Hardware Focus

Cleaning And Replacing Synthesizer Keys

Dirty keys are a fairly common issue with vintage synthesizers. Luckily, giving them a good clean isn’t so hard to do – and can add years back to the appearance.

Changing The Internal Battery In Vintage Gear

One of the most common issues with vintage gear is a dead internal battery. We show you what to look for and how to change it.

Yamaha DX7

We take a deep dive into the history of the Yamaha DX7, perhaps the defining synthesizer of the 1980s.

Modular Synthesis

Different Flavours of Modular Synthesizers

In the last article, we covered what modular synthesizers are and how they work. In this article, let’s dig…

What exactly is a Modular Synth?

In part 1 of our new monthly modular series, LeoMakes starts from…

Introduction to Modular Synthesis

Ever felt overwhelmed by patches, cables, beeps and squeaks? Been wondering what the difference is between a VCO and a…


In The Red: Mixer-Distorted ‘90s Techno Drums

In this tutorial, we explore using a channel strip plugin to recreate mixer distortion.

Dynamic Modulation With LFOs

In this tutorial we program a dub techno beat and look at multiple ways to use LFOs to add layers of modulation.

Jack Your Tracks With Swing

In this tutorial, we look at many different ways to add swing to a beat, using a main room-style track as an example.

Beat Dissected

Spastik-Style Percussive Techno

In this installment of Beat Dissected we emulate the beat of ‘Spastik’ – the signature track of Richie Hawtin’s Plastikman moniker.

Radiohead-Style Low End Layering

In this Beat Dissected, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ by working through some of the drum programming techniques used in the title track.

Bicep-Style Breakbeats

In this new Beat Dissected, we program a breakbeat inspired by Bicep’s trance-break hybrid anthem ‘Atlas’.

Synth Secrets

Subby Garage Bass

In this Synth Secrets, we dig deep into analogue synthesis to make some dirty, subby garage bass in the style of Interplanetary Criminal.

808-Style Booms

In this Synth Secrets, we explore how to synthesize your own booms for techno, jungle and other kinds of bass music.

Modulating Vocal Textures With Wavetable Synthesis

In this installment of Synth Secrets, we’ll be layering a pad with slow and melodic vocal textures in Ableton’s powerful Wavetable synth.


Jessie Ware – Ooh La La (Honey Dijon Remix)

In this month’s Deconstructed, we explore how Honey Dijon turned Jessie Ware’s pop song ‘Ooh La La’ into…

Aphex Twin – Vordhosbn

In this instalment of Deconstructed, we attempt to get to grips with the arrangement of the Aphex Twin classic, ‘Vordhosbn’.

Lone – Dragonrush

Every month in Deconstructed we examine the arrangement of a successful dance track. This time, we tear down Lone’s throwback head rush of a tune, ‘Dragonrush’.

Passing Notes

Using Unconventional Scales

In this installment of Passing Notes, we break down a universal workflow for analyzing unconventional scales and incorporating them into productions.

Generating Chords and Melodies with Random MIDI

In this sequel to our Passing Notes article about auto-generated parts, we use Live’s Random MIDI device to generate a long chord progression and two melodic leads.

Auto-Generated Parts With Follow Actions

In this new Passing Notes, we use Ableton’s Follow Action and Random MIDI features to produce a Leftfield-style drum pattern, a complex bass line and an endless chord progression.

The Breakdown

Red Rack’em – ‘Wonky Bassline Disco Banger’

“The original bass part was played in by hand after two days’ sleep deprivation, only to be reprogrammed later on…

Midland – ‘Final Credits’

The Breakdown is a regular series in which we analyse the production and composition of key tracks. Dave Clews…

Floating Points – ‘King Bromeliad’

Dave Clews breaks down one of Sam Shepherd’s most celebrated releases.…

Video Tutorials

Kollektiv Turmstrasse – ‘Sorry I’m Late’ Brass Synth

We take a look at Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s ubiquitous Ibiza anthem ‘Sorry I’m Late’ and recreate the track’s…

‘Your Love’ Synths Deconstructed

Marc Adamo walks us through the process of recreating the synth parts in Frankie Knuckles and Jamie Principle’s house…

Darius Syrossian & Hector Couto – ‘We Both Loco’ Bass Synth

Released on Hot Creations last month, Darius Syrossian and Hector Couto’s ‘We Both Loco’ is a killer slice of…


Do It Yourself?

We scour our mailbox for the most deserving recipient of the Attack readership’s collective advice in the first experiment…

The Next Level

We scour our mailbox for the most deserving recipient of the Attack readership’s collective advice in the first experiment…

Learning To Listen

We scour our mailbox for the most deserving recipient of the Attack readership’s collective advice in the first experiment…

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