has not quite received the same level of recognition and attention as some of his peers in dance music.

This may be due to seemingly less exposure than some other producers, or because his music does not fit neatly into any one genre. YAK also has not pursued mainstream success in the same way as some other artists, preferring to focus on his music rather than self-promotion. Nonetheless, we think YAK’s inventive and forward-thinking approach to electronic music makes him a talent well worth watching.

Find YAK on Instagram, Bandcamp, or Spotify.


LUZ1E - Attack's Top 5 Artists We Think Deserve More Love

LUZ1E is a German DJ and producer based in Berlin. She has been active in dance music since the mid-2010s and has had releases on a wide variety of highly regarded labels including Shall Note Fade, International Chrome, Lobster Theremin, Mechatronica, and Source Material.

Her music is a sometimes light but often a heavy blend of techno, house, and electro, with a focus on gritty, analogue sounds and intricate rhythms. She is highly regarded for her ability to create atmospheric and immersive tracks that blur the boundaries between different electronic music genres and eras. Some of her most popular tracks include, ‘Ridin,’ ‘Surge’ and ‘U Kno How I’m Feelin’.

While LUZ1E certainly has gained a dedicated following among electronic music enthusiasts and received plenty of praise from fellow artists, she has yet to receive the mainstream recognition she deserves.

Find LUZ1E on Instagram, Spotify, or Bandcamp.

Tim Reaper

Tim Reaper - Attack's Top 5 Artists We Think Deserve More Love

Tim Reaper is a British producer and DJ known for his distinctive take on jungle and hardcore music. Throughout his decade-long career, Tim has released a string of critically acclaimed tracks and EPs on labels such as 7th Storey Projects, Lobster Theremin, and Repertoire. His sound is characterized by the use of choppy breakbeats, ethereal pads, and intricate melodies that evoke the golden era of rave music.

You might be faoming at the mouth with incandescent rage. “Attack, EVERYONE already loves Tim Reaper”…and sure, that’s true. We get.

But this article still makes the claim someone can be underrated but fairly well-known. Tim’s contributions to the jungle and hardcore scenes have been invaluable, and his music continues to inspire and captivate a devoted following of fans and fellow musicians alike. With an innovative approach to sound design, composition and remixing, Tim Reaper is more than worthy of your listening time.

Find Tim Reaper on Spotify, or Bandcamp


LUXE - Attack's Top 5 Artists We Think Deserve More Love

LUXE is a rising DJ, producer, and classically trained musician who is known for her emotive and atmospheric sound. She has been active in the electronic music scene since 2018 and has already gained recognition for her unique blend of techno, breaks and ambient music.

Her music has been released on labels such as Dansu Discs, Radical New Theory, and Planet Euphorique and has received support from DJs such as HAAI and Mary Anne Hobbs of BBC Radio 6.

LUXE hasn’t just received praise for her production chops either, she is equally well-regarded as a DJ and has performed at renowned venues such as Fabric and The Pickle Factory alongside esteemed DJs such as Âme, Helena Hauff, and Ben UFO.

Considered a fast-rising talent, LUXE is one to watch.

Find LUXE on Instagram, Spotify, or Bandcamp


Lynyn - Attack's Top 5 Artists We Think Deserve More Love

The first time you listen to Chicago-based Conor Mackey, aka Lynyn, you might be mistaken for thinking Squarepusher or Aphex Twin. Once you realise it’s neither, you’ll kick yourself for not discovering him earlier.

We were blown away by ‘uja end‘ after hearing it for the first time and were so keen to know how he did it we invited him for a very insightful instalment of Track by Track last year.

If you’re a fan of forward-thinking IDM, do yourself a favour, and go check out Lynyn.

Find Lynyn on Instagram, Spotify, or Bandcamp.

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24th April, 2023

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