Make An Italo Bassline With Chance Engine

Chance Engine is a Max for Live device designed to add controlled yet random fluctuations to the most important…

Baby Audio Transit – Transitioning Made Easy

Transit feels like Baby Audio’s ‘Greatest Hits Deluxe Double Album’ – a defining album, with a polished sound combining years…

Back of the House Hazards – Common Risks Security Teams Face Backstage

Sponsored content by World Wide Stereo…

Toybox Release Thump One And It’s Free

Thump One is a free synth plugin with a glitchy ‘wavetable’ engine and a bank of flexible multi-segment envelopes…

Pig Room Podcast EP 6 – Brandon Tatum, Esq.

Join us for one hour of music legal talk with Brandon Tatum, Esq., a  Billboard Top Music Lawyer…

Aphex Twin On Track: Every Album, Every Song

At just 16 Beau Waddell has taken on the task of documenting every Aphex Twin track ever. The book is…

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The Producer’s Manual

Everything you need to take a mix, from initial recording to final master.

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FinalFinal T-Shirt

A hilarious tribute to our never-ending battle with file naming chaos.

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Max For Live: Mouth Play

Unconventional vocal shaping with a brass model or FM oscillator source

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Untz Untz Techno T-Shirt

Big back print techno inspired t-shirt.

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Max For Live: Travelogue

A Max for Live MIDI device creating a unique sonic journey with joyful surprises

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Inside Information: Minimoog Poster

The ultimate studio wall poster for music fans.

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Underground Resistance: The Final Frontier Poster

Anti corporate, political, powerful and progressive the power house of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and "Mad" Mike Banks needs little introduction.

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Acid House Love Blueprint Poster

A 303 map of dance music and rave culture. Perfect.

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Acid House T-Shirt

Long live acid house!

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Refraction – Elektron Sample Pack

Techno sounds for the Elektron Analog Rytm

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Prism – Digitone Sample Pack

Electronic sounds for the Elektron Digitone.

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Replicants – Elektron Analog Rytm Sample Pack

Electro sounds for the Elektron Analog Rytm. Free your spirit.

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Max For Live: The Spellbook

LFO inspired by sacred geometry, weaving nature's fabric into your projects

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David Castellani – “FM Synthesis Can Quickly Become A Mess’

David Castellani’s studio is so outrageous, we are ripping up the long-standing My Studio format to accommodate him…

Making Moves: How To Pack Your Studio Equipment For A Smooth Relocation

Moving the studio doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are some tips for safely and securely getting all your…

Charivari Detroit Gears Up To Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary

Charivari Detroit gears up for a tenth edition celebrating Detroit’s musical heritage and cultural diversity.… Launches First Project With Techno Focused “NACHTS”, a culture-driven marketplace where artists and labels can share their music and art, has announced its first…

Assessing The Shift in Power From Producers to AI In Your DAW

AI plugins are everywhere. The DAW is next. Here are the DAWs already living in the future. But are producers…

How To Care For Your Mental Health As A Musician

The “Touring and Mental Health Manual” is an essential guide for anyone in the music industry who wants to care…

Minimal Audio Announce Fuse Compressor

Billed as a “Dynamic Sculpting Effect”, Fuse Compressor is the latest device from Minimal Audio.…


With only a few years of producing and DJing, Carré has moved quickly. She also runs Fast At Work, an…

Slicing Breakbeats Like Nia Archives

In this edition of Beat Dissected, we up the tempo and build a jungle beat inspired by Nia Archives.…

Audius: Can They Make Music Streaming “Fairer”?

In Episode 3 of the Attack Podcast, we speak to Audius co-founders Roneil Rumburg, CEO & Forrest Browning, CPO…

Beatport Opens Applications For It’s Second Annual Diversity + Parity Fund

The investment initiative is designed to support organizations that focus on underrepresented groups and promote diversity within the music industry…

UMEK: Two Decades Till Drumcode

Nearly two decades since sending Adam Beyer his demo, UMEK finally gets Drumcode debut.…

What Exactly Is Max for Live?

We just launched a curated selection of Max for Live devices in the Attack store. But what is it, and…

Does Artwork Still Matter?

Pre-mp3, iPod and smartphone, the visual culture of recorded music were all important to delivering music. But in an…

Sonible Releases Smart:Gate – A Content-Aware Gate Plug-in

The latest addition to the likeable Sonible is smart:gate. Unlike conventional gates, which are triggered by input level, smart…

Ableton Announces Free Loop Session With Machina

Join machina on July 22 for a free Ableton Loop Session.…

Ten Of The Best Multiband Compressor Plugins

Multiband compressors are an indispensable weapon in any mixing arsenal. Here are 10 to consider for your next dynamics purchase.

How To Use A Sequencer With Catalyst

There are a tonne of sequencers out there. How does the new CATALYST stack up with the rest?…

2020 A Complex Semi-Modular Beat-Making Is Coming

Initially introduced in 2016, this absurdly complex beat-making interface is out on July 20th.…

Multiband Processing & Modulation With Polydactyl & Librae

Librae and Polydactyl are dynamic processors. But their modulation capabilities really set them apart. We show you how to use…

You Can Now Get Feedback On Your Music From Your Favourite Artists

Echio, an artist-led music education platform founded in 2021, now offers demo feedback from your favourite artists. And for…

Friends Are Electric: Making Music With Vintage Amiga Computers

We talk to Pete Cannon, DJ Formula and Vogue Renege about producing and even DJing with old Amigas – and how you can too.

How To Choose The Best Amplifier For Your Hi-Fi Speakers

With a wealth of options to choose from, we help you choose the best amplifier for your hi-fi speakers…

You Can Now Clone Your Voice With ‘Voice Swap’ & Protect Your Vocal Rights

In an age of unchecked AI growth, Voice Swap, created by Nico Pellerin and DJ Fresh aims to protect vocal…

‘Hardproof’ On IMF: 5 Slices Of Moody Groove Techno

HARDPROOF is the first in a series of VA’s on Marcel Fengler’s IMF.  It’s…

Octave One On Their Latest Album, Live Performance Processes & The Pressures Of Releasing Music

Octave One have a new album out ‘Never On Sunday’. We tracked them to their new home in Atlanta for…

Drug Checking At Festivals Needs Your Support

Parklike founder, Sacha Lord, has formally threatened legal action against the government over changes to drug-checking requirements at festivals…

Join Music Production for Women (MPW) For A Full Day Of Music Masterclasses in London This Week

Music Production for Women (MPW) has announced a full day of music masterclasses in London for female and non-gender…

Transparent Sound

With a new bumper album out – ‘Accidents’ – with music dating from 1994 to 2023, Transparent Sound shows us around where…

Chemtrailz: “My favorite crowd so far is Barcelona hands down”

“The best advice I’ve received is to invest plenty of time and money in your career because no one…

Arturia KeyLab Essential MK 3: A Good Starting MIDI Controller

Unboxed and raring to go, we review the latest Arturia keyboard the KeyLab mk3.…

Splice Introduces “Create” Powered By AI

Originally part of its CoSo mobile app, Splice has now integrated its AI-powered ‘Stacks’ into its website with the…

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