Joe Smooth – Promised Land

For this month’s Deconstructed, we take apart the arrangement of a deep house vocal classic, Joe Smooth’s ‘Promised Land’.

Richard Devine

A real treat for gear heads this month as we take a look around the fabulously well-specc’ed studio…

Spitfire Audio Partners With Abbey Road Studios For New Virtual Instrument Recorded In the Iconic Studio One

A full orchestra featuring 90-plus musicians performed during the recording of the audio for this new library, aptly named Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations.

England-based DJs And Producers Eligible To Receive Grants Of Up To £10,000 From Arts Council England

Applicants to the Art Council’s Developing Your Creative Practice (DYCP) program can receive a grant of £2,000-£10,000 from the total budget of £18 million.

North Street Collective: “The Spirits In The Air”

From his role in X-Press 2, Black Science Orchestra and The Ballistic Brothers to his many solo projects, Gentleman…

Filter Fills

In this tutorial, we program a chord stab and look at how to use advanced filter modulation to create dynamic effects in a breakdown.

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Mall Grab-Style Layered Pluck Lead

In this Synth Secrets, we create a Mall Grab-inspired layered pluck lead that emulates his fast-paced, rave-ready style.

Reese – Just Want Another Chance

Deconstructed is an ongoing series where we take apart the arrangement of a song to see what makes it work. This time, we’re looking at Kevin Saunderson’s Detroit techno classic, ‘Just Want Another Chance’.

Muallem: “In dance music, it’s hedonistic – but it’s also business”

For the first of this month’s The Business of Music interviews, we speak with Muallem, booker and one of…

2021 Winter NAMM Show Cancelled

The biggest gear event of the year will be replaced by a virtual ‘Believe in Music’ week.

Unlikely Moments In Dance Music History

Dance music and DJ history has been driven by disruptive technologies, revolutionary movements and pioneering people. We look at few…

Creating Dub Delays With Standard Plugins

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to create dub-style dirty tape delays using standard plugins.

DJ Erick Morillo arrested and charged for sexual battery

DJ Erick Morillo has turned himself in after allegations of sexual battery on a woman.…

Eventide Releases ShimmerVerb, A “Massively Lustrous” Reverb Plug-In

Eventide continues its series of H-series hardware effect emulations with ShimmerVerb, combining reverb with parallel pitch shifting.

We Need To Talk About Plague Raves

As clubs in Italy and Spain close again amid rising COVID infections, Harold Heath wonders if it might be time…

Kerri Chandler Chords: The Ultimate Guide – Part 2

In the second part of this two-part Passing Notes series, we break down advanced chord tricks used by one of the true pioneers of house.

Saffron Launches Digital Members Club to Tackle Gender Imbalance in Music Tech

Saffron has launched a digital subscription platform, Saffron Members, for womxn to connect and learn in the world of music…

Akai MPK Mini Mk3: The “World’s Best-Selling” USB MIDI Keyboard Controller Gets A Reboot

The new MPK mini has a slick new look and a slew of new features aimed at solidifying its reputation as the MIDI Swiss Army knife.

Unconscious Racial Bias in the Electronic Music Scene

London’s Silverlining (aka Asad Rizvi) who is of mixed Indian and Pakistani origin, shares his experiences of the electronic…

Knif Audio Knifonium

Just when you think every worthwhile synthesizer has been emulated for the plugin domain, along comes Knif Audio’s Knifonium to prove you very, very wrong.

Engine DJ’s New Update Brings Soundcloud Go+ and Beatport Link Streaming to Denon DJ Products

Engine OS v1.5 also features a new Quick Source Menu, making it easier to switch between various sources including all supported streaming services.


Glasgow’s Ali Herron (Rapture, Delusions of Grandeur and Wolf Music) has just dropped his excellent deep house and slo…

Truncate-Style Melodic Percussion

In the latest Beat Dissected, we program a techno beat featuring melodic percussion inspired by Truncate’s ‘The Bell’.

10 Snare Rolls For The Drop

In this tutorial, we take a look at 10 different ways to create tension with snare rolls.

Black Junglist Alliance launches community portal, BJA TV

The Black Junglist Alliance has set up a community portal to unite Black artists in the world of jungle and…

£500 Million Culture Recovery Fund Includes Dance Music Events

New guidance confirms that dance music events will be eligible to receive grants from £500 million relief fund.…

July’s Best Music

Some absolute bangers in this month’s round of our favourite house, techno and electronic music releases for July 2020…

Kerri Chandler Chords: The Ultimate Guide

We break down Kerri Chandler’s top chord tricks by analyzing some of his classic tunes.

WHO Relief Fund Raffle Winners Announced

It’s time to announce the winners of our WHO relief fund raffle. Read on to see if it’s…

Sequential Adds User Wavetable Import To Pro 3 Monosynth

Sequential this week announced a significant enhancement to their acclaimed Pro 3 multi-filter monosynth — support for user-created wavetables.

Ten Of The Best: iOS Synths

In our latest best of, we highlight ten of the top synthesizers available on the iOS platform.

Bradley Zero: “You have to understand the language of the people who are actually gatekeeping the whole thing.”

Rhythm Section is a successful record label, studio space and events host with founder Bradley Zero at the heart of…

Paul Cut

French DJ and producer Paul Cut released his ‘Le Bal des Douaniers’ album earlier this year, a feast of precisely…

Pioneer DJ Release Limited Edition Version Of The DDJ-SB3

The DDJ-SB3-S features silver-colored aluminum jog wheels with a matching body and it will only be available in specific regions.

Sculpting Warehouse-Style Rolling Techno Basslines

In this tutorial, we show you how to produce and process a layered rolling techno bassline, with a focus on useful low-end mixing tricks.

Alexander Robotnick – Problèmes d’Amour

We examine the arrangement of Alexander Robotnick’s pioneering ‘Problèmes d’Amour’.

Primal Scream singer Denise Johnson has died

Denise Johnson, who sung with Primal Scream and New Order, has died aged 56.…

Summer In The Hamptons

Have we, with a little help from the Chainsmokers, a Goldman Sachs CEO and a plot to hawk hand sanitiser…

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