With a bevy of updates and two new devices, Manifest Audio reveal a full-fledged workflow ecosystem of generative MIDI effects and creative tools.

Eight to Pulsate

Touted as “biomimicry in action,” Manifest Audio’s newly-released Octopulse MIDI generator takes inspiration from creatures of the deep. Combining eight individually-adjustable “pulse arms” with global control of all pulses simultaneously, it’s designed to produce everything from complex polyrhythms to uniquely unfolding melodic structures with ease.

Whether powering percussion or driving harmonic output, a variety of randomization options provide dynamic flux and flexible starting points. Cycle reset tidily constrains otherwise expansive, multi-cyclic unfurling to more predictably repeating patterns.

Along with Manifest Audio’s unique Gate and Side modes, Octopulse can also be used as a rhythmically unconventional arpeggiator, transposing with MIDI input while conforming to any selected scale and key at output. Octopulse’s scale and key can be pinned locally, or, by default, determined by an instance of Global Hub, the new workflow utility that comes bundled with Octopulse – and with the latest updates to Pattern Engine, Chance Engine, and Subtraction Engine.

Globalisation Station

Global Hub is a clever workflow utility that adds value to the entire line of Manifest Audio MIDI effects. Place a single instance on the master channel of a project, use it to choose your scale and key once, and that scale and key will automatically be adopted by all note-processing Manifest Audio MIDI devices in the set. Even newly instantiated Manifest Audio devices inherit these settings straight away – so long as you update to the latest versions, free for all current owners. Basically? Set it and forget it.

Offering 68 scales in any key, Global Hub also allows for control and randomization of your project tempo, time signature, device swing, and of course scale and key, to instantly produce a fresh starting point for any project. It also features simultaneous transposition, in semitones or octaves, of all unpinned Manifest Audio MIDI effects in your project – surprisingly fun for real-time performance control.

Updates Abound

Besides coming bundled with Global Hub, updates to existing Engine devices include the addition of Live 11 scales along with other notable features.

Pattern Engine gets a new Time mode to toggle off-Grid for free millisecond rates with seamless takeover, while Chance Engine and Subtraction Engine both get cycle reset options to constrain their rhythmic output. Manifest Audio’s free Cheat Code and Note Raum devices have also been updated to offer the same new scales along with support for Global Hub integration.

While Manifest Audio’s generative tools already offer innovative functionality, a bigger picture seems to be taking shape. Global Hub not only offers significantly enhanced workflow for their entire series of MIDI devices – it also amplifies the network effect of using Manifest Audio’s potent creative tools in combination.

Octopulse is on sale with introductory pricing until 18 December 2021:


Check their other Max for Live MIDI Effects:


8th December, 2021

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