A Service For Electronic Labels and Musicians: Move Music Distribution 

What is music distribution? What does it cost? Do I need it? How do I go about it? There are…

The 10 Rarest Drum Machines On Reverb Right Now

Grab a notepad to make a wish list and a rag to wipe up the drool because we’re checking out 10 of the rarest rhythm machines currently on Reverb.

Risa Taniguchi July 22 Chart

Top ten for July from Risa Taniguchi featuring Yigitoglu, Askkin, Trunkline, Truncate and more.…

Gerald VDH – “When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”

Gerald VDH, once played with a man asleep at his feet in the booth. We caught up with him for…

5 Things You May Have Missed In June

Been too busy to keep up this May? Read a quick round-up of all the goings-on in dance music this past month.

Reviewing Tracklib, A Record Store For Sampling

Tracklib’s music sampling service promises to make sample clearance fast, easy, legal and affordable. Does it deliver on these claims?

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The Secrets of Dance Music Production

The world-leading book on dance music production. Comes with samples too.


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Acid House T-Shirt

Long live acid house!


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Inside Information: Minimoog

The ultimate studio wall poster for music fans.


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Acid House Love Blueprint

Attack Magazine

A 303 map of dance music and rave culture. Perfect.


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Patch & Tweak

A stunning book that shows what modular syntheses means to different people.


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Techno sounds for the Elektron Analog Rytm


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Electronic sounds for the Elektron Digitone.


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Patch & Tweak with Moog

An immersive modular synthesis experience which makes a lovely gift.


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Electro sounds for the Elektron Analog Rytm. Free your spirit.


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Four Tet-Style Guitar Arpeggios With Spitfire Audio’s New Fink Signatures

In this new Passing Notes we use Spitfire Audio’s new Fink Signatures acoustic guitar library to program live-sounding guitar arpeggios, melodies and percussion.

The Main Takeaways From IMS 2022 Part 1

Over three days IMS fills the days with a plethora of industry talks. We break down some of the most…

SCB May 22 Chart

Top ten for SCB featuring Glaskin, Jayson Wynters, Glaskin, Malwina and more.…

5Ways To Use Continuo 2 By Karanyi Sounds

In our second addition to our new “5Ways” YouTube series, we show you how to create a variety of sounds…

Ten Of The Best Jazz Samples In House And Techno

International Jazz Day is a global event that sees countless gigs and parties held in celebration of the ground-breaking…

9 Things You May Have Missed This April

With so many stories released every day, it’s easy to miss some. Here’s a round-up of some…

Lunacy Audio 40% Off Sitewide Sale

Lunacy Audio are running a 40% sitewide sale including their new “CUBE mini” and “Threads”. Sale ends 31st May.…

Col Lawton May 22 Chart

Top ten for May from Col Lawton featuring Melanie Williams, Simon Adams, V77NNY, Corsica One and more.…

Behind The Pen: Alice Austin On Being A Music Journalist

Alice Austin is a music journalist focused on the intersection of politics and music, subculture, club culture and youth culture…

’90s Drum And Bass And Jungle Listening Quiz

Think you know your ’90s drum and bass and jungle history? Take our quiz and find out.…

Arturia Unveils The V Collection 9

Arturia has just released the V Collection 9, a premium upgrade of their software instrument suite. Until June 5th, it…

Manifest Audio’s Unique Pulse Engine Arrives

From intricate trap-style high-hats to ornamental note runs, exotic rhythms, and pleasantly-glitched musical phrases, Pulse Engine is the latest unique generative MIDI effect from Berlin’s Manifest Audio.

Crossword #10 April 22

Aprils’ crossword is Ukrainian themed. How much do you know about Ukrainian music? Time to find out.…

Six Things I Learned During My Time Building Pulselocker

Pulselocker was a music subscription and storage service created for DJs and electronic music fans. In this op-ed, Pulselocker…

Anfisa Letyago May 22 Chart

Top tracks for May from Anfisa Letyago featuring Durosai, nthng, Tom Place, Four Tet and more.…

Meg Ward May 22 Chart

Top ten for May from Meg Ward featuring SUCHI, WHIPPED CREAM, Cromby, Big Miz and more.…

The Best Mastering Courses On Mix With The Masters

We were given AAA to really look around Mix With The Masters. Having only seen the live experience at NAMM…

“Streaming Saved The Industry”: Why Artists Use Spotify

In the fourth instalment of our investigation into streaming, we speak with a producer and label boss who are perfectly…

Five Plugins, One Chain: Creating A Reverb Effect With A Variety Of OneKnob Plugins

Single knob-style plugins can be convenient for quickly adding effects but can they be used in a more creative way? We string together a chain of Waves OneKnob plugins and find out.

Deer Jade May 22 Chart

Top ten for May from Deer Jade featuring Cioz, Bondi, Biesmans, Chaim and more.…

Behind The Pen: Aneesa Ahmed On Being a Music Journalist

As part of a new mini-series, “Behind The Pen” we’re speaking to electronic music writers we admire. To…

Reviewing Arturia Efx Fragments

Arturia goes against type and releases a granular synthesis-based effect.

Newfangled Audio 50% Off In May Sale

Newfangled Audio are currently running a “50% off everything”. Read on to see what’s available and grab a bargain…

M.A.N.D.Y. “Live Life With Love, Freedom And Adventures” Before You Die.

We caught up with “Get Physical Music” and “Kindisch” label boss M.A.N.D.Y. for a quick-fire…

Spatial Sound Design with Baby Audio’s Crystalline

In this tutorial, we use Baby Audio’s new algorithmic reverb plugin to create drones, hi-hats, reversed melodies and tempo-synced room ambience!

Levelling Up Your Chord Stabs

In this new Passing Notes, we look at four ways to make chord stabs more melodic and dynamic. …

IMS 2022 Business Report

The annual business report from IMS shows how far electronic music has developed in the past two years.…

DJ Godfather April 22 Chart

Top ten for April from DJ Godfather featuring Keith Tucker, Anthony Rother, Detroit’s filthiest, Viewtiful Joe and more.…

Generating Powerful And Rhythmic Basslines With Audiomodern Playbeat 3

In this article we use Audiomodern’s advanced sequencer to create limitless basslines!

Does Hardware Really Sound Better?

Which sounds better, hardware or software? We made the same song using hardware and software to help you decide for yourself.

Nala April 22 Chart

Top ten for April from Nala featuring Nikki Nair, Anfisa Letyago, Kristin Velvet, Michael Bibi and more.…

Dominik Eulberg

Don’t let music define you especially if you’re a studied conservationist like Dominik Eulberg. He might be best…

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