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Around the World in 80 Record Stores is a must-read for all vinyl lovers, crate diggers, sample addicts and music collectors. Marcus Barnes digs deep to discover the best, biggest, quirkiest and most fascinating record stores across all corners of the globe.

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Attack sits with Around the World in 80 Record Stores author, and Attack contributor, Marcus Barnes to find out more about his book.

Exploring the World Through 80 Record Stores

There’s nothing quite like the experience of browsing through shelves of vinyl at your local record store. The smell of musty cardboard and the sound of needle drops fill the air as you flip through old classics and discover new favourites.

But record stores aren’t just a local phenomenon – in fact, they can be found all over the world, each with its own unique history and culture. In Marcus’ book, he goes round the world to explore 80 record stores and learn about the impact they have had on music culture.

About Record Store Day

Record Store Day is an annual event that celebrates independent record stores around the world. It was first started in 2007, as a way to promote the culture of vinyl records and to support the independent record stores that were struggling due to the rise of digital music.

The event takes place on the third Saturday of April each year. On Record Store Day, independent record stores around the world offer exclusive releases, limited editions, and special promotions that are not available at any other time of the year.

Despite its success, Record Store Day has also faced some criticism over the years. Some critics argue that the event has become too commercialized and that it has lost its original focus on supporting independent record stores. Others have criticized the limited availability of some of the exclusive releases, which can make it difficult for fans to get their hands on them.

A Few Iconic Record Stores In The Book

Amoeba Music in Los Angeles, USA

One of the most iconic record stores in the world, Amoeba Music has been a fixture of the Los Angeles music scene since 2001. With a massive selection of vinyl, CDs and other music-related merchandise, Amoeba has something for everyone. The store is also known for its live performances and in-store events, which have included appearances by legends like Prince. They also have a good YouTube channel.

Hard Wax, Berlin, Germany

Hard Wax is a legendary record store in Berlin, Germany that specializes in electronic music. Founded in 1989, Hard Wax has become a cultural institution, serving as a hub for techno, house, and other electronic genres. The store’s influence can be seen in the many DJs and producers who have worked there or shopped there over the years, as well as the events and parties that have been held in its basement. You ain’t lived if you ain’t been there.

Discos Paradiso, Barcelona, Spain

Discos Paradiso is a well-known record store located in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. Founded in 2011, the store has become a popular destination for music lovers, DJs, and collectors from all over the world. Discos Paradiso specializes in a wide range of music genres, from house and techno to jazz and world music, and also hosts in-store performances, DJ sets, and other events. A must visit when in town.

Rough Trade in London, UK

Opened in 1976, Rough Trade is one of the oldest and most celebrated record stores in London. The store has hosted countless performances over the years, including early gigs by bands like The Smiths and Joy Division. In recent years, Rough Trade has expanded to include multiple locations around the world, including stores in New York and Tokyo.

Tower Records in Tokyo, Japan

For many years, Tower Records was a staple of the US music scene, but the store’s Japanese outpost became even more popular. Tower Records Japan quickly became known for its huge selection of Japanese music, as well as its knowledgeable staff and in-store events. While the US stores have all closed down, Tower Records Japan remains a thriving destination for music lovers.

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Around the World in 80 Record Stores is a must-read for all vinyl lovers, crate diggers, sample addicts and music collectors.

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22nd April, 2023

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