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KSHMR Reverb: Injecting Rhythm Into The Reverb Plugin Format

WA Production and producer KSHMR have teamed up for KSHMR Reverb, a plugin with a number of useful extras that work well in rhythm-based productions.

Toys In The Static: Why Semi-Modular Synthesizers Matter

Folllowing on from the proposition Minimoog is more influential than Les Paul, Darren Selement uses the Moog Mavis to highlight…

OneOdio Monitor 80 Headphones

Next up on the review bench is the OneOdio Monitor 80 headphones, an open back pair of cans for budget…

AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ Headphones

AIAIAI’s studio headphones are the first wireless headphones with a dedicated transmitter. But is going cable-free worth it? Are they the best choice for music production? We test them out.

Minimoog Model D: Greek Gods, Guitars, & Iconic Synthesizers

Darren Selement breaks down how the Model D went from a lunchtime concept to an icon. TLDR? The Minimoog is…

The Best Cloud Storage Services 2022

Are you in two minds about which cloud storage service is best for musicians and producers? We run through four…

OneOdio Studio Pro 10 DJ Headphones Review

The DJ headphone market is competitive. Where do the OneOdio Pro 10s fit in? We review them and put them…

SuperEQ Q2 Pro Review

SuperEQ’s Q2 Pro is a pair of wireless earbuds with active noise cancelling. They have similar features to noise…

RePitch By Synchro Arts: How Does It Challenge Auto-Tune and Melodyne?

Vocal processing specialists Synchro Arts have come out with RePitch, a pitch correction plugin. Is it right for your workflow?

Sharing Audio Files Securely, The Best Services

The competition for sharing audio files securely has been heating up lately. We round up the best ones available today…

SuperEQ S1 Headphones Review

SuperEQ is OneOdio’s lifestyle headphone brand. Their S1 headphones have a stylish appearance and useful features, including wireless operation…

Manifest Audio Unveil Octopulse & Global Hub While Updating All Max Effects

With a bevy of updates and two new devices, Manifest Audio reveal a full-fledged workflow ecosystem of generative MIDI effects and creative tools…

8 Ways We Love To Use Devious Machines Infiltrator 2

Devious Machines’ envelope-controlled multi-effects plugin Infiltrator gets a massive update. Here are eight things we can’t get enough of in Infiltrator 2.

Physion Mk II: The Difficult Second Plugin Or A Triumphant Return?

Next up on the digital test bench is Eventide’s Physion Mk II. It’s been six years since Eventide…

Eventide SplitEQ: Is It A Genuine Game Changer for EQ Plugins?

We take a look at Eventide’s new and revolutionary EQ plug-in that introduces a transient-based approach to EQ’ing

OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones

OneOdio aims to offer quality headphones for affordable prices. The Monitor 60 model is being billed as suited for DJ…

Toolroom Academy Infinite: An Endless Journey Into Great Sounding Transitions

Toolroom Records’ Mark Knight and James F. Reynolds turn out an effects plugin that makes transitions easy.

Modulation Madness With Flux Pro

Do you really need another modulation plugin? If you don’t already have Flux Pro, then the answer is yes.

OneOdio A11 Bluetooth Headphones

We reviewed the A70 & A30 headphones from OneOdio last month and this time it’s the turn of the…

Manifest Audio: Pattern Engine

What do you get when you combine 16 steps, 4 LFOs, 5 randomizable parameters per-step, 50 scales, and a wealth of MIDI input and playback options? The answer, apparently, is Manifest Audio’s new flagship MIDI sequencer: Pattern Engine.

Coldfire By Arturia: A Unique Take On Sonic Distortion &Decimation

With Coldfire, Arturia follow the recent success of their innovative Efx Fragments granular effect processor with a surprisingly fresh take…

X-Translate Brings Real Time Audio-to-MIDI to Live 11

Hot on the heels of their powerful, free Mod Squad v2, has Berlin’s Manifest Audio finally delivered a missing piece of modern music production?

Dubler2: Your Voice to MIDI

Dubler2 now works with any microphone so “if it’s in your head, you can sing MIDI into your DAW…

Waves Ovox Vocal ReSynthesis

This plugin from Waves wants to be your go-to vocal processor. Is it more than just another vocoder?…

Reviewing The Aurora Australis 12U System By Northern Light Modular

Northern Light Modular (NLM) are a global collective of music tech enthusiasts who create synth modules, with a particular current…

Reviewing Tracklib, A Record Store For Sampling

Tracklib’s music sampling service promises to make sample clearance fast, easy, legal and affordable. Does it deliver on these claims?

Waves MultiMod Rack

The latest plugin from Waves’ journey into distortion is the MultiMod Rack, a multi-band distortion and effects unit that…

iZotope Neutron 3: Think Globally and Act Locally

This AI mixing assistance technology has been around for a while now. What does iZotope’s Neutron offer in its…

Arturia’s Flagship V9 Collection In Review

Arturia’s returns with their brand new V Collection 9, packed with a number of new plugins and presets.…

What Connection To The Past Does The Roland Juno-X Have?

Does Roland’s Juno reboot sound as good as it looks? We put the Juno-X to the test.

Ozone 9 – Mastering the Modules

Up next on the test bench is iZotope’s Ozone 9. Released just two years after Ozone 8, is it…

Waves Abbey Road Studio 3

Can a plug-in effectively recreate the sweet spot monitoring position of the hallowed Studio 3 at Abbey Road?…

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