Ten of the Best Abandoned Plugins

From an early NI emulation to trackers and more, some of the best soft synths and effects ever made are now lost to the inexorable march of technology.

Artcore Launches A New Online Marketplace

Artcore has launched a new online marketplace for artists and independent labels to sell their music. There’s an added…

Max Richter Announces SRM Sounds And New Piano Instrument

SRM Sounds has partnered with ex-Spitfire Audio CEO Will Evans to make a series of virtual instruments designed to…

Jamahook Launches Sound Assistant Offline Agent

Developed in partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute, renowned for the invention of the mp3 format, Jamahook, has unveiled the Sound…

The Subtle Evolution of Selling Out

Selling out, patronage, sponsorship and endorsement – all equal the same thing – financial reward. But are artists getting paid to feature…

Has Techno Lost Its Groove?

Is reducing techno down to 15 or 30-second social media clips, changing the direction of techno production? Is it…

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La Kajofol

La Kajofol’s mystical techno continues to bedazzle. We asked her to introduce herself with a release on Indira Paganottos…

Make Beautiful Pads With Hive 2

Hive 2 is beautiful. Its pads are beautiful. Let’s do this.…

Ghost in The Glass: “Quitting Booze Is The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made”

Six years deep into music production, it’s time Ghost in the Glass introduces his sound.…

No More Hush Hush: NI Announces Traktor X1 MK3 DJ

After rumours abounded online, Native Instruments has announced the Traktor X1 MK3 DJ controller.…

Use Drift To Modulate Bass Like Overmono / Modeselektor

In this Synth Secrets tutorial, we will use Drift to make an Overmono, Modeselektor style bass.…

Attack Is Having A Mega Office Sale!

If you’re looking for a major bargain from our store products, read on to find out about our massive…

Baby Audio & Andrew Huang Team Up To Release ‘Transit’

Baby Audio has teamed up with Andrew Huang to create Transit, an FX plugin to power your transitions.…

Berlin’s Atonal Festival 2023: Highlights & Picks

The Berlin festival returns with an impressive line-up for their two-week festival focused on innovative live performances – read on for our highlights.

The Acid V Is Here To Corrode Your Basslines

Arturia has announced the Acid V, an enhanced emulation of the Roland TB-303.…

Make Detuned Festival Leads With Ableton Drift

We show you how to make a rave-ready detuned synth lead using Ableton’s latest free stock synth.


At 17 and with 2 million plays on his single ‘Sleepless’, Ødyzon is one for the future. We asked him…

Lunacy Audio Introduces ‘Dust’: Granular Soundscapes From The Mind Of Venus Theory

Lunacy Audio has released Dust, a new CUBE expansion pack from the mind of renowned sound designer, producer, and content…

Episode 5: Syreeta

In Episode 5 of the Attack Pig Room Podcast, we speak to rising star SYREETA.…

From Dance Floor to Dashboard: How Techno Is Helping Change The Sound Of Cars For the Better

Electric vehicles are giving automobile companies a chance to reinvent how cars sound – and many are turning to electronic music producers.

Listn & Syndicast Set To Reshape the Music Promotion Sphere

Listn, an inclusive online platform dedicated to promoting music, has teamed up with Syndicast, a prominent global player in radio…

Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ Is Being Reimagined Into a Detroit Techno Story

Detroit nonprofit, Shakespeare in Detroit, is bringing its open-air play to Campus Martius Park this August.…

Your Music Doesn’t Suck, Your Friend’s Opinion Does

Chick Gerrard explains why listening to your friend’s “beatsplaining” opinion is probably a waste of time.…

Honey Luv – “My Last Day Job Was In The Military”

It might be an Attack first to welcome an artist who was destined to work in the CIA but has…

Polyverse Music Releases Filtron For Free

Polyverse Music has introduced Filtron, a free filter plugin.…

Morbid Electronics Release Rings Of Saturn

Initially, a free giveaway, Rings of Saturn is now upgraded and costs $20.…

Neil Lee From Master Tones On Building A Plugin Company

With a new AI plugin balancing up to 100 tracks for you, the sky is the limit. Hailing from Taiwan…

Christopher Coe From Awesome Soundwave

In Episode 4 of the Attack Pig Room Podcast, we speak to Christopher Coe, who runs Awesome Soundwave with Carl…

Win Over $2k In Prizes In Beat Challenge Competition

GPU Audio has announced the launch of the ‘GPU Audio Beat Battle,’ a beat making competition.…

Soundtoys Is Donating 100% of Sales to Support Vermont Flood Relief

Shop to Donate by Soundtoys starts today and ends tomorrow. Every dollar from each product purchase or upgrade made on…

David Castellani – “FM Synthesis Can Quickly Become A Mess’

David Castellani’s studio is so outrageous, we are ripping up the long-standing My Studio format to accommodate him…

Making Moves: How To Pack Your Studio Equipment For A Smooth Relocation

Moving the studio doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are some tips for safely and securely getting all your…

Charivari Detroit Gears Up To Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary

Charivari Detroit gears up for a tenth edition celebrating Detroit’s musical heritage and cultural diversity.…

Beatport.io Launches First Project With Techno Focused “NACHTS”

Beatport.io, a culture-driven marketplace where artists and labels can share their music and art, has announced its first…

Assessing The Shift in Power From Producers to AI In Your DAW

AI plugins are everywhere. The DAW is next. Here are the DAWs already living in the future. But are producers…

How To Care For Your Mental Health As A Musician

The “Touring and Mental Health Manual” is an essential guide for anyone in the music industry who wants to care…

Minimal Audio Announce Fuse Compressor

Billed as a “Dynamic Sculpting Effect”, Fuse Compressor is the latest device from Minimal Audio.…


With only a few years of producing and DJing, Carré has moved quickly. She also runs Fast At Work, an…

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