Taiki Nulight – “Music Is The Only Language That Really Makes Sense To Me”

Taiki Nulight’s latest release, The Box, continues his trajectory of melting UK dancefloor sounds with bass, garage, and house…

The Beginners Guide To The TR-909

If an original TR-909 unit is out of your price range, Roland’s digital recreation, available through Roland Cloud…

Dockyard Warehouse Festival Celebrates The Future of Techno

A hidden Dutch festival gem – The Dockyard Warehouse Festival – unveils a special edition of their ADE showcase at Hembrugterrain on…

Moog Unveils Labyrinth A New Generative Sequencing Synth

A unique semi-modular analog synth with new voice architectures, unique oscillators and a new direction for Moog inspired by…

Stoked: “Peak-time Techno With A Sprinkle Of India”

Already established in the Indian music scene, Stoked has recently been growing a fanbase beyond his home country. He’s…

VS Review: Synthesize Your Own Visuals

Imaginado VS is a visual synthesizer aimed at musicians and producers – but how easy is it to use?

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Max for Live: Knob Studio

Knob Studio offers dynamic waveform manipulation and parameter mapping capabilities.

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The Secrets of Dance Music Production

The world-leading book on dance music production. Comes with samples too.

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Max for Live: Texture

Add texture simple to any sound. Simple an effective.


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The Producer’s Manual

Everything you need to take a mix, from initial recording to final master.

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Max for Live: Pulse Engine

A unique generative MIDI device from Manifest Audio.

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FinalFinal T-Shirt

A hilarious tribute to our never-ending battle with file naming chaos.

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Max For Live: Chance Engine

Add controlled yet random fluctuations to your most important parameters

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Max For Live: Mouth Play

Unconventional vocal shaping with a brass model or FM oscillator source

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Max For Live: Travelogue

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Inside Information: Minimoog Poster

The ultimate studio wall poster for music fans.

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Underground Resistance: The Final Frontier Poster

Anti corporate, political, powerful and progressive the power house of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and "Mad" Mike Banks needs little introduction.

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Acid House Love Blueprint Poster

A 303 map of dance music and rave culture. Perfect.

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Acid House T-Shirt

Long live acid house!

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Refraction – Elektron Sample Pack

Techno sounds for the Elektron Analog Rytm

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Prism – Digitone Sample Pack

Electronic sounds for the Elektron Digitone.

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Replicants – Elektron Analog Rytm Sample Pack

Electro sounds for the Elektron Analog Rytm. Free your spirit.

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Max For Live: The Spellbook

LFO inspired by sacred geometry, weaving nature's fabric into your projects

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Newfangled Audio Recirculate – More Than A Delay Plugin

Newfangled Audio, created by Eventide effects guru Dan Gillespie, has entered the spatial effects market with Recirculate. Could they have finally cracked the code for the perfect delay workflow?

Excite and Resonate: A History of Physical Modelling Synthesis

Once a niche form of synthesis, physical modelling is now growing in popularity, offering both highly realistic – and wildly novel – results.

Cody Chase Releases ‘By My Side’

By My Side is out now on Blanco y Negro…

Baby Audio Unveil Atoms A Next-Gen Physical Modeling Synth

Atoms was on display prerelease at NAMM last month and is now available for purchase.…

 Blomfelt – ‘i’m interested in apathy’

Blomfelt takes us through his album ‘i’m interested in apathy’.…

Using PlayStation Impulse Responses With FabFilter Pro-R 2

From Call of Duty to Fifa, PlayStation has been a staple in most of our lives for 30 years. But…

Top 100 DJs: The World’s Biggest Music Poll

DJ Mag’s new documentary, ‘Top 100 DJs: The World’s Biggest Music Poll’, celebrates 30 years of the Top…

Thomas Klaps “I was always driven by acid sounds’

Hailing from Belgium, Thomas Klaps has already built up a sizeable following for his brand of techno. We asked him…

Crossword #15: February 2024

The monthly crossword, which is anything but monthly, returns. Enjoy!…

Tips & Tricks From Five CRSSD Festival 2024 Artists

CRSSD Festival returns to the San Diego waterfront next month. We caught up with five artists performing at the festival…

MNTRA, GPU Audio & Outer Echo Set To Drop ‘Living Sky’

Living Sky is a spatial reverb plugin driven to reimagine three-dimensional spatial audio production.…

A New Festival, SUNNY SIDE, Is Coming to Malta This May

SUNNY SIDE hits the Mediterranean Island from May 17th to May 19th.…

Drum & Bass Leads

Load up Hive by u-he or a synth of your choice, and let’s make a hard-hitting drum…

Expressive E Osmose: A Genuine Game-Changer

We finally have our hands on the Expressive E Osmose, a wonderful synth and performance instrument that fulfills all the…

Beatport Next Class Of 2024 Is Here

The annual accelerator program from Beatport, Beatport Next, has announced its class of 2024.…

Newfangled Audio Unveil  ‘Recirculate’: A Polyrhythmic Feedback Delay

The company behind Pendulate and Generate returns with Recirculate – a distilled essence of what a feedback echo should be.…

Ross From Friends Inspired Beat

In this Beat Dissected, we’re looking at the eclectic, brilliant beats by Ross From Friends. With elements of house…

Pig Room Podcast EP 8 – David Castellani

Attack Editor Eric Brünjes sits with David Castellani to talk techno.…

AlphaTheta Corporation, Developer Of Pioneer DJ, Announces New Products Under AlphaTheta

In a statement released this morning, the AlphaTheta Corporation, known as the designer and developer of Pioneer DJ has announced…

Yasmine Rasool – Head of Programming XP Music Futures

At XP Music Futures 2023, we spoke to Yasmine Rasool, Head of Programming, about the job, the region and more…

Can Music Worx Challenge The Current Streaming Landscape?

With options for both pros and music fans alike, Music Worx is revolutionizing the DJ streaming game.

Cymasphere: A New Complex Chord Generator

Our latest YouTube video covers a new chord generator app, Cymasphere.…

Beatport Launches BPXX: Celebrating 20 Years of Dance Music and DJ Culture

To celebrate 20 years in dance music, Beatport announces BPXX, including a new web experience and an initial program of…

CRSSD Festival Announces Lineup for Spring 2024 Edition

CRSSD Festival returns with its Spring 2034 edition featuring Armand Van Helden, Astra Club, Black Coffee, Dixon and more.…

Raw Ideology: “Gaming Is The Ultimate Artform”

Raw Ideology might be well known already to fans of hardstyle techno but what makes him tick is more than…

Making Com Truise Style Basslines With MiniFreak V

MiniFreak V is a new addition to Arturia’s V Collection X. We have the physical counterpart let’s load…

Beatport Announces New President & CRO

The Beatport Group has announced the promotion of Matt Gralen to President and  Helen Sartory to Chief Revenue Officer at…

Køzløv Is On Tour In Europe This Month

Catch the rising techno star Køzløv’ across Europe this month.…

The 10 Best Hardware and Software Releases of the Year

From synths to effects, grooveboxes to pedals, here are our favorite music production releases of 2023.

The 13 Best Electronic Music Tracks Of The Year

The annual thankless and impossible task is upon us. Here are 13 tracks we really got into this year.…

Giordani, Brown & OFFAIAH Join Forces On Drumcode

The seminal Swedish label run by Adam Beyer is gearing up to release a collaboration with Layton Giordani, Eli Brown…

Salvione: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

As 2023 draws to a close, we asked a few artists to summarise their year via their favourite YouTube videos…

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