Jimmy Asquith: “Just go out there and do it. Fail, fast. Do as much as you can”

In part five of our series – The Business of Music – in partnership with iMusician, Attack’s Oliver Payne talks…

Processing Berghain Kicks With Multiband Distortion

We show you how to apply multiband distortion to Berghain-style kicks.

T8V Joins Adam Audio’s T-Series Of Studio Monitors

Berlin-based Adam Studio has announced the T8V, the latest nearfield monitors in the T-series.

Claude VonStroke

He’s the founder and boss of the Dirtybird label, he’s a DJ of some renown and a producer…

Joey Beltram – ‘Energy Flash’

We deconstruct the arrangement of Joey Beltram’s smouldering techno classic, ‘Energy Flash’.

Kilohearts Phase Plant

Kilohearts Phase Plant combines wavetable synthesis with samples and virtual analogue.

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Featuring 312 colour pages packed with technique, tips, illustrations and hands-on walkthroughs, The Secrets of Dance Music Production pulls together all you need to take a mix from concept to club-ready master, featuring a wealth of exclusive content from Attack’s award-winning team of writers.

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This T-shirt made in collaboration with London-based illustrator and graphic artist Sam Moore is the perfect accompaniment to our 303 badges and our book A Brief History of Acid House. A little bit silly and light-hearted, this T-shirt is a nod to a glorious genre and time. Long live acid house!


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Pedal Crush is a trip into the expansive, eclectic, and mesmerizing world of effects pedals. Bursting with color photos and illustrations, it systematically covers over 800 pedals – from vintage to cutting edge, from the essential to the exotic, from popular classics to boutique wizardry.

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In Make Your Music Make Money, a brand new 238 page PDF (with instant download) book from Attack Magazine, we show you how, armed with nothing more than a laptop, some talent and a decent work ethic, you can write and record your music, create an international profile and access a worldwide sales infrastructure to make money and build a fanbase from day one.

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The Blipblox is a fully functional synthesizer designed for kids and kids at heart! Its unique physical design is easy-to-use and safe for children as young as 3 years old. Its professional features and nearly endless ability to create new sounds make it fun and captivating for everyone!


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Featuring 350+ full-colour pages packed with pro techniques, practical photos, detailed illustrations and hands-on walkthroughs, The Producer’s Manual brings together everything you need to take a mix, from initial recording to final master.


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From Chicago to the world, Adonis was just 19 years old when he crafted this huge Trax label hit "No Way Back" in. In this poster, artist Rob Ricketts has designed the famous pattern to "No Way Back" so you can now get the claps, clav and cowbell just right!


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The pocket-sized EvermixBox4 plugs into the back of your mixer and into your iPhone / iPad / Android smartphone, where the Evermix App allows you to record the set in super high quality. After your set, share to Mixcloud + Soundcloud or save to cloud storage locations such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive.


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Twelve years in the making, over 100 portraits, 1000s of miles covered worldwide and one joint delicately rolled for Moodymann - DJ Faces is the definitive dance music family photo album.

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2020 Manifesto

With all the recent talk of political manifestos, we got to thinking about what an ideal dance music scene might…


We put Pfirter to task on our quick-fire QnA.…

Daniel Dejman

Daniel Dejman put out his ‘STTÆB’ EP on his Slow Dancing To Techno imprint last month, so we thought…

Rekordbox 6.0 Includes Cloud Library Management

Pioneer DJ have launched Rekordbox 6.0 which allows users to sync multiple devices and manage their music via the…

Charity and Sabotage: Dance Music Twitter 2019

From business techno to rudeboy techno. From Aphex Twin to Midland. And from Beatport Link to rewinds, Harold Heath sums…

Ten of the Best Drum Machines Released Since 2010

To round-up the past decade, we recommend ten of the best hardware drum machines released since 2010.…

Sofa Synthesis: Superbooth20

With Covid-19 forcing the real event to be postponed you can still enjoy all the beeps, squeaks, demos and…

March’s Best Music

Here’s our round-up of the very best electronic music released in March.…

Cremacaffè Design

Cremacaffè Design is an Italian company that produces beautiful handmade cases and stands for a range of much-loved hardware…

Emperor Machine

Emperor Machine shows us the incredible studio he shares with studio partner Richard Hale featuring a Fairlight CMI, two llamas…

Thomas Barnett

Detroit producer and DJ Thomas Barnet releases his ‘Low Tech Funk’ collaboration EP with  Ecilo this month. In the…

Universal Audio’s LUNA Launches Early

Universal Audio’s new recording and production system has now been released early and is available for free download.…

Organised Chaos: Distortion as a Mix Tool

For many of us, distortion conjures up sonic images of guitar heroes from Tony Iommie to Dimebag Darrell. But what…

Luke Slater: Without passion, the best machines in the world won’t produce great music

For this month’s feature interview, we spoke with Luke Slater on why he doesn’t see technological advancements as…

I Love Acid Label Makes Their Vinyl Only Releases Digitally Available

Respected vinyl-only label I Love Acid have just announced that they are making a number of their vinyl releases…

Alex Klein

New UK producer Alex Klein has just released his excellent five-track ‘First Relic’ EP, a collection of slow-burn…

Back To The Old School, Again (Pt 1)

Hardcore rave from the early 90s is often derided, but there were plenty of important innovations happening within those records…

Rolling Techno

In this latest Beat Dissected, we’re going to create a rolling techno beat inspired by the likes of Andre…

Alex Church

With the second part of his collaborative project with Phantasy Sound’s James Welsh dropping in mid-April, UK producer…

SoundCloud To Launch New Music Marketing And Distribution Platform

Soundcloud today launched a set of measures to aid artists during the Covid-19 crisis, including their new distribution platform…

Cinthie – The Business of Music

In partnership with iMusician, Attack is pleased to present – The Business of Music – a new series focusing on individuals carving a unique career across various aspects of dance music.


Emerging on the Warsaw “Lost Pool” party scene in 2015, Sept’s music has continued to thrive. Simultaneously, his event…

Tim Green

We got producer Tim Green to talk us through his latest EP, ‘Vacation To Life’, released on Lee Burridge’s…

Waves MultiMod Rack

The latest plugin from Waves’ journey into distortion is the MultiMod Rack, a multi-band distortion and effects unit that…

Machine Woman

With her remix of “Radius” from “Veer Remixed”, the remix album from Tommy Four Seven released last Friday, we put…

Ten Of The Best: Analogue-Style Synth Plugins

A guide to ten of our favourite analogue-sounding soft synths, from light on the wallet to heavy on the…

Is Logic Pro X introducing Ableton Live style clip-launching?

Has Apple leaked how a new Logic Pro X might look with live triggering of loops and clips similar to…

Spotify Creates $10 Million Fund For Musicians & Songwriters Affected By Covid-19

The streaming company announced its new fundraising initiative today and launched a website for people to contribute.…

Derrick May – This could be anywhere but it’s not!

Transmat boss and techno statesman Derrick May opens up to Kristan Caryl.…

DJ Faces – A Journey Through House Music

Twelve years in the making, over 100 portraits, 1000s of miles covered worldwide and one joint delicately rolled for Moodymann – DJ Faces is the definitive dance music family photo album.


UK techno producer Rudosa has just dropped his new cut ‘Dominance’ as part of a five-track compilation on his…

Musicians Call For Spotify to Increase Payments In Light Of Covid-19

The streaming giant is under pressure from musicians to increase artist compensation in light of the widespread loss of income…

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