Long Reads

Get Your MicroFreak On: The Story Of An Unconventional Instrument

We spoke with Sébastien Rochard, Product Lead on the Arturia MicroBrute, on how the company’s trend-busting digital synthesizer went from idea to realization.

From Voder To OVox: A History Of Vocal Synthesis – Part 2

In this second part of a two-part series, we further explore the history of vocal synthesis, this time diving deep with the talk box and vocal pitch correction.

Waves Nx: Ocean Way Nashville – Listening In 3D

We look at the science behind Waves’ new 3D audio plugin, Nx: Ocean Way Nashville.

The Revolution Will Be Digitised: 25 Years Of The MP3

The 14th July 2020 is the 25th birthday of the MP3. We spoke with artist and curator Dr John Kannenberg…

From Voder To OVox: A History Of Vocal Synthesis

In the first installment of a two-part story, we look at the evolution of vocal synthesis, from primitive speech-mimicking machines to modern software vocoders.

“I’d be disappointed if we went 100% back to normal”: How the Dutch Dance Music Scene Intends to Reform Upon Reopening

With the Dutch dance music industry, which has been closed for twelve months, still lacking cultural recognition from the government…

Carl Craig And The Quality Of Sound

We talk with Carl Craig about the sound of DAWs, summing in the box with Harrison Mixbus, and making sure your music has character.

How Do You Organise Your Music Collection?

Alphabetically? Chronologically? All thrown together in one massive folder called ‘Jamz’? We speak to some DJs about how they organise…

Brexit: What Next For UK DJs & Performers?

With Freedom of Movement in the EU now ended for UK citizens, Harold Heath looks at what this might mean…

NAMM 2021: Round-up

We highlight our favourite new gear and software from NAMM 2021.

NAMM 2021: Leaks, Rumours And Advance Announcements

While this year’s NAMM will be online-only, we can still expect plenty of releases over the coming week. Here’s what we’re looking forward to.

Do DAWs Really Have Their Own Sound? Part 2

In part two of our series, we continue to examine whether there are discernible differences in the sound of three popular DAWs, Ableton Live, FL Studio 20, and Logic Pro X.

Gear Predictions For 2021

We cast our gaze into the future and predict what hardware releases await us in the coming year.

2020: Our Best-Read Technique Articles Of The Year

We look back at the most popular Attack tutorials and how-tos of the year.

2020: A Year In Dance Music Part 1 – Through The Haunted Mirror

We look back at the year in dance music through the twisted prism of social media.…

2020: The Year In Gear

We look back at a year of music technology and pick our favourite pieces of hardware.

Classic Tracks: Public Enemy – Black Steel in The Hour of Chaos

In this latest excerpt from Classic Tracks, Richard Buskin takes a deeper dive into the Bomb Squad’s production techniques…

Making A Synth From Scratch – Sonicware Liven 8bit warps

Creating a new synthesizer is a long journey full of challenges, deadlines and pressures. We talked with Japanese boutique instrument company Sonicware about the process behind the making of their new synthesizer, Liven 8bit warps.

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