The Top 5 Virtuoso Courses

We pick our five favorite video courses from Virtuoso, an online learning platform with a focus on electronic music.

Change The Record Episode 5: In Place Of War

In episode 05 of Change The Record, we sit down with Ruth Daniel, CEO and creative director of the global…

MDM Factory Jan 22 Chart

Top ten for January from DJs & producers MDM Factory featuring Lis Sarroca, Julianna, Photonz, DJ Hell and more.…

OneOdio Studio Pro 10 DJ Headphones Review

The DJ headphone market is competitive. Where do the OneOdio Pro 10s fit in? We review them and put them…

Carl Loben & Ben Murphy: ‘Renegade Snares’

Attack Mag talks to the authors of new jungle/drum & bass book ‘Renegade Snares’. …

Can Denise Audio’s ‘Perfect Room’ Give Us ‘Perfect Space’ Reverb?

Room-style reverb can bring a sense of intimacy to a track. We use Denise’s Perfect Room to vibe up a chill downtempo song.

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The Secrets of Dance Music Production

The world-leading book on dance music production. Comes with samples too.

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Techno sounds for the Elektron Analog Rytm


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Electronic sounds for the Elektron Digitone


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Electro sounds for the Elektron Analog Rytm


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Balancing A Disco Track

We use compression, EQ, modulation and spatial widening to balance a disco mix and create focus.

How Has Twitch Managed to Become a Go-To Music Platform During COVID?

The live-streaming site Twitch has stealthily become a viable platform for music, with artists and labels alike using it. How did this happen?

Samples From Mars Announces Xmas Sale

Hardware sample company, Samples From Mars has announced a massive Xmas sale. Be good and perhaps Santa might drop this…

Eventide SplitEQ Winners Announced!

It’s time to announce the three winners of last month’s Eventide Split EQ Crossword competition. Read on to…

Crossword #5 – Win A Free Copy of SplitEQ!

Complete this month’s music crossword and be in with a chance to win a copy of Eventide’s new…

Minimal Techno Sound Design Using Soundtoys

If you want to sharpen your sound design skills, we’d recommend looking at the excellent suite of plugins from…

Fear-E Dec 21 Chart

Top ten for December from DABJ techno warrior Scott McKay aka Fear-E featuring Antoni Maiovvi, DJ Willie Oboe, CT…

AIAIAI & Richie Hawtin Introduce The TMA-2 Studio Wireless+

AIAIAI’s TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ let’s you unplug, produce and create. With a dedicated wireless transmitter, AIAIAI is…

Virtuoso: A New Approach To Music Education

Virtuoso is modernising how music education is taught and learnt, and have just launched a new subscription on its music…

Adding Compression And Colour With Mathew Lane’s TiCo

We take a deep dive into the combination compressor and saturator and use it to add shine and presence to a house track.

Win A Pair of TMA-2 Studio XE AIAIAI Headphones

Want to win a pair of TMA-2 Studio XE headphones worth £139.99? Read on to find out how…

Danny Goliger Dec 21 Chart

Top ten for December from producer & DJ Danny Goliger featuring Overmono, Kessler, Forest Drive West, Elkka and more.…

Marketing Your Music Using Videvo

Paid for content by…

Mason Maynard: “I don’t want what’s come before to be forgotten about”

For this month’s feature interview we speak with house music rising star, Manchester’s Mason Maynard.…

Martyn Bootyspoon Dec 21 Chart

Top ten for December from producer & DJ Martyn Bootyspoon featuring Binary Digit, Annweiler, VTSS, Joy Orbison and more.…

Spitfire Audio Releases Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings

Spitfire Audio has teamed up once again with Abbey Road to release Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings.…

Joyce Muniz

With her latest EP ‘Flashes On The Floor’ out on Pets Recordings, we caught up with Joyce Muniz to find…

Eventide SplitEQ: A Genuine Game changer?

In our latest YouTube video, we run through a review and tutorial on Eventide’s SplitEQ plugin.…

The “Greatest Groove Machine” Robbie Shakespeare Has Died

Prolific Jamaican duo Sly & Robbie’s Robbie Shakespeare has died in Florida, age 68. Known for his smooth, infectious…

What Is The Groove Chord? Adding 7th SUS 13 Chords To Your Tracks

In our latest YouTube video, we take you through what 7th Sus 13 (add 9) chords are, how to use…

Exploring Analogue Subtractive Synthesis With The Moog Mother-32

Confused about subtractive synthesis? We use the Moog Mother-32 to explain oscillators, filters, and envelopes, plus take things to the next level with the patchbay.

James Araujo – Mixed In Key

For this month’s Job Envy feature, we spoke to James Araujo, marketing director at Mixed In Key.…

Manifest Audio Unveil Octopulse & Global Hub While Updating All Max Effects

With a bevy of updates and two new devices, Manifest Audio reveal a full-fledged workflow ecosystem of generative MIDI effects and creative tools…

Elisa Bee Dec 21 Chart

Top ten for December from Sardinian producer & DJ Elisa Bee, resident on Raheem Radio & releases on Unknown to…

Morphing Arpeggios Like ‘Argente’ by Floating Points

In this Synth Secrets, we’re going to use Ableton Wavetable to show you how to create morphing arpeggios. We…

Adding Rhythmic Delay And Reverb To A Static Melody

Rhythmic effects can inject energy into synth lines. We use Baby Audio’s Spaced Out delay and reverb plugin to bring groove to a tightly quantized chord stab line.

Change The Record Episode 4: ‘Turn The Tables’ – A DJ Cookbook

In Episode 04 of Change The Record, we sit down with James Martin and Gabriella D’Annunzio. James recently released…

Slam – Dec 21

Top ten December tunes from Slam featuring Slam and Amelie Lens, Antigone, Geerson and more.…

Getting Drum Machine Samples From Raw To Production-Ready

There’s a difference between raw drum machine samples and production-ready ones. We show you how to get your percussion samples in shape.

Five Ways To Work With Seq & Arp Presets

In this tutorial we look at five techniques that can add a more personal touch to Seq and Arp-style synth presets.

Rebekah Announces ‘End The Silence’ GoFundMe Campaign

Rebekah, who announced the #Forthemusic campaign in the summer of 2020, has announced a GoFundMe Campaign to raise funds for…

Jozef K – Dec 21

Top ten December tunes from Jozef K featuring Johannes Motschmann, Julien Brecht, Adam Ten and more.…

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