Programming A Nu-Disco Beat

In this new Beat Dissected we program a Nu Disco groove in the style of Purple Disco Machine and Never Dull.

Thinking Outside The Box: The DAW-Less Revolution

More and more producers are ditching the computer. Is this a response to an increasingly digitised life?…

Wavezoo: Get Paid To DJ At Parties Worldwide

A new company has launched in beta, Wavezoo, that promises to provide a platform for DJs to take paid online…

Scaler 2 Is Discounted For Attack Readers Until Sept 31st!

Struggling with harmony? Don’t follow what a 3rd, 5th or 7th is in a chord? What is a half…

Ambient Sound Design With A Moog Grandmother

Restricting yourself to one synth can be a great way to improve your synthesis chops. We use a Moog Grandmother and Ableton Live to build up an ambient song piece by piece.

Creative Vocal Pitch Processing

Pitch can be a powerful tool for creating tension in a breakdown. We use Zplane’s ElastiquePitch 2 to transform a vocal sample into a riser.

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A map of Detroit made up entirely from the names of the musicians who helped shape the sound of techno.


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Lee Ann Roberts: ‘I love the TB-03’

Lee Ann Roberts continues to be one of the brightest sparks in techno. The Amsterdam based producer/DJ welcomed Attack…

Creating 808-Style Basslines For Jungle, Trap And Footwork

08s have come a long way since the release of the drum machine. See how to use the 808-derived basses in Capsule Onyx to create multi-layered basslines for three bass music genres.

Quick Mix Episode 6 With CICI Is Out Now

The sixth and final episode in Attack Magazine’s Quick Mix YouTube series is out now. Across the series, we…

EarWax & Cherche Encore Present Aftercare

Earwax has announced their first lineup in over a year taking place this weekend at The Yard, Hackney.…

Dirty Disco Filtered Electric Piano

Get inspired by disco and funk and bake your own dirty, rezzy filtered Rhodes electric piano.

What’s Your Favourite Sade Re-edit, Remix or Bootleg?

Sade and her eponymous band are one of the most sampled artists in house music and there are countless edits…

Moog Music Adds a New Chapter to the Moog Sound Studio Experience

Moog Music is making its full family of 60HP semi-modular analog synthesizers more accessible with Moog Sound Studio: Mother…

Quick Mix Episode 5 With Alan Fitzpatrick is Out Now

The fifth episode in Attack Magazine’s Quick Mix YouTube series is out now featuring the legendary Alan Fitzpatrick. We put him in the Quick Mix hot seat to find out.

Lost On You Is A Label Selling Records And Using Proceeds to Build Schools in Sierra Leone

We speak with the husband and wife team behind Lost on You, a record label that is selling records and…

Ten Of The Best: Plug-in Presets For Your Old Acoustic Guitar!

In this installment of Ten Of The Best, we look at some top presets in various plug-ins that will bring your old guitar back up-to-date!

Making a Beat With Patterning 2 An iOS Drum Machine From Olympia Noise Co.

In our latest video tutorial on YouTube, we show you how to use Patterning 2, a drum machine app made…

SEEDJ, A Digital Accelerator for Techno, House & Tech-House Announces Beta Version Is Now Available

Originally unveiled earlier this year, SEEDJ has now announced that its digital accelerator is available in beta version.…

Krust: “Great artists, painters, musicians, designers, dancers: they’ve transcended the genre”

This month’s feature interview is with Krust, currently riding high with the remix version of last year’s superb…

Creating Natural Space In A Mix With Dynamic EQ

Dynamic EQ combines the best of equalization and compression into one handy tool. We look at different ways of using it in a techno production.

I Hate Models Has Announced The Second Release on His New Imprint Disco Inferno

The enigmatic producer/DJ, I Hate Models, has announced “Werewolf Disco Club” his second release on Disco Inferno, his new…

How To Set Up & Make A Beat With The Korg SQ-64 & Volca Sample

In our latest YouTube video, we show you how to program a beat using the Korg SQ-64 – Korg’s…

MusicGurus: Creative Sampling & Creative Composition

With a whole world of competition online, how does MusicGurus Creative Sampling & Creative Composition hold up? Jonny Strinati goes…


This month’s My Studio is with Shur-i-kan who has just released a superb new deep house EP…

NI Commits $30,000 to Girls Make Beats & Releases New Free SoundPack

Native Instruments has released a new charity soundpack to raise funds for Girls Make Beats, a nonprofit organization that empowers…

Liam Doc

“Basically, if Jamie XX and Hudson Mohawke had a baby…I’d be that baby”. Glaswegian producer Liam Doc has…

Creating A 3D Mix With Width And Depth

In this tutorial, we look at how to make track elements pop without losing mono compatibility.

IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro

IK Multimedia supercharges its budget UNO Synth into a powerhouse paraphonic instrument. Is it worth your pennies?

Quick Mix Episode 4 With AmyElle is Out Now!

The fourth episode in Attack Magazine’s Quick Mix YouTube series is out now featuring AmyElle. Riding a wave on…

Quick Mix Episode 3 With Rudosa is Out Now!

The third episode in Attack Magazine’s Quick Mix YouTube series is out now featuring Rudosa. Hailed for his mind…

Lone Inspired Percussion Driven Drums

In this installment of Beat Dissected we program a percussion-driven house beat and use stereo width techniques to add character to the drums.

Adding Atmosphere With Delay And Reverb

Delay and reverb aren’t just for imparting a sense of space. In this tutorial, we use them creatively to add atmosphere to a mix.

Win A Pair of HDJ-X10 Pioneer DJ Headphones

Want to win a pair HDJ-X10 headphones, the flagship model from Pioneer DJ? Sure you do! Read on to…

Sampling with MPE in Sampler

In our latest video on YouTube, we asked Kédu Carlö to show us how they use the MPE feature…

My Studio – Minimal Violence

Hailing from Canada but based in Berlin, Minimal Violence has been ripping up the rule book for a while now…

How To Make An Endless Riser

Harness the power of the Shepard tone to blow people’s minds with a riser that never peaks.

Quick Mix With Emerald is Out Now on YouTube!

The second episode in Attack Magazine’s YouTube series is out now. Head over to our YouTube channel to watch…

MusicGurus Competition Winners Announced

It’s time to announce the winners of this month’s MusicGurus competition. Read on to see if it’s…

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