Hardware Focus

How FM Synthesis Actually Works With The OP-1 & OP-1 Field

In a recent article, we posed the question “Does Hardware Still Shape Genres”? To continue on the theme, it’s…

Turning Hardware Synthesizer Feedback Into Transitions And Risers

In this Synth Secrets, we don our lab coats and do some experiments with two IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pros, using internal feedback to generate transition effects.

Exploring Analogue Subtractive Synthesis With The Moog Mother-32

Confused about subtractive synthesis? We use the Moog Mother-32 to explain oscillators, filters, and envelopes, plus take things to the next level with the patchbay.

How To Solve Hardware MIDI and Audio Latency Issues In Ableton Live

Latency can turn your hardware heaven into a confusing and frustrating hell – especially with Ableton Live. We look at some strategies to get your MIDI and audio all synced up.

Hardware Wars: The Gear Behind The Sounds Of Star Wars

For this May the Fourth, we put the spotlight on the synthesizers and other gear that played a part in the sounds of Star Wars.

Syncing Drum Machines And Sequencers To Your DAW

Getting drum machines and hardware sequencers to play nice with your DAW isn’t hard but you have to know the proper settings. In this Hardware Focus, we find out what’s up with sync.

Advanced MIDI Routing

MIDI routing can get cumbersome and complex. We untangle the cords and look at solutions for managing a studio full of MIDI gear.

Cleaning And Replacing Synthesizer Keys

Dirty keys are a fairly common issue with vintage synthesizers. Luckily, giving them a good clean isn’t so hard to do – and can add years back to the appearance.

Changing The Internal Battery In Vintage Gear

One of the most common issues with vintage gear is a dead internal battery. We show you what to look for and how to change it.

Yamaha DX7

We take a deep dive into the history of the Yamaha DX7, perhaps the defining synthesizer of the 1980s.

Roland System-100

In our latest Hardware Focus, we take a look at Roland’s 1975 semi-modular behemoth, the System 100.

Integrating Hardware With Ableton Live

Hardware is fun, but how can we get it to play nicely with our DAW? In this Hardware Focus, we look at getting started with integrating hardware into your computer-based setup.

Programming FM Synthesis With The Roland TR-8S

Roland’s surprise firmware update has added FM synthesis to its already powerful drum machine. Let’s see how to make the most of it.

Roland TB-303: Not a Real Bass Guitar

In the latest instalment of Hardware Focus, we take a look at a cult classic: the Roland TB-303. A…

Roland SH-101

In the latest instalment of Hardware Focus, we take a look at a cult classic: the Roland SH-101.…

Roland Space Echo

In our latest Hardware Focus, we take a closer look at one of the most iconic echo effects of all…

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