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Why Is SoundCloud Laying Off Staff?

As the legendary indie platform makes its first layoffs since 2017, what’s the driving force behind the decision?…

GPU Audio Is Powering Plugins With Your Graphics Card. Is It Time To Finally Say Goodbye To Latency?

Constantly maxing out your CPU? GPU Audio is hoping to leverage your graphics card to speed up music production processing.

Waves Nx: Ocean Way Nashville – Listening In 3D

We look at the science behind Waves’ new 3D audio plugin, Nx: Ocean Way Nashville.

The Revolution Will Be Digitised: 25 Years Of The MP3

The 14th July 2020 is the 25th birthday of the MP3. We spoke with artist and curator Dr John Kannenberg…

A Service For Electronic Labels and Musicians: Move Music Distribution 

What is music distribution? What does it cost? Do I need it? How do I go about it? There are…

Sun Shower: Larry Levan and the J-Pop Remix

The story of how DJ legend Larry Levan came to remix an obscure J-pop song and what happened after.

How Prevalent Is Ageism In Dance Music?

We spoke with Fabio, Anja Schneider and I:Robots about the reality of getting old working in dance music.…

Aslice: Can An Altruistic DJ Payment Program Work?

Aslice is a software-based service, founded by DVS1, that asks DJs to share their earnings with the artists in…

Ten Of The Best Jazz Samples In House And Techno

International Jazz Day is a global event that sees countless gigs and parties held in celebration of the ground-breaking…

“Streaming Saved The Industry”: Why Artists Use Spotify

In the fourth instalment of our investigation into streaming, we speak with a producer and label boss who are perfectly…

Does Hardware Really Sound Better?

Which sounds better, hardware or software? We made the same song using hardware and software to help you decide for yourself.

Is Dance Music About To Change Its Tune?

Artists and manufacturers are working to explode the piano roll as we know it. There are more than 12 notes…

“I Removed My Music From Spotify”- Why Artists Are Stepping Away Part 3

In the third part of our investigation into streaming, we speak with three more artists who are no longer putting…

“I Removed My Music From Spotify”- Why Artists Are Stepping Away Part 2

It’s quite clear that if you can’t earn a living from Spotify, artists won’t bother making records…

5 Tracks About Love

Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day with five of the most romantic dance songs ever made.

How The Music Tech Industry Is Adapting to Better Accommodate Musicians With Accessibility Issues

Lack of accessibility is an issue that affects many music producers and DJs. We speak with three members of the disabled community to find out how accessibility impacts their creativity and performance.

“I Removed My Music From Spotify”- Why Artists Are Stepping Away

In the first part of our three-part feature, we talk to some artists who have removed their work from…

5 Historic Dance Music Duo Reunions

Skream and Benga have announced they’re working on music again together. Here are five other electronic music duo reunions that made an impact.

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