Make garage basslines and breakdowns in the style of Sammy Virji with Meld

In our latest video, we load up Meld in Live 12 and use it to make garage basslines and breakdowns…

Crafting Ambient Techno Pads

Ambient techno blends atmospheric soundscapes with minimal beats, creating immersive and meditative experiences. In this Synth Secrets, we’ll craft…

Vocal De-Esser From Antares Is Out Now

The makers of Auto-Tune®, Antares, have announced their new release, Vocal De-Esser.…

Devious Machines Release Bass Focus

A new bass enhancement plugin from the award-winning team behind Infiltrator 2, Pitch Monster, Multiband X6, Texture, and Duck…

La La – ‘Give Yourself A Try’ Remixes

We asked La La to walk us through the second set of remixes for her debut release, ‘give yourself a…

Deron Delgado – Director of Operations & A&R At EMPIRE / Dirtybird

It’s been a while since we published a “Job Envy” feature, but we’re excited to bring the series…

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“I Had Life-Saving Medication Confiscated By Security” – Type 1 Diabetics Shed Light on Club Security Policies

Given the complexity of their duties, is it high time for club security to reassess how they interact with individuals…

A New Music Marketplace: AC55ID Promises 100% Retained Earnings 

Offering free use of its dedicated fulfillment center, AC55ID is a new Bandcamp alternative where artists retain 100% of their…

Oeksound Release Bloom: An Adaptive Tone Shaper

Oeksound’s first release in four years, Bloom, an adaptive tone shaper, continues their trend of efficient algorithm and musical…

AlphaTheta Announces euphonia A Professional 4-channel Rotary Mixer

The first mixer to bear the AlphaTheta name and the company’s first-ever rotary unit.…

Crossword #16 March 2024

The monthly music crossword from Attack Magazine. Enjoy…

The Best Photos From CRSSD Festival 2024

As the sun sets on another CRSSD Festival, enjoy the best photos from a weekend of house and techno.…

Live 12 Meld Video Walkthrough

Live 12 is full of new features and devices. One of those is Meld, the new bi-timbral synth inspired…

OFFAIAH Releases ‘Headspace’

OFFAIAH returns with a new remix of Mistier’s track ‘Headspace’ via Mistier Music.…

Dan Gillespie: Newfangled Audio

After 11 years working with Eventide, Dan Gillespie started his own venture, Newfangled Audio, making a range of innovative plugins…

WARM: Making Sure Your Radio Plays Are Monitored Correctly

We speak with Jesper Skibsby, CEO & Founder of WARM, which monitors radio stations worldwide, tracking your songs in real…

IK Multimedia Releases ARC Studio Hardware

Made in Italy, ARC Studio is a unique out-of-the-box hardware acoustic room correction system.…

FastForward Music Conference Takes Place This Week In London

The London music business conference, FastForward, returns on the 13th and 14th of February at 21 in Soho.…

The Best Artists At CRSSD Festival 2024

Attack Magazine breaks down 5 must-watch sets at this year’s CRSSD Festival.…

Newfangled Audio Recirculate – More Than A Delay Plugin

Newfangled Audio, created by Eventide effects guru Dan Gillespie, has entered the spatial effects market with Recirculate. Could they have finally cracked the code for the perfect delay workflow?

Terry Golden Releases New Single ‘Love Hurts’

Dropped via Ensis Records, Love Hurts is a return to melody for the “Viking warrior”.…

Cody Chase Releases ‘By My Side’

By My Side is out now on Blanco y Negro…

Excite and Resonate: A History of Physical Modelling Synthesis

Once a niche form of synthesis, physical modelling is now growing in popularity, offering both highly realistic – and wildly novel – results.

 Blomfelt – ‘i’m interested in apathy’

Blomfelt takes us through his album ‘i’m interested in apathy’.…

Baby Audio Unveil Atoms A Next-Gen Physical Modeling Synth

Atoms was on display prerelease at NAMM last month and is now available for purchase.…

Top 100 DJs: The World’s Biggest Music Poll

DJ Mag’s new documentary, ‘Top 100 DJs: The World’s Biggest Music Poll’, celebrates 30 years of the Top…

Using PlayStation Impulse Responses With FabFilter Pro-R 2

From Call of Duty to Fifa, PlayStation has been a staple in most of our lives for 30 years. But…

Crossword #15: February 2024

The monthly crossword, which is anything but monthly, returns. Enjoy!…

Thomas Klaps “I was always driven by acid sounds’

Hailing from Belgium, Thomas Klaps has already built up a sizeable following for his brand of techno. We asked him…

MNTRA, GPU Audio & Outer Echo Set To Drop ‘Living Sky’

Living Sky is a spatial reverb plugin driven to reimagine three-dimensional spatial audio production.…

Tips & Tricks From Five CRSSD Festival 2024 Artists

CRSSD Festival returns to the San Diego waterfront next month. We caught up with five artists performing at the festival…

Drum & Bass Leads

Load up Hive by u-he or a synth of your choice, and let’s make a hard-hitting drum…

A New Festival, SUNNY SIDE, Is Coming to Malta This May

SUNNY SIDE hits the Mediterranean Island from May 17th to May 19th.…

Beatport Next Class Of 2024 Is Here

The annual accelerator program from Beatport, Beatport Next, has announced its class of 2024.…

Expressive E Osmose: A Genuine Game-Changer

We finally have our hands on the Expressive E Osmose, a wonderful synth and performance instrument that fulfills all the…

Ross From Friends Inspired Beat

In this Beat Dissected, we’re looking at the eclectic, brilliant beats by Ross From Friends. With elements of house…

Newfangled Audio Unveil  ‘Recirculate’: A Polyrhythmic Feedback Delay

The company behind Pendulate and Generate returns with Recirculate – a distilled essence of what a feedback echo should be.…

AlphaTheta Corporation, Developer Of Pioneer DJ, Announces New Products Under AlphaTheta

In a statement released this morning, the AlphaTheta Corporation, known as the designer and developer of Pioneer DJ has announced…

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