Developed in partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute, renowned for the invention of the mp3 format, Jamahook, has unveiled the Sound Assistant Offline Agent. It’s the first and only plugin that uses AI to connect your sample library with the Jamahook sound-matching technology. 

We recently covered Jamahook back in September. Using AI for sample searching speeds up your workflow and also helps you to match sounds to the project you’re working on. If you’re already a little concerned about AI, this is using modern technologies to be helpful and not harmful.

As covered before, Jamahook will provide sounds based on your project. But the new Sound Assistant Offline Agent also allows music producers to find sounds from their libraries that fit their projects. Possibly, sounds that you forgot. You know the ones – those lying around on hard drives, desktops or USB stick.

And the same rules apply; once your library has been analysed, Jamahook will match the key and information to whatever project you’re working on. If you’re making techno in A-minor then it will display sounds in Jamahook that might work best with your project – from the key (a-minor stab) or the type of sound they are – a 909 hi-hat, for example.

The AI algorithm can even incorporate matches in different keys by pitch shifting to suit the current music project.

How Sound Assistant Offline Agent works

One of the issues Jamahook faced before was that it only worked with their own library. But that barrier has now been removed.

The plugin analyses dozens of acoustic and psychoacoustic properties in the song a producer works on and creates data sets for every element.

The AI then connects this data to the rhythmically and harmonically resonating elements within a producer’s personal library.

It can then recommend the right sounds that complement the current project, matching key, tempo and other parameters. The AI algorithm can even incorporate matches in different keys by pitch shifting to suit the current music project.

Steffen Holly, CEO, Jamahook, commented on the launch: “Jamahook’s mission is to use the power of AI to help producers and artists to work more efficiently and spend less time searching for the next perfect sound. That’s why we’ve launched The Jamahook Sound Assistant Offline Agent. Tracking down the right musical elements that music producers have created in the past can be a tricky business. We’re solving this problem by enabling music producers to quickly and efficiently find awesome sounds in their own libraries that fit perfectly.” 

Jamahook is available as both VST and AU, with AAX slated for release in 2024.

  • The Basic Pack, priced at €49, can accommodate 10,000 musical elements.
  • The Pro Pack is available for €79 for those seeking unlimited access.

Jamahook is offering a 50% discount on both packs until the end of December.

While you’re here, see Jamahook in action.

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5th December, 2023

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