Synthesizing A Clap With White Noise

We show you how to create your own bespoke clap using white noise and analogue synthesis.

Crossword #1: House Music

Time on your hands? You don’t have to be in retirement to enjoy this classic format. So get busy…

NI Launches “Community Drive” Charity Sound Pack to Raise Money for COVID-19 Relief   

Native Instruments’ launches “Community Drive” charity sound pack to raise money for COVID-19 relief  

The Revolution Will Be Digitised: 25 Years Of The MP3

The 14th July 2020 is the 25th birthday of the MP3. We spoke with artist and curator Dr John Kannenberg…

Ellen Allien: “Everything Can Exist”

German techno producer, DJ and BPitch Control founder Ellen Allien has just released her tenth artist album ‘AurAA’ and took…

FabFilter Saturn 2

FabFilter’s Saturn 2 is a great-sounding update to the multiband distortion plugin.

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Featuring 312 colour pages packed with technique, tips, illustrations and hands-on walkthroughs, The Secrets of Dance Music Production pulls together all you need to take a mix from concept to club-ready master, featuring a wealth of exclusive content from Attack’s award-winning team of writers.

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This T-shirt made in collaboration with London-based illustrator and graphic artist Sam Moore is the perfect accompaniment to our 303 badges and our book A Brief History of Acid House. A little bit silly and light-hearted, this T-shirt is a nod to a glorious genre and time. Long live acid house!


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Pedal Crush is a trip into the expansive, eclectic, and mesmerizing world of effects pedals. Bursting with color photos and illustrations, it systematically covers over 800 pedals – from vintage to cutting edge, from the essential to the exotic, from popular classics to boutique wizardry.

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In Make Your Music Make Money, a brand new 238 page PDF (with instant download) book from Attack Magazine, we show you how, armed with nothing more than a laptop, some talent and a decent work ethic, you can write and record your music, create an international profile and access a worldwide sales infrastructure to make money and build a fanbase from day one.

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The Blipblox is a fully functional synthesizer designed for kids and kids at heart! Its unique physical design is easy-to-use and safe for children as young as 3 years old. Its professional features and nearly endless ability to create new sounds make it fun and captivating for everyone!


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Featuring 350+ full-colour pages packed with pro techniques, practical photos, detailed illustrations and hands-on walkthroughs, The Producer’s Manual brings together everything you need to take a mix, from initial recording to final master.


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From Chicago to the world, Adonis was just 19 years old when he crafted this huge Trax label hit "No Way Back" in. In this poster, artist Rob Ricketts has designed the famous pattern to "No Way Back" so you can now get the claps, clav and cowbell just right!


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The pocket-sized EvermixBox4 plugs into the back of your mixer and into your iPhone / iPad / Android smartphone, where the Evermix App allows you to record the set in super high quality. After your set, share to Mixcloud + Soundcloud or save to cloud storage locations such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive.


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Twelve years in the making, over 100 portraits, 1000s of miles covered worldwide and one joint delicately rolled for Moodymann - DJ Faces is the definitive dance music family photo album.

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Ageing Your Synths With VHS-Style Effects

We show you how to recreate the sound of an old VHS tape using standard effects plugins.

Sell Your Music: Choosing The Right Music Distribution Service For You

If you’re looking to release your music, it’s important to consider how music distribution services can benefit you…

The Design Museum Reopens with Electronic Music Exhibition

An exhibition exploring the history of electronic music is rescheduled to open at The Design Museum this month.…


With a new four track EP out on Heist, we spoke with UK production duo Kassian about their life outside…

Ten Of The Best: Desktop Audio Interfaces

Attack Magazine picks the best from the current crop of desktop audio interfaces, from the cheerful and cheap on up to pro studio-grade units.

Advanced Parallel Buss Processing

Parallel processing is a handy mixing technique for adding interest and character without overwhelming the mix.

Junction 2 Presents J2V Virtual Festival

Junction 2 is putting on a virtual festival this weekend.…

Visit The Haçienda in Virtual Reality

The iconic Manchester nightclub, The Haçienda, has been recreated in virtual reality.…

Linus Quick – ‘Room 2 Move’ (ROBPM Rmx)

We deconstruct the ROBPM remix of Linus Quick’s ‘Room 2 Breathe’.

5 Ways To Add Flanging To Techno Drums

We show you had to add flanging to techno drums.

Black Girl / White Girl

Black Girl / White Girl are a pair of D J/ producers from Amsterdam who’ve released on Relief, Minimal Kids…

Crazy Vacuum Tube Synth Knifonium Now A Plugin

Knif Audio’s insane 26-vacuum tube monosynth Knifonium is now available as a plugin.

How High is Your Roland IQ?

You have 15 mins to complete 14 practical tests for a chance to win £2,000 worth of Roland gear…

Michail Stangl, Boiler Room: The Business of Music

Boiler Room is one of dance music’s most recognisable brands. In this month’s Business Of Music feature, we…

NTS Radio Launches Listener Support Scheme

Hackney’s NTS Radio has revealed a new membership scheme, NTS Supporters.…

How Come “Downloading for…” Is Even Still A Thing?

Yes DJs are very busy, and yes they get sent lots of promos – but that doesn’t excuse DJs leaving…

Jazzy House

In this latest Beat Dissected, we’re going to program a house beat inspired by the likes of Project Pablo…

Creative Tape Stop Effects

We show you how tape stop effects can bring movement and interest to your beats, pads, and breakdowns.

Grace Jones Exhibition Coming to the UK

A new exhibition featuring the legendary musician, Grace Jones, will be showing at Nottingham Contemporary from September.…

Three Arrested on Suspicion of Planning an Illegal Rave

Three men have been arrested on suspicion of planning an illegal rave in Staffordshire over the weekend.…

Arturia OB-Xa V

Arturia finally adds the Oberheim OB-Xa to its list of emulations.

Bushwacka! “Tech house – the genre that ate itself.”

Following the release of his ‘Listen Up’ Vol 1 compilation, we chat with Matthew B, JustBe, Bushwacka!, the one and…

Sara Landry

Her ‘Sacrifice’ EP on Kraftek dropped a couple of months ago and she’s just put out a 5 track…

Police Claim Illegal Raves Bankrolled by Drug Dealers

Police say that DJs are being bankrolled by gangsters to organise “festival-sized” raves across the UK this summer.…

Respect: How Black Artists Changed The Way We Hear

We pay tribute to the Black Artists who changed the way we hear dance music.

Waves StudioRack

Waves’ plugin chainer StudioRack is a boon for hardcore Waves users.

Roland Adds Four Classic Synths To Zenology

Roland has announced that it is bringing emulations of four of its classic synths to Zenology and other ZEN-Core Synthesis instruments.

The Cause Nightclub Announces Plans for a New Warehouse Unit to Aid Social Distancing Measures

Tottenham nightclub, The Cause, is adding a three-storey 5,000-square-foot room, named “The Theatre”.…

The Rights and Wrongs of Sampling

How to clear a sample? Do I need to clear a sample? What about one-shots? In this article we breakdown the most common sampling queries.

Ten Of The Best: Semi-Modular Hardware Synthesizers

We pick 10 of the best semi-modular hardware synths currently on the market.

Trax Records Facing Lawsuit Brought by Artists Larry Heard and Robert Owens

Larry Heard and Robert Owens are suing the Chicago house label for $1 million ‘unpaid’ royalties.…

Ken Liu

Ken Liu is a graphic designer – “the creative department for small companies like record labels that don’t have a…

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