The Beginners Guide To The TR-909

If an original TR-909 unit is out of your price range, Roland’s digital recreation, available through Roland Cloud…

Overmono-Style Pads With Roland Cloud Juno-106

It’s not just the lies that are good. Dial in classic and surprisingly thick pads with the Roland Cloud Juno-106 emulation.

Using PlayStation Impulse Responses With FabFilter Pro-R 2

From Call of Duty to Fifa, PlayStation has been a staple in most of our lives for 30 years. But…

Hardware Focus

How FM Synthesis Actually Works With The OP-1 & OP-1 Field

In a recent article, we posed the question “Does Hardware Still Shape Genres”? To continue on the theme, it’s…

Turning Hardware Synthesizer Feedback Into Transitions And Risers

In this Synth Secrets, we don our lab coats and do some experiments with two IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pros, using internal feedback to generate transition effects.

Exploring Analogue Subtractive Synthesis With The Moog Mother-32

Confused about subtractive synthesis? We use the Moog Mother-32 to explain oscillators, filters, and envelopes, plus take things to the next level with the patchbay.

Modular Synthesis

Different Flavours of Modular Synthesizers

In the last article, we covered what modular synthesizers are and how they work. In this article, let’s dig…

What exactly is a Modular Synth?

In part 1 of our new monthly modular series, LeoMakes starts from…

Introduction to Modular Synthesis

Ever felt overwhelmed by patches, cables, beeps and squeaks? Been wondering what the difference is between a VCO and a…

Beat Dissected

Ross From Friends Inspired Beat

In this Beat Dissected, we’re looking at the eclectic, brilliant beats by Ross From Friends. With elements of house…

Jamahook Launches Sound Assistant Offline Agent

Developed in partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute, renowned for the invention of the mp3 format, Jamahook, has unveiled the Sound…

Building Machinedrum and Holly’s 天の川 (River of Heaven)

In this Beat Dissected we turn our attention to Machinedrum and Holly’s collaborative EP.…

Synth Secrets

Gritty D&B Bass With U-he Zebra

In today’s Synth Secrets we’re cooking up a gritty bass patch that would sound right at home in…

Crafting Ambient Techno Pads

Ambient techno blends atmospheric soundscapes with minimal beats, creating immersive and meditative experiences. In this Synth Secrets, we’ll craft…

Sine Percussion Lead With U-he Heckmann

A sine wave is more adaptable than you think. In this tutorial, we’re using Zebra by u-he to…


Breaking Down Special Request’s Remix of ‘Delicate Limbs’ By Virgil Abloh

We put Paul Woolford’s jungle remix of ‘Delicate Limbs’ under the microscope and see what makes it hit so hard.

Prodigy – Out Of Space

In this Deconstructed we examine how the arrangement of The Prodigy’s ‘Out Of Space’ helped elevate it from warehouse slammer to chart-topper.

Drexciya – Black Sea

This time in Deconstructed, we dive deep into Drexciya’s ‘Black Sea’ to discover the intricacies of the arrangement in this classic slab of Detroit techno.

Passing Notes

Dance Music Melody & Composition Techniques – Volume 1

In this new Passing Notes we look at different approaches to writing various types of melodies. 

Creating Choirs In The Style Of Forest Swords Or Kelly Lee Owens

In this new Passing Notes, we craft a lush vocal bass, pad and layered stab with Spitfire Audio’s brand…

5 Tips To Improve Your Synth Basslines

In this new Passing Notes we look at look at techniques you can apply to transform your synth bass lines from basic loops into one of the catchiest aspects of your track.

The Breakdown

Wookie feat. Lain – ‘Battle’

In this edition of The Breakdown we go back 23 years to dissect a true UKG classic

What Is The Recipe For An Effective Breakdown?

In this article we look at some tricks for producing one of the key sections in any dance music genre – the breakdown.

Red Rack’em – ‘Wonky Bassline Disco Banger’

“The original bass part was played in by hand after two days’ sleep deprivation, only to be reprogrammed later on…

Video Tutorials

Make garage basslines and breakdowns in the style of Sammy Virji with Meld

In our latest video, we load up Meld in Live 12 and use it to make garage basslines and breakdowns…

Make metal-inspired riffs with Meld!

Meld is a modulation monster. We dive into making metal-inspired riffs step by step and add Roar to the…

Live 12 Meld Video Walkthrough

Live 12 is full of new features and devices. One of those is Meld, the new bi-timbral synth inspired…


Do It Yourself?

We scour our mailbox for the most deserving recipient of the Attack readership’s collective advice in the first experiment…

The Next Level

We scour our mailbox for the most deserving recipient of the Attack readership’s collective advice in the first experiment…

Learning To Listen

We scour our mailbox for the most deserving recipient of the Attack readership’s collective advice in the first experiment…

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