Organizing Plugins In Ableton Live And Other DAWs

In this tutorial, we look at different ways to organize your plugin collection based on your personality type.

Choosing The Right Key For Bass Weight

In this installment of Passing Notes we look at how you can use simple key selection to give your low end a boost.

Change The Record: EP 02 – Mental Health In Dance Music

Change the Record is the inaugural podcast from Attack Magazine, hosted by Clara Löffler. Over the course of six…

Akai Unveils MPC ONE Retro Standalone

This one is for the real heads. With all the modern features but the classic look, get the sound of…

“The potential of AI? Limitless”- Richie Hawtin

With Model 1.4 out now, and an extensive collaboration with well-being app Endel, Richie Hawtin has been busy…

The Right EQ For The Job

There are so many different types of EQ, how do you know which one is right? In this tutorial, we break down some common types of EQ and highlight when to use them.

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Patch & Tweak with Moog

PATCH and TWEAK with Moog is the ultimate resource for Moog synthesizer enthusiasts and musicians of all skill levels interested in an immersive modular synthesis experience. Opening with a foreword from acclaimed film score composer Hans Zimmer, this hardcover book by Kim Bjørn features 200 pages full of synthesizer techniques, creative patch ideas, sound design tips, professional artist interviews, in-depth discussions with Moog engineers, and a glimpse into the company's remarkable history.


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Featuring 312 colour pages packed with technique, tips, illustrations and hands-on walkthroughs, The Secrets of Dance Music Production pulls together all you need to take a mix from concept to club-ready master, featuring a wealth of exclusive content from Attack’s award-winning team of writers.


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Made in collaboration with Kyle Platts, celebrating the pulse, rhythm and feel of techno. Proudly embroidered in the UK on 100% cotton. Available in black or white on 190GSM shirts.


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This T-shirt made in collaboration with London-based illustrator and graphic artist Sam Moore is the perfect accompaniment to our 303 badges and our book A Brief History of Acid House. A little bit silly and light-hearted, this T-shirt is a nod to a glorious genre and time. Long live acid house!


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Featuring 350+ full-colour pages packed with pro techniques, practical photos, detailed illustrations and hands-on walkthroughs, The Producer’s Manual brings together everything you need to take a mix, from initial recording to final master.


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Pedal Crush is a trip into the expansive, eclectic, and mesmerizing world of effects pedals. Bursting with color photos and illustrations, it systematically covers over 800 pedals – from vintage to cutting edge, from the essential to the exotic, from popular classics to boutique wizardry.


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In Make Your Music Make Money, a brand new 238 page PDF (with instant download) book from Attack Magazine, we show you how, armed with nothing more than a laptop, some talent and a decent work ethic, you can write and record your music, create an international profile and access a worldwide sales infrastructure to make money and build a fanbase from day one.

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From Chicago to the world, Adonis was just 19 years old when he crafted this huge Trax label hit "No Way Back" in. In this poster, artist Rob Ricketts has designed the famous pattern to "No Way Back" so you can now get the claps, clav and cowbell just right!


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The pocket-sized EvermixBox4 plugs into the back of your mixer and into your iPhone / iPad / Android smartphone, where the Evermix App allows you to record the set in super high quality. After your set, share to Mixcloud + Soundcloud or save to cloud storage locations such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive.


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A semi-modular analog synthesizer that makes modular synthesis more accessible and understandable than ever before.


90s Boom Bap Hip Hop

Boom bap is not dead! In this Beat Dissected we show you how to program a boom bap beat and adjust the swing settings to get just the right amount of the desired head nod!

Beyond Liverpool: Dance Music’s Accountability Problem

While the scenes from Liverpool’s ‘First Dance’ event were a joy to behold, writer Isobel Moloney looks at the…

Slam014: Manni Dee

Manni Dee’s most recent EP, released on South London Analogue Material, is a boisterous return of heavy rolling techno…

Last Nubian

Last Nubian has just released his superb four-track ‘Ghetto Child’ deep house EP on Leicester’s Flat White Records…

Modulating Risers with Additive Synthesis and Pitch Delay in Arturia Pigments 3

In this installment of Synth Secrets, we use the third and latest version of Arturia’s Pigments synth to build a pre-drop riser full of movement, automation, textures and effects.

Jaymie Silk

Jaymie Silk has just dropped his ‘Young, Broke & Fabulous’ album, in which he effortlessly moves from techno to soul…

Baby Audio Release Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator is described as an ‘Intelligent Signal Balancer’ this interesting new plug-in from Baby Audio uses spectral processing…

“Personality and celebrity have become more important in some areas of the industry” – Harold Heath

‘Long Relationships: My Incredible Journey From Unknown DJ to Small-time DJ’ is a new book written by former DJ…

Hardware Wars: The Gear Behind The Sounds Of Star Wars

For this May the Fourth, we put the spotlight on the synthesizers and other gear that played a part in the sounds of Star Wars.

John Digweed

Pioneering UK DJ John Digweed has just released a follow-up to last years ‘Quattro’, ‘Quattro II’ a 4 disc…

The Influence of De Underground Records

As part of Newham Heritage Month, “Crate Digging: The Influence of De Underground Records”, is a cultural project that documents…

Ableton Loop Confirms Loop Create For June 2021

Ableton Loop has confirmed a new event, Loop Create, will take place online on June 26-27th. The event is…

Tuning Drums To Improve Your Mix

In this tutorial, we explore how to use tuning to improve drum mixes and add weight to the low end.

Marc Romboy

“Be yourself. Copying a popular artist makes no sense.” Marc Romboy takes on our quick fire QnA.…

Five Of The Best Apps For Remote Collaborations

Looking to share a track privately, securely and receive review comments? There are only a few services that offer this…

Joss Ryan

UKG producer Joss Ryan has a new EP out in collaboration with UK vocalist Rachel Foxx, their ‘Never Say Never…

Arturia Pigments 3

Arturia update Pigments to version 3. Can this colourful plugin hold its own in a very crowded soft synth market?

Quiz #2: Vintage Synthesizers

Think you know your Moogs from your ARPs? Can you tell a mono from a poly at 10 paces? Take this quiz and prove your vintage synth mettle.

Focusrite Has Bought Sequential, Dave Smith’s Revered Synth Brand

The British firm has acquired the San Francisco-based company with Dave Smith staying on board to power the next…

Wandler: A New Tool For Remote Collaboration

Wandler is a new tool, designed and developed during the global pandemic, that helps musicians working remotely to give and…

Get Your MicroFreak On: The Story Of An Unconventional Instrument

We spoke with Sébastien Rochard, Product Lead on the Arturia MicroBrute, on how the company’s trend-busting digital synthesizer went from idea to realization.

Drexciya – Black Sea

This time in Deconstructed, we dive deep into Drexciya’s ‘Black Sea’ to discover the intricacies of the arrangement in this classic slab of Detroit techno.

No Label

No Label is a young Italian producer, multi-instrumentalist who makes beat-driven esoteric electronica inspired by Flying…

Arturia Release Pigments 3

French pro-audio company, Arturia, has unveiled its largest update yet to Pigments with Pigments 3. The release introduces a…

Is It Time For A DJ Union?

We all hoped the pandemic would be a time for dance music and club culture to ‘re-set’ but a…

“Shining Spotlights on Shadows”. Sisters With Transistors: Electronic Music’s Unsung Heroes

Sisters With Transistors: Electronic Music’s Unsung Heroes is a documentary that shines a light on the women frequently left…

Endel Partners with Plastikman for AI-Powered ‘Deeper Focus’ to Recontextualize Techno Music

Endel, the creator of personalized sound environments with over two million users, has partnered with Plastikman (Richie Hawtin) to release…

Love Shodipe

Love Shodipe is a producer and engineer working at QMF (Quality Music Freak), a new outlet part of Spitfire Audio…


Vault – also known as Danny Ward, Dubble D, Moodymanc and Balaphonic – is a UK DJ, producer and jazz musician. He…

Daft Punk Basslines: The Ultimate Guide – Part 2

In part two of this installment of Passing Notes, we break down three more Daft Punk basslines while noting composition and arrangement tricks that the iconic duo applied regularly in their productions.

The Times: A New Fictional Novel Inspired by UK Club Culture

Inspired by the peculiarities and eccentricities of UK club culture, ‘The Times’ is a new book written by producer/DJ…

How to program electro like DJ Seinfeld

In our next Beat Dissected video, we show you how to program electro in Ableton Live in the style of…

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