Hailing from Belgium and with Peruvian heritage, DC Salas—Diego Cortez Salas—has been active in the underground scene for well over a decade. But what makes him tick? What’s his guilty pleasure, and what does he use as a guaranteed floor-filler?

What’s the first record you ever bought?

I remember that moment pretty vividly. I used to rent CDs and download tons of music on eMule or Soulseek. Meanwhile, I was religiously saving some money to buy my first records.

I went to what became my second home afterwards: Doctor Vinyl. I was 16 years old and was 200% into a club called Dirty Dancing. They had a label, and I immediately bought their only record available in the shop. It was Markus Lange – Strange Smile EP. I’m still playing that Kaos remix a lot these days.

@DC Salas

The first time you remember hearing electronic music?

As I was born in Belgium in 1988, I can clearly remember those late commercial New Beat tracks playing on the radio/television when I was four or five. But I guess the more conscious approach was Daft Punk – Around The World. Of course!

Your favorite ever record?

Wow, that’s a difficult one, as this changes every day!

Among the ones I own, I’d probably say Los Iracundos – Puerto Montt. It has a very special place in my heart and mind as it was my godfather’s favorite song. He left us a year ago, and I’ve just found a video of him singing this track with my dad.

The guaranteed floor-filler?

Sound Synthesis – Acidwerk. Massive acid tune. The looong breakdown always works!

The best tune from last year

Taino – Muevelo (Orion Agassi Edit). HUGE edit by one of my favorite producers, Orion Agassi. I’ve been hammering this one everywhere!

The guilty pleasure?

I never feel guilty, but if I had to choose one, would it be One-T – The Magic Key. BANGER ALERT!

The last track of the night?

I have a thing with closing tracks, but if I had to choose one, it could be Daniel Avery – Lone Swordsman. I’ve known Dan for a long time now and could feel all the emotion he put into this tribute to Andrew Weatherall. It’s a beauty.

The best chillout record?

Boards Of Canada – Music Has The Right To Children, even if “chillout” is a bit restrictive for such a masterpiece. I discovered it when I was around 17/18 and it changed my understanding of electronic music forever. Lifechanging!

The best record for a family party?

Los Gatos – La Balsa is a classic from Argentina that my Peruvian dad loves so much. I can always visualize him dancing after only two seconds of hearing it!

The soundtrack to a lazy Sunday afternoon?

New Look—New Look. This album from 2011 is an amazing synth-pop record I never could get enough of. I don’t know much about them, but tracks like Relax Your Mind or Nap On The Bow are just pure class.

The worst record you’ve ever heard?

Who am I to judge this?!

The record you’re proudest of?

As it was the first one, I’d say my track Peru, released in 2010. This little one meant and still means a lot to me: it was released by Geert Sermon via Doctor Vinyl and was written on a plane between Lima and Brussels.

But I’m also finishing my next album, and I’m proud of it!

The future classic?

Juaan – Consecuencia!! It’s already a personal classic, so let’s see what happens!

DC Salas’ ‘Pixelated Dream Theory’ is out now on his own Higher Hopes imprint. Listen on Spotify. He’s set to release a new album on RAND Muzik x Echocentric later this year.  

Find DC Salas on Instagram.

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12th June, 2024

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