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Taking A Step Into The Algorithmic Future With LALAL.AI Voice Changer

LALAL.AI is back with Voice Changer, a slick new AI algorithm that gives you access to famous voices for your songs. Is this the dawning of a new era? We check it out.

The Story Behind Capturing The True Sound Of The H3000 Harmonizer®

We sat down to learn about the development process behind the H3000 Mk II Factory and H3000 Band Delays Mk…

How Technology Can Help in Better Event Coordination and Planning

Ready or not, digital evolution and innovations are reinventing the 21st-century business environment as we know it. And event…

Back of the House Hazards – Common Risks Security Teams Face Backstage

“Back of the House” describes the behind-the-scenes areas that the public rarely sees. In entertainment venues, hotels, and…

Are Plugin Prices Confusing? What Do Developers Think?

Plugin prices have gone wild, with endless sales, confusing price structures and high-pressure marketing. How do the developers feel about it?

“I Had Life-Saving Medication Confiscated By Security” – Type 1 Diabetics Shed Light on Club Security Policies

Given the complexity of their duties, is it high time for club security to reassess how they interact with individuals…

Waves Nx: Ocean Way Nashville – Listening In 3D

We look at the science behind Waves’ new 3D audio plugin, Nx: Ocean Way Nashville.

The Revolution Will Be Digitised: 25 Years Of The MP3

The 14th July 2020 is the 25th birthday of the MP3. We spoke with artist and curator Dr John Kannenberg…

Excite and Resonate: A History of Physical Modelling Synthesis

Once a niche form of synthesis, physical modelling is now growing in popularity, offering both highly realistic – and wildly novel – results.

Can Music Worx Challenge The Current Streaming Landscape?

With options for both pros and music fans alike, Music Worx is revolutionizing the DJ streaming game.

Has Techno Lost Its Groove?

Is reducing techno down to 15 or 30-second social media clips, changing the direction of techno production? Is it…

“Eric Whitacre Contrast”: Bringing Choir & Chaos Closer Together

We spoke to Eric Whitacre, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Clark, and Ryan Lott of Son Lux for an exclusive on the…

Do I Need Great Gear To Produce Music? No..

There’s a persistent mindset that you need great gear in order to make great music. These five artists say otherwise.

Is Music Hardware Environmentally Sustainable?

We all know about the environmental dangers of computers and phones but how bad are synthesizers and drum machines for…

Vinyl Resurgence Examined In Holland, Market Correction Ahead?

With Making Vinyl on the horizon next week in Haarlem, Netherlands, co-founder Larry Jaffee reflects on the vinyl landscape…

The Legalities of Emulations

The law when it comes to emulating instruments in software form is vague and complex. We take a look at the legalities of emulations from two sides, the law and the developer.

From Dance Floor to Dashboard: How Techno Is Helping Change The Sound Of Cars For the Better

Electric vehicles are giving automobile companies a chance to reinvent how cars sound – and many are turning to electronic music producers.

Assessing The Shift in Power From Producers to AI In Your DAW

AI plugins are everywhere. The DAW is next. Here are the DAWs already living in the future. But are producers…

You Can Now Get Feedback On Your Music From Your Favourite Artists

Echio, an artist-led music education platform founded in 2021, now offers demo feedback from your favourite artists. And for…

Friends Are Electric: Making Music With Vintage Amiga Computers

We talk to Pete Cannon, DJ Formula and Vogue Renege about producing and even DJing with old Amigas – and how you can too.

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