Another year-round the sun and another year of synths, samplers, and modules at their spiritual home, Superbooth.

Berlin’s Superbooth has become an annual pilgrimage for music tech enthusiasts, producers, patchers, and the entire synth nerd community. Amidst the tranquil setting of east Berlin’s remarkably lush Wuhlheide Park, this one-of-a-kind gathering boasts a distinctive blend of sonic innovation and community spirit.

An Attack favorite, Arturia’s Polybrute 12 arrived to much fanfare as a standout among analog polysynths, boasting a flagship design with newly expressive aftertouch capabilities. Its 12-voice polyphony, multiple filters, and extensive modulation options provide a versatile sonic exploration platform catering to seasoned synthesists and newcomers alike. Adding a unique aftertouch further elevates the playing experience, allowing for nuanced expression and dynamic control of the sound design process.

Arturia Polybrute 12

Korg’s preview of the new microKorg generated buzz, offering a glimpse into the latest iteration of the beloved compact synthesizer. Building on its iconic legacy, the microKorg promises updated features and enhanced performance capabilities. It revives its status as a go-to choice for musicians seeking portable yet powerful synthesis (and vocoding).

Speaking of vocoding: there’s also the new Moog Spectravox. A 10-band spectral shaper and analog vocoder, it’s studio-ready, stage-friendly, and dripping with Moog character.

Another noteworthy revelation was Korg’s acoustic synthesis Phase8 is nearing production, marking a departure from traditional electronic sound generation methods. Utilizing acoustic principles to produce sound, Phase8 offers a novel approach to synthesis, tapping into the rich nuances of acoustic resonance to create organic tones with a unique interface, not unlike some delightfully deranged kalimba. Its production-ready status signals a bold step forward in the evolution of synthesis technology.

Embodme made waves with their Erae Touch MPE controller, delivering a highly programmable backlit polyphonic interface tailored for expressive MIDI control. With an intricate custom mapping editor, Embodme empowers musicians to explore new realms of performance, leveraging gestures, touch, and pressure to shape sound in real time.

Erae touch mpe controller

Tangible Waves’ innovative MIDI via CV system captured our attention with seamless polyphonic integration, offering a bridge between the digital and analog realms. It might use the tiniest patching cables we’ve ever seen, but don’t worry—they’ve got Eurorack converters to integrate with your standard patching rig.

The Now Sampler, currently in beta, offered a glimpse into the future of sampling technology with its uniquely tunable in-depth plug-in. Designed for flexibility and versatility, their sampler enables users to easily and automatically re-tune samples to any scale and key; it also handily displays when a sample is in key in real-time while adjusting the loop length – finally, someone got the memo! Despite its beta status, the Now Sampler earned our attention for an innovative approach hinting at its potential to revolutionize the sampling landscape.


While Novation’s wall of Bass Stations (and Spinal-Tap-inspired filter knob) captured attention in the same room, Oberheim’s TEO-5 analog polysynth showcased Sequentials’s commitment to crafting high-quality instruments, continuing to innovate while remaining true to Dave Smith’s design ethos. Featuring a robust analog architecture and a wealth of sonic capabilities, the TEO-5 delivers the timeless warmth and character synonymous with Oberheim synthesizers, while incorporating welcome modern enhancements.

Pittsburgh Modular's Voltage Lab 2

Pittsburgh Modular’s Voltage Lab 2 impressed attendees with its comprehensive all-in-one modular system, offering a diverse array of modules and functions for creating complex and dynamic soundscapes. Building upon the success of its predecessor, Voltage Lab 2 boasts a refined design and expanded feature set, providing users with a powerful toolkit for sonic exploration and experimentation. Alongside their new Taiga keyboard, Pittsburgh seems destined for big things this year.

Black Corporation garnered attention with their sleek recreations of classic Roland synthesizers, offering faithful reproductions of iconic instruments with a modern twist. Combining vintage charm with contemporary functionality, Black Corporation’s synthesizers appeal to both purists and modern synthesists alike, delivering great sound in an intuitive (and ultra-sleek) interface.

Who needs stereo when you’ve got bass?

The new beach dub sound system chill zone, midway between the tents and bungalow village, provides a welcome respite for attendees. It offers a tranquil space to relax and unwind amidst the bleeps and bloops of the expo—so long as you find subsonic frequencies relaxing.

Superbooth continues to distinguish itself as a premier destination for music tech enthusiasts, offering a unique blend of innovation, community, and creativity against the backdrop of Berlin’s vibrant music scene. The expo continues to reaffirm its status as a key event for anyone passionate about synthesis and its future.


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18th May, 2024

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