2020 breakthrough artist Effy drops her fourth release of the year, her relentless tech-workout ‘Bodied. We caught up with…

Lone – Dragonrush

Every month in Deconstructed we examine the arrangement of a successful dance track. This time, we tear down Lone’s throwback head rush of a tune, ‘Dragonrush’.

Eventide To Offer Their H9 Series Plug-Ins as a New Bundle

Black Friday has started early for Eventide this year as their eleven H9 series plug-ins are now available for over 70% off when purchased together.

Erica Synths’ New Black Sequencer Promises Next Level Modular Sequencing

The 4-channel device boasts creative control over patterns by means of detailed per-step controls, timing divisions, randomization, probability and more.

If streaming isn’t going away, can we make it fairer?

We recently published a column about Spotify’s new pay-to-play initiative. This week we’re looking at what…

Bicep-Style Breakbeats

In this new Beat Dissected, we program a breakbeat inspired by Bicep’s trance-break hybrid anthem ‘Atlas’.

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Featuring 312 colour pages packed with technique, tips, illustrations and hands-on walkthroughs, The Secrets of Dance Music Production pulls together all you need to take a mix from concept to club-ready master, featuring a wealth of exclusive content from Attack’s award-winning team of writers.

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This T-shirt made in collaboration with London-based illustrator and graphic artist Sam Moore is the perfect accompaniment to our 303 badges and our book A Brief History of Acid House. A little bit silly and light-hearted, this T-shirt is a nod to a glorious genre and time. Long live acid house!


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A semi-modular analog synthesizer that makes modular synthesis more accessible and understandable than ever before.



Pedal Crush is a trip into the expansive, eclectic, and mesmerizing world of effects pedals. Bursting with color photos and illustrations, it systematically covers over 800 pedals – from vintage to cutting edge, from the essential to the exotic, from popular classics to boutique wizardry.

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From Chicago to the world, Adonis was just 19 years old when he crafted this huge Trax label hit "No Way Back" in. In this poster, artist Rob Ricketts has designed the famous pattern to "No Way Back" so you can now get the claps, clav and cowbell just right!


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The pocket-sized EvermixBox4 plugs into the back of your mixer and into your iPhone / iPad / Android smartphone, where the Evermix App allows you to record the set in super high quality. After your set, share to Mixcloud + Soundcloud or save to cloud storage locations such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive.


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Filter Fills

In this tutorial, we program a chord stab and look at how to use advanced filter modulation to create dynamic effects in a breakdown.

Sound System Revolution

Marcus K. Dowling takes a look at the influence of West Indian sound system culture on the birth of the…

Sequential Renews The Prophet-5 And Introduces The Prophet-10

Sequential this week announced the reintroduction of its most famous and beloved instrument: the Prophet-5. Timed to coincide with founder Dave Smith’s 70th birthday, the instrument stays faithful to the original while adding new features based on its revisions over the years.

Rebekah Launches #ForTheMusic Campaign To Combat Sexual Harassment and Assault In Dance Music

In an open letter to the industry on change.org the DJ and producer describes obstructions women have regularly faced and underlines that now is the time to choose to be on the right side of history

Integrating Hardware With Ableton Live

Hardware is fun, but how can we get it to play nicely with our DAW? In this Hardware Focus, we look at getting started with integrating hardware into your computer-based setup.

Tatsuya Takahashi: “I just tried to design products to be the best I can imagine them”

Synth designer Tatsuya Takahashi spoke to us ahead of his talk at the music conference, Most Wanted.

Rave Game Invites You To Dance And Die

The party soon turns deadly in Strobophagia: Rave Horror, a PC game that drops you into a deadly and psychedelic occult forest rave.

New Japanese Company Tweets Images Of A Prophet-mini In The Works

The Prophet-mini appears to be a battery-powered and condensed Prophet-5, featuring four voices, 37 keys and built-in speakers.

Armando-Style Acid House

In this new Beat Dissected, we program a vintage acid house beat inspired by Armando’s classic ‘151’.

Pioneer CDJ-3000

With the CDJ’s ubiquity in clubland, and at this price point, it was always going to create a stir…

Setaoc Mass

Setaoc Mass has just dropped a new eight-track EP ‘Neo-Noir’ on Berlin’s SK_eleven label. ‘Neo-Noir’ is…

Arturia Announce PolyBrute, A Morphing Analogue Polysynth

The French brand’s follow-up to 2016’s MatrixBrute boasts polyphony, preset morphing and new options for modulation with expression.

Korg Volca Sample2

Korg has updated its popular Volca Sample with USB sample import. But is it enough to justify the price bump?

The Unsung Synth Influence Of Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen may have been known as a guitarist but his synth work also had a lasting influence on a generation of kids raised on MTV.

Pioneer DJ Introduces The MPU-Powered CDJ-3000

Pioneer DJ’s latest DJ multi player features an MPU processor, a nine-inch touchscreen, and a number of overall improvements.

Native Instruments Announce Maschine+, The First-Ever Standalone Version Of Their Flagship Groovebox

Maschine+ is the first embedded product from Native Instruments, bringing the company’s instruments, effects, and sounds into an entirely hardware-based workflow.

Orchestral Techniques from Jeff Mills’ Amazon (Blue Potential Version)

In this new Passing Notes we use Spitfire Audio’s new Originals orchestral instrument plug-ins to recreate two sections from the Detroit Producers’ collaboration with a live orchestra.

Ten Of The Best: Wavetable Soft Synths

In this instalment of Ten Of The Best, we run down the top, must-have wavetable soft synths available.

UDO Audio’s New Analogue-Hybrid Synthesizer, The Super 6, Hits The Market

The Super 6 is a 12-voice polyphonic binaural analog-hybrid synthesizer with replaceable wavetables.

Fold And Corsica Studios Among 135 Venues Saved By Culture Recovery Fund

135 UK venues will receive support from the £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund.…

September’s Best Music

We take a look through some of the very best techno, house and electronic music released in September.…

ASM Hydrasynth Desktop

ASM’s all-digital Hydrasynth is packed with features and is certainly impressive on paper but does it live up to its promise?

August’s Best Music

Another month and another round-up of some of the best techno, house and electronic music released in August.…

Erick Morillo Dead At 49

DJ Erick Morillo has been found dead in Miami aged 49.…

Tuned Metallic Delays

In this tutorial, we look at how to add metallic delays to a break, and then tune them to match the key of the track.

Solid State Logic SSL 2+ Offers Analogue Warmth Appeals to Musicians and DJs alike

The iconic Solid State Logic has always been known for its incredible but pricey analogue and digital audio mixing consoles…

Eventide Release Pendulate, A Free Synth Plug-In With a “Chaotic” Oscillator

Pendulate’s oscillator generates waveshapes based on the movement of a double pendulum while its effects emulate numerous Buchla Series 200 modules.

Algoriddim’s Neural Mix Pro Can Isolate Vocal, Instrument and Drum Stems

Neural Mix Pro’s ‘real-time music source separation’ could be the next technological stepping stone for extracting acapellas and other musical parts from audio for sampling.

Crossword #2: Acid House

Time on your hands? You don’t have to be in retirement to enjoy this classic format as we present…

Parallel Chords

In this new Passing Notes we focus on the technique of parallel chords, which are one of the tried and tested means for catchy progressions in dance music.

Nine Inch Nails’ Alessandro Cortini Is Selling His Rare Buchla 406 Synth

The Italian synth enthusiast’s facebook post simply states “If you know what this is and you’re interested, DM me!”

Hugo Paris

Hugo Paris, AKA Dave Maclean from Django Django has just released ‘Music Saves The World’ in collaboration with house don…

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