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5 Tracks About Love

Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day with five of the most romantic dance songs ever made.

How The Music Tech Industry Is Adapting to Better Accommodate Musicians With Accessibility Issues

Lack of accessibility is an issue that affects many music producers and DJs. We speak with three members of the disabled community to find out how accessibility impacts their creativity and performance.

“I Removed My Music From Spotify”- Why Artists Are Stepping Away

In the first part of our three-part feature, we talk to some artists who have removed their work from…

5 Historic Dance Music Duo Reunions

Skream and Benga have announced they’re working on music again together. Here are five other electronic music duo reunions that made an impact.

The Upside Down World Of Film and Video Game Sound Design Plugins

Sound designers for movies and games often use specialized plugins. Can these be used to make techno? We find out.

Attack Mag’s Most Popular Content 2021

As another difficult year comes to a close we round up some of our best-read pieces of content this…

“Why I Quit The Music Industry”: Four Different Perspectives

Burnout, disillusionment, boredom – there are lots of reasons why people leave the music business. We spoke to four professionals who…

Wrong-Speeding: A Brief History Of Records That Sound Good At The Wrong Speed (Part 2)

The second part of our investigation into records that sound good at the wrong speed, focusing on New Beat and…

How Has Twitch Managed to Become a Go-To Music Platform During COVID?

The live-streaming site Twitch has stealthily become a viable platform for music, with artists and labels alike using it. How did this happen?

The 2nd Most Sampled Track In History

We take a look at one of dance music’s most well loved samples, the ‘Think’ break, taken from Lyn…

Thinking Outside The Box: The DAW-Less Revolution

More and more producers are ditching the computer. Is this a response to an increasingly digitised life?…

Lost On You Is A Label Selling Records And Using Proceeds to Build Schools in Sierra Leone

We speak with the husband and wife team behind Lost on You, a record label that is selling records and…

AIAIAI: Culture In The Cans

Over ten years since the TMA-1s were released, AIAIAI is entering new territory with headphones designed specifically for producers…

Mark Archer: “I’ve always tried to just make stuff straight for the dance floor”

This month’s feature interview is with UK producer Mark Archer who began with trail-blazing UK techno outfit Nexus…

Is Remote Mixing The Future Of Music Production?

Imagine remote-controlling analogue audio gear in a studio on the other side of the world. It may sound like the future but this future is now.

How Are We ACTUALLY Going To Save Our Scene?

Now the dust has settled after London’s ‘Save Our Scene’ protest against lockdown and clubs are set to reopen…

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