As 2023 draws to a close, we asked a few artists to summarise their year via their favourite YouTube videos for a special run of Show and Tell year-end roundups. Next up is Salvione.

The New York Rangers

The New York Rangers aren’t just a team for me; they’re a passion.

Growing up, the Rangers’ 1994 Stanley Cup victory was more than just a game – it was like a dream. As a kid, I’d roller skate around my driveway, imagining I was part of that legendary team. I’ve chosen this clip because it’s not just highlights of a game; it’s a reminder of pure joy and triumph, something that has stayed with me for years.

Watching those moments, the excitement, the crowd’s roar, and the team’s euphoria is like reliving a part of my childhood. Now, as the 2023/2024 season unfolds and the Rangers show promising form, I can’t help but feel that surge of hope again. Maybe this year, we’ll relive the glory of ‘94.

Meditation & Journaling

Meditation and journaling have been pivotal in my life for the past seven years. Despite a brief period where I fell off track, I committed in 2023 to intensify my practice. Currently, I’m on a 109-day streak of meditation and journaling, which impressively included the hectic days at ADE. If I can maintain my practice amid the ADE whirlwind, I believe anyone can start this beneficial habit in the comfort of their home.

The video I’ve selected is a guided goal visualization meditation. I engage in this kind of meditation almost weekly, if not a few times a month. What I appreciate about the approach of guided visualization – it’s not just about imagining where you want to be, but it also bridges the gap between your current state and your goals, outlining the steps needed to achieve them. Moreover, I think it is important to emphasize the emotional aspect, which I find crucial for a truly transformative experience.

I chose this video because it exemplifies the kind of guided journey that has significantly impacted my life. Whether it’s gaining clarity, finding direction, or simply seeking a moment of peace, this practice has been instrumental. And for anyone looking to embark on a similar journey, this video can be a great starting point.

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso’s final season in 2023 was bittersweet. The show has been an incredible journey, with characters so real they felt like friends. Among them, Roy Kent, my absolute favorite, stands out. His gruff exterior, unexpectedly profound insights, and, let’s not forget, his creative use of curse words, remind me so much of my uncle – they could be grouchy twins!

This clip is a compilation of Roy’s best moments. It’s not just his humor that gets me, but the way his character evolves, showing that even the toughest exterior can hide a heart of gold. Whether he’s on the field or in the locker room, Roy brings a unique blend of intensity and sincerity.

Old Dads

I have to say, hands down, it was the funniest movie I watched in 2023. One night, I decided to watch it before bed, and it was so hilarious that I had to turn it off because I was laughing too loud and my wife was trying to sleep! It’s a rare gem these days to find a movie that can make you laugh out loud like that.

The story revolves around three lifelong friends who become fathers later in life. They find themselves navigating the challenges of modern parenting, which involves a lot of amusing clashes with millennials and contemporary trends. Many of us can relate to how these characters handle (or struggle with) these situations, regardless of our age. It’s a movie that not only provides a good laugh but also sheds light on the timeless struggles of adapting to change – something we all go through.

The Alchemist

I have a deep connection with Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’, a book I find myself returning to annually. Each reading brings new insights and perspectives as different aspects of the story resonate with my evolving life experiences. It’s fascinating how the book remains the same, but the reader – me, in this case – changes with each read, finding new meanings and messages.

This book holds such a special place in my heart that an excerpt from it was even read at my wedding this year, making it part of my life’s most significant moments.

The interview with Paulo Coelho and Oprah in this video is a treasure. Hearing Coelho discuss the book, its themes, and his insights adds depth to my understanding and appreciation. As I mentioned earlier, I’m big on visualization and manifesting, so the quote they reference in this clip, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” really hits home for me.

I’m a full believer that anything can happen through focused attention, aligned action, and gratitude.

Searching For Sugarman

‘Searching for Sugar Man’ isn’t your typical music documentary. It’s about this musician named Rodriguez who released an album in the States that totally flopped. But somehow, this album made its way to South Africa and blew up – he was a huge hit there, on par with legends like Elvis or the Beatles. And the craziest part? He had no idea.

The story gets even wilder – there were all these rumors in South Africa that Rodriguez had died, but no one knew the real story. So, these journalists start digging around, trying to piece together his life and how he supposedly died. Plot twist – they find out he’s still alive!

It’s such an unbelievable story that it almost feels like you’re watching a movie, not a documentary. The whole thing is just mind-blowing. If you haven’t seen ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ yet, you’ve got to check it out.

It’s one of those must-watch films that just sticks with you.

Secret Santorini

Santorini Secret Suites in Santorini holds a special place in my heart – we stayed there during a part of our honeymoon this year. The whole experience was just unreal.

From the breathtaking views and the amazing food to the unbelievably accommodating staff and the spa massages that were just next-level relaxing.

But you know what really topped it off? Ending our nights of drinking by just chilling in our own private pool with a gyro in hand. I mean, where else does that happen? (There may or may not be video evidence of this, but you guys can’t see that)

Honestly, Secrets might be the best hotel experience I’ve ever had. If you’re ever in Santorini and looking for a place that’s all about those once-in-a-lifetime moments, this is the place.

Lewis Hamilton on the On Purpose Podcast by Jay Shetty

I’m a big fan of the Jay Shetty podcast ‘On Purpose’ – it’s packed with valuable insights and lessons in every episode. I highly recommend it if you haven’t given it a listen yet.

One episode that stood out for me this year brought together two of my favourite things: the podcast itself and Formula 1.

As someone who’s gotten really into Formula 1 over the past few years, seeing Lewis Hamilton on the podcast was a real treat. He’s my favorite driver, not just for his incredible skill on the track but for who he is as a person away from it.

Hamilton’s episode on the podcast revealed just how intentional and aware he is, not only as a sportsman but in his life in general. He shared insights about his journey, the challenges he’s faced, and his approach to life that were truly inspiring.

It’s a must-watch for any F1 fan, or anyone interested in the mindset of high achievers.

Find Salvione on Instagram and Spotify. Salvione’s ‘Better Days’ EP is out now.

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28th December, 2023

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