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International Synth Day: In Search of the Ampron Aubade

The Ampron Aubade is one of the rarest and most elusive vintage synthesizers ever made. Little has been known about its origins – until now.

Sand, Sea & Modular Synths: Qatar & The Synth Museum

In Doha, a small group of synth heads are trying to build a world-beating synth museum and associated music…

How ADHD Shapes Dance Music

Neurodiverse conditions like ADHD are common among people in the dance music scene. We sat down with Tristan Hunt, former…

What Happens When You Take Your Music Off Spotify?

A year ago we published a series of articles about artists who had removed their music from Spotify. We caught…

AI & Music Deep Dive Pt 2: Is It Game Over For Musicians?

With AI growing ever more powerful and many services using it to power actual musical composition, are the days of human-made music numbered?

AI is Weird & Creepy. How Worried Should Musicians Be?

With AI growing ever more powerful and many services using it to power actual musical composition, are the days of human-made music numbered?

Do You Need Social Media To Survive?

Ever wondered why Helena Hauff, Shackleton or Crooked Man aren’t on social media? Can an artist survive without social…

Focus On Community & Clubbing Will Be Just Fine

What does a turbulent economy spell for party people and how exactly can nightlife culture survive the cost of living…

The Big Short: How Much Longer Will The Chip Shortage Persist?

The global chip shortage is behind all kinds of woes for the synthesizer and drum machine market, from release date delays to bankruptcies. We find out exactly what’s behind the shortage, who it’s affecting and how long it will last.

How Ram Records, SSL & Guildhall School Pulled Off A “Rave In A Concert Hall”

Think of RAM Records and the Guildhall School of Music & Drama is possibly the last thing that may spring…

Is This The Future Of Vinyl Manufacturing?

Can a Dutch company, Green Vinyl Records, without using natural gas, reduce the environmental impact associated with vinyl manufacturing?…

Will Soundful Be A Friend or Foe For Producers?

Can Soundful, a human aided AI music platform, fulfil the demand for music within the creator community?…

Why Is SoundCloud Laying Off Staff?

As the legendary indie platform makes its first layoffs since 2017, what’s the driving force behind the decision?…

GPU Audio Is Powering Plugins With Your Graphics Card. Is It Time To Finally Say Goodbye To Latency?

Constantly maxing out your CPU? GPU Audio is hoping to leverage your graphics card to speed up music production processing.

A Service For Electronic Labels and Musicians: Move Music Distribution 

What is music distribution? What does it cost? Do I need it? How do I go about it? There are…

Sun Shower: Larry Levan and the J-Pop Remix

The story of how DJ legend Larry Levan came to remix an obscure J-pop song and what happened after.

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