A producer’s dream come true? Collabhouse offers music distribution, sync licensing, music promotion with content creators, and NFTs all under one roof.

Traditionally, music distribution houses would act as middlemen between record companies and stores, using their long-standing relationships with brick-and-mortar outlets to get records and CDs onto shelves and in front of customers.

The business of music has drastically changed though. The focus is no longer on stores – or even on buying music. Distribution companies still sit between the record companies (and, increasingly, musicians themselves) and streaming outlets.

While this may work for large companies with huge marketing budgets, it’s not ideal for the independent musician, who sees their songs plopped into a sea of music where it sinks without ever being heard.

The way we consume music has changed so shouldn’t the distribution model change as well? That’s the idea behind Collabhouse, a new platform that combines music distribution with cutting-edge music promotion via social media content creators and sync licensing opportunities, plus offers models for profit sharing with fans and collectors in the form of NFTs.


Music Distribution
Music Promotion
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Collabhouse Is A Modern Music Distribution Solution

It’s such an obvious move to take advantage of social media in this way, and yet music distribution has remained stuck in the past. The advance of technology has left the major labels in a constant state of flux.

Collabhouse, however, offers a modern solution for music makers at every level, one that leverages the power of social media not as an extra or add-on but as the core of its business model.

Music Distribution

On the music distribution side, producers can push their tracks to more than 50 global outlets, including streamers like Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer plus content outlets like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.


Collabhouse offers a unique promotion model as well. Working with content creators, the service allows you to partner with social media influencers to get the word out about your music.

For many musicians, sync (licensing to film, television, video games or other media) is the holy grail of getting paid. Collabhouse offers a music library for you to opt into, making your music available to broadcasters, podcasters, video game developers and more.


Finally, rather than restrict you to traditional music consumption, Collabhouse lets you create NFTs of your songs and sell them via royalty splits with fans and collectors. You can create royalty-split NFTs that can be sold to fans and collectors enabling them to support you as an artist and share in the success of your music.

The Music Library serves as a vital resource for all varieties of content creators in search of licensed music options. Within this platform, producers are granted a remarkable opportunity that goes beyond traditional distribution channels.

Collabhouse music library

Music Distribution

Of the four tiers that Collabhouse offers music makers, the first, music distribution, is the one that you’re probably already familiar with.

In short, Collabhouse will send your music to streamers and digital stores. It’s how it does it that’s novel.

It starts as you’d expect. Upload your music, add some artwork, and you’re ready to go, with Collabhouse distributing your music to more than 50 outlets.

There are two options for paying. The first is a flat €5 per release which constitutes a single track, EP or album. This allows you to keep all of your royalties and provides statistics and a minimum distribution period of one year. If you’d rather not pay anything upfront, there’s the second option.

The second option is you keep 95% of your royalties with Collabhouse taking the balance as commission. The minimum distribution period rises to two years and also includes statistics but, more than that, it allows you the option to create and sell NFTs. In short, you can distribute for free in exchange for 5% of your royalties. More on this later.

You’ve probably seen content creators using and talking about products on their channels. Same idea, except now they’re hyping your music and how great it is..

Music Promotion

As part of its triumvirate of three powerful marketplaces, Collabhouse offers the Collab Market. This is a unique service, so it’s worth getting into it in detail.

Collabhouse offers the Collab Market

Essentially, The Collab Market is a marketplace where music makers and content creators work together to collaborate on the promotion of music, via social media campaigns. After finding one another, you can check out each other’s profiles and start collaborations by sending and receiving proposals. It doesn’t have to be a direct promo video either, as it can be as simple as the content creator featuring your music in their content.

The Collab Market features hundreds of both up-and-coming and leading influencers globally, people who have already signed on with Collabhouse to work with musicians in this capacity. You can partner with them in one of two ways:

The first is either with a flat fee transaction. This is a straightforward transaction and is usually when an influencer posts a video that features your music.

The second is through a royalty split collab, where a percentage of your distribution income is assigned to the content creator for a certain amount of time. This is the option for you if you want the influencer to promote your music in multiple posts, over an extended period of time. Think of it as your soundtrack to their content.

The more they promote the music, obviously, the more you both can make.

All of this is done directly within the Collabhouse platform and is free to sign up. Collabhouse won’t take a cut of the deal that you’ve negotiated with the content creator.

Sync Licensing

Getting your music into the ears of listeners is great but getting it placed in media – whether that be film, television or advertisements, social media or even video games – can often be challenging. With Collabhouse, sync licensing becomes much more accessible.

The Music Library provides a place for content creators to find music to license. For producers, this is an incredible opportunity that exists separate from distribution.

It’s non-exclusive with no minimum commitment and no assignment of rights. Content creators pay for the right to use your music, not own it.

On top of this, the rightsholder (that’s you) gets to set the license fee, terms and usage types. You can allow free usage licenses to increase exposure and can even create an alias for your music licensing if you wish to separate your musical identities.

This micro sync service is open to all genres of music and is actually free to use. Collabhouse takes a 25% commission only when a license is sold.

Collabhouse NFTs

The third marketplace that Collabhouse offers music makers is NFTs, which provides musicians with an alternative way to generate revenue beyond traditional distribution royalties whilst simultaneously providing fans and collectors with a unique product, one that holds value.

Collabhouse NFT Market

Any track that Collabhouse distributes for you can be turned into an NFT. Choose the percentage of the royalty split that you want, the sales price and then create a drop. It can then be sold on Collabhouse’s NFT Market.

Collabhouse takes a 25% commission on the sale price of the NFT and buyers can resell NFTs on secondary marketplaces without restriction. Other features of Collabhouse NFTs:

  • NFT drops are free to create.
  • NFTs are minted on the Polygon blockchain as soon as they are sold.
  • NFTs can be resold on secondary marketplaces, including OpenSea, without restriction.
  • Royalties accrued against the NFT can be collected from Collabhouse at anytime; the current owner needs to connect their crypto wallet.
  • NFT owners get access to a tracks streaming statistics.
  • No crypto-currency is required! NFTs can be purchased with ease using PayPal, debit or credit card

Monetization Tools

Collabhouse provides music makers with the tools they need to monetize their music and increase their exposure directly by themselves. You’re in charge at every step, meaning you can create a distribution and promotion package that feels right for you and your music. It’s entirely non-exclusive with no middlemen, keeping you the boss every step of the way.

Additionally, you can use Collabhouse as an a la carte service. Even if you already have a distributor, you can still use the marketplace.

Your music is modern, so it’s essential to modernize your distribution, promotion, and revenue streams accordingly.

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13th June, 2023

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