The Korg ARP Odyssey FS Kit: Unbox & Assemble A G Funk Special

Korg are back with another Odyssey release, this time a full-size kit. Is a 51-year-old analog synth still relevant in the 21st century?

“Underground” Should Not Mean “Play For Free”

When an artist struggled to cover their transport costs to their gig, what message did that send to the wider…

Schak: “It’s ‘the’ Sound Of The North East”

How do you introduce someone who has racked up 12 million clicks on Spotify alone?…

Announcing The Winner Of The ABL3 303-Day Competition

It’s time to announce the winner of the Attack x Audiorealism 303-day competition. Read on to find out…

Crossword Number 13: March 23

Ooooh, it’s crossword number 13! Lucky for some and not so lucky for others!…

A Look At Synth Modulations For Beginners

Using the modulation matrix in Wavetable in Ableton Live to help bring a track alive.

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The Secrets of Dance Music Production

The world-leading book on dance music production. Comes with samples too.

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The Producer’s Manual

Everything you need to take a mix, from initial recording to final master.

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Inside Information: Minimoog Poster

The ultimate studio wall poster for music fans.

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Underground Resistance: The Final Frontier Poster

Anti corporate, political, powerful and progressive the power house of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and "Mad" Mike Banks needs little introduction.

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Acid House Love Blueprint Poster

A 303 map of dance music and rave culture. Perfect.

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Acid House T-Shirt

Long live acid house!

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Refraction – Elektron Sample Pack

Techno sounds for the Elektron Analog Rytm

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Prism – Digitone Sample Pack

Electronic sounds for the Elektron Digitone.

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Replicants – Elektron Analog Rytm Sample Pack

Electro sounds for the Elektron Analog Rytm. Free your spirit.

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Caelum Audio Choric: Not Your Old Man’s Chorus Plugin

Chorus effects are indispensable for doubling and adding stereo width but that’s all they can do, right? Caelum Audio’s Choric is here to prove that wrong.

“There Are Lots Of People Who Think I’m A New Artist”: Flowdan Talks ‘Rumble’ Success

MC and grime pioneer Flowdan talks to Attack Magazine about collaborating with Fred Again and Skrillex, grime and his record…

Since 2020, Almost 30% Of UK Clubs Have Closed Down

A first-of-its-kind report from the Night Time Industry Association (NTIA) has revealed the impacts of COVID-19…

Electronic Music At The Grammys 2023

Beyonce takes home ‘Best Dance/Electronic Album’ while Purple Disco Machine secures his first win for ‘Best Remixed Recording’.…

10 Common Modulation Routings Using Ableton’s Wavetable

Learn how to set up 10 of the most common modulation routings in Ableton Wavetable.

Are There Too Many Plugins?

The plugin market is massive. How can we be expected to buy everything?

“How I Made ‘Where I End'” – Baltra Breaks Down His New Mixtape

Following the release of ‘Ted’ in 2019 and ‘Ambition’ in 2021 Baltra continues to evolve his sound with new mixtape…

East and West Coast Collide In Taiga

Pittsburgh Modular has released Taiga, a semi-modular paraphonic synthesizer taking inspiration from both East and West coast synthesis styles…

KSHMR Reverb: “Trying To Close The Gap Between Producers And Plugin Developers”

Attack editor Eric Brünjes sat down with KSHMR to talk about his new reverb plugin ‘KSHMR Reverb’ and his…

What’s New To The Attack Store

We run through the latest gifts for music producers and DJs in the Attack Store.…

GPU Audio Announce Competiton With $6K+ Prizes To Be Won

Entrants are invited to create their own impulse response. Prizes will be awarded to the most creative and innovative uses…

Universal Push New Streaming Royalty Payout Models

Sir Lucien Grainge, chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group believes it’s time for a change in the way…

Underground Resistance ‘The Final Frontier’

In this instalment of Beat Dissected, we’re going to be building a hard-hitting techno beat inspired by Underground…

Arturia MiniFreak & MiniFreak V Full Run Down

If you are looking to buy a MiniFreak or MiniFreak V by Arturia we take you through both to help…

Google Created a Music AI So Strong They Are Afraid To Release It

Google recently revealed a brand new AI dubbed MusicLM, which is able to generate songs from any text description.…

Splice Now Allows Users To Download A Certified Licence For All Samples

Splice has finally unveiled a long-sought-after feature allowing users to auto-generate a document with a certified licence…

KSHMR Reverb: Injecting Rhythm Into The Reverb Plugin Format

WA Production and producer KSHMR have teamed up for KSHMR Reverb, a plugin with a number of useful extras that work well in rhythm-based productions.

Building A Tech House Beat Inspired By Classmatic’s ‘Catuca’

This time in Beat Dissected we’re writing a tech house beat inspired by Brazilian DJ and producer Classmatic’s…

Spotify Are Cutting 6% Of Their Global Workforce

Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, revealed to staff in a memo earlier this week that the company would be laying…

AVA Returns To Printworks For AVA London

Beloved Northern Irish festival AVA is returning to Printworks on February 24th, 2023 for a conference series/ club night. Talks…

What Happens When You Take Your Music Off Spotify?

A year ago we published a series of articles about artists who had removed their music from Spotify. We caught…

Introducing Jasper Tygner: “Somewhere In Between Headphone Music And The Club”

Hot off the heels of a sold-out debut live show at Peckham Audio, and with a string of highly…

Is This The Return Of Aphex Twin?

A cryptic new marketing campaign has left many fans wondering whether Aphex Twin could return to the stage at Field…

Mind Expansion Pack Announce Lineup Including Goldie, Interplanetary Criminal & More

Running from Friday 9 June and Saturday 10 June 2023, Mind Expansion Pack has announced its summer lineup with tickets…

Beat Dissected: ‘Mogeri’ By Dan Kye

This time on Beat Dissected we create a beat inspired by the gorgeous drums from Mogeri by Dan Kye.…

Toys In The Static: Why Semi-Modular Synthesizers Matter

Folllowing on from the proposition Minimoog is more influential than Les Paul, Darren Selement uses the Moog Mavis to highlight…

A Star Is Re-Born: Rhodes’s First Offical Software Instrument The Rhodes V8, Is Here

Along with the launch of the Rhodes V8 software edition, legendary firm Rhodes has also announced a competition to score…

Overmono Announce Debut Album ‘Good Lies’, Stream “Is U” Now

UK duo Overmono have just announced their debut album, ‘Good Lies,’ alongside tours of North America and Australia.…

Rebuilding The Strings & Bass Parts From ‘Eutow’ By Autechre

Using Synthmaster, we recreate the synth parts in a mid 90s classic – ‘Eutow’.…

The Synth World Cup: Who Beat Who & By How Much?

The Synth World Cup may be over, but the excitement doesn’t have to end! Now is your chance to…

Richie Hawtin Announces PhD Scholarship At The University of Huddersfield

Applications are now open for ‘The Richie Hawtin PhD Scholarship In Electronic Music, Cultures and Production.’…

Behringer Unveils Design Of EMS VCS3 Clone On Facebook

The EMS VCS3 dubbed ‘Behringer AKS Mini’ clone will begin shipping this summer for a reported $99.…

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