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The 10 Best Hardware and Software Releases of the Year

From synths to effects, grooveboxes to pedals, here are our favorite music production releases of 2023.

The 13 Best Electronic Music Tracks Of The Year

The annual thankless and impossible task is upon us. Here are 13 tracks we really got into this year.…

Ten of the Best Abandoned Plugins

From an early NI emulation to trackers and more, some of the best soft synths and effects ever made are now lost to the inexorable march of technology.


Expressive E Osmose: A Genuine Game-Changer

We finally have our hands on the Expressive E Osmose, a wonderful synth and performance instrument that fulfills all the…

Vocal Reverb by Antares

Antares, best known for Auto-Tune, has released Vocal Reverb. Can artificial intelligence speed up the process of creating the…

Can Current Reshape The Wavetable Soft Synth Game?

Minimal Audio’s first soft synth Current is a gorgeous-sounding wavetable beast but will being subscription-only turn potential users away?


Top 100 DJs: The World’s Biggest Music Poll

DJ Mag’s new documentary, ‘Top 100 DJs: The World’s Biggest Music Poll’, celebrates 30 years of the Top…

How To Care For Your Mental Health As A Musician

The “Touring and Mental Health Manual” is an essential guide for anyone in the music industry who wants to care…

Record Store Day 2023: Around The World In 80 Record Stores

This Record Store Day, maybe buy a book (on records) instead? Makes a great gift! 🎁…

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