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Ten Of The Best Multiband Compressor Plugins

Multiband compressors are an indispensable weapon in any mixing arsenal. Here are 10 to consider for your next dynamics purchase.

5 Underrated Artists Right Now

In a first for Attack, the in-house team choose five artists we believe are underrated. At least for now…

Ten Soft Synth Emulations That Are Better Than The Hardware

Extra features! More polyphony! So much cheaper! Here are 10 synth plugins that improve on the synths they’re emulating.


Roland Gaia 2: Synthesis Is Back

Roland’s Gaia 2 is a digital synth with wavetables and tons of synthesis options but does it deserve a place in the company’s pantheon of godlike instruments?

Baby Audio Transit – Transitioning Made Easy

Transit feels like Baby Audio’s ‘Greatest Hits Deluxe Double Album’ – a defining album, with a polished sound combining years…

Arturia KeyLab Essential MK 3: A Good Starting MIDI Controller

Unboxed and raring to go, we review the latest Arturia keyboard the KeyLab mk3.…


How To Care For Your Mental Health As A Musician

The “Touring and Mental Health Manual” is an essential guide for anyone in the music industry who wants to care…

Record Store Day 2023: Around The World In 80 Record Stores

This Record Store Day, maybe buy a book (on records) instead? Makes a great gift! 🎁…

“Shining Spotlights on Shadows”. Sisters With Transistors: Electronic Music’s Unsung Heroes

Sisters With Transistors: Electronic Music’s Unsung Heroes is a documentary that shines a light on the women frequently left…

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