Using PlayStation Impulse Responses With FabFilter Pro-R 2

From Call of Duty to Fifa, PlayStation has been a staple in most of our lives for 30 years. But…

Crossword #15: February 2024

The monthly crossword, which is anything but monthly, returns. Enjoy!…

FastForward Music Conference Takes Place This Week In London

The London music business conference, FastForward, returns on the 13th and 14th of February at 21 in Soho.…

Terry Golden Releases New Single ‘Love Hurts’

Dropped via Ensis Records, Love Hurts is a return to melody for the “Viking warrior”.…

Tips & Tricks From Five CRSSD Festival 2024 Artists

CRSSD Festival returns to the San Diego waterfront next month. We caught up with five artists performing at the festival…

Drum & Bass Leads

Load up Hive by u-he or a synth of your choice, and let’s make a hard-hitting drum…

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Fumio Mieda, The Father Of The Korg MS-20

Longtime Korg engineer Fumio Mieda has had a massive but largely unappreciated influence on dance music. We spoke to the 83-year-old about designing the MS-20 and Jimi Hendrix’s favorite effect, and more.

Ableton Live 12: What’s New?

Ableton has announced the upcoming release of Live 12, a major update that should keep a wide range of musicians…

A.ON – “Frank Zappa Helped Create The Label ‘Parental Advisory'”

As 2023 draws to a close, we asked a few artists to summarise their year via their favourite YouTube videos…

Ornery: “Monocle…It’s Always A Great Read’

As 2023 draws to a close, we asked a few artists to summarise their year via their favourite YouTube videos…

How To Recreate ‘A Walk’ By Tycho

We tackle ‘A Walk’ by Tycho using Hive2 bu u-he.…

Machine Woman – “Research & Understanding Will Get You Far”

Machine Woman recently featured as Attack’s Track of The Week in our newsletter. She’s also a massive supporter…

Raw Ideology Releases ‘Enemy of Myself’

‘Enemy of Myself’ is out now.…

A ON Drops New Single ‘Will 2 Be’

A ON, has dropped his new single ‘Will 2 Be’.…

Ones To Watch: 3 New Producers Using Pirate Studios

Having developed into far more than a forward-thinking rehearsal space business, Pirate is home to a wealth of exciting…

“Eric Whitacre Contrast”: Bringing Choir & Chaos Closer Together

We spoke to Eric Whitacre, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Clark, and Ryan Lott of Son Lux for an exclusive on the…

OFFAIAH To Release Harry Romero Remix

The Xmas season might be a quiet moment for most, but OFFAIAH is steaming ahead with a Harry Romero remix…

Minimal Audio Release Swarm Reverb

Minimal Audio has released a new reverb plugin, Swarm Reverb.…

Recreate Radiohead ‘Everything In Its Right Place’

‘Everything In Its Right Place’ is the opening tune on Radiohead’s Kid A album released in 2000. We show…

Do I Need Great Gear To Produce Music? No..

There’s a persistent mindset that you need great gear in order to make great music. These five artists say otherwise.

Alinka – “Sorry For Not Trending”

Berlin based Alinka shows us her playful but well-stocked studio.…

Tomi & Kesh Announce New EP on wAFF’s Nature Imprint

The German duo are also booked to make their BPM debut with a busy schedule for 2024 lined up.…

X-Press 2

X-Press 2 returns with ‘Thee’ the duo’s fifth LP, shunning the ‘legacy act’ status while continuing to innovate…

Building Machinedrum and Holly’s 天の川 (River of Heaven)

In this Beat Dissected we turn our attention to Machinedrum and Holly’s collaborative EP.…

 Skryption To Tour US

Hailing from Argentina but based in Madrid, Skryption has announced his new tour dates and upcoming release.…

Audiotool & DreamHack Announce A Gaming And Music Collab Competition

Combining music production and gaming, the live music competition in Atlanta runs from 15th to 17th December. Find a musical…

Kancho Club

The North East has a rich history of dance music. Hailing from Newcastle and Sunderland, the duo unite the two…

Is Music Hardware Environmentally Sustainable?

We all know about the environmental dangers of computers and phones but how bad are synthesizers and drum machines for…

5 Things We Learned: XP Music Futures 2023

XP Music Futures is now in its fourth year. We visited the conference to find out more.…

Catch Quest On Tour This Month

On the back of an excellent fabric mix as part of the club’s 24th birthday celebrations, Quest is heading…

Field Of Dreams Show & Tell

Field of Dreams returns with new EP Keep Rollin’. We asked them to tell us about their interests outside the…

Crate Digging with HAAi

We spoke to HAAi at CRSSD Festival to ask the popular tastemaker, producer and DJ her favorite tracks.…

Francis Mercier Announces New Single ‘Voyage Voyage’

Francis Mercier has announced the upcoming release of ‘Voyage Voyage’: a reworked rendition of Desireless’ 1986 hit, dropping December 12th…

Max Richter Announces SRM Sounds And New Piano Instrument

SRM Sounds has partnered with ex-Spitfire Audio CEO Will Evans to make a series of virtual instruments designed to…

Can Current Reshape The Wavetable Soft Synth Game?

Minimal Audio’s first soft synth Current is a gorgeous-sounding wavetable beast but will being subscription-only turn potential users away?

Roxanne Oak: Relationship Manager For Dance Music Genres At PPL

For this month’s Job Envy, we speak to Roxanne Oak, whose role at PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) is specific…

Jamahook Launches Sound Assistant Offline Agent

Developed in partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute, renowned for the invention of the mp3 format, Jamahook, has unveiled the Sound…

BIIA Announces December Tour Dates

Fresh off a debut EP on Taapion, BIIA is closing 2023 with a European tour.…

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