Attack Magazine breaks down 5 must-watch sets at this year’s Seismic Dance Event taking place Nov 11-13th in Austin, Texas.

Has it really been twelve months since Seismic Dance Event? For many of us, we’re still just about getting our heads back into gear after another great weekend in Austin. Fortunately, it’s back and with a killer lineup in place, we’re ready to forget the cost of living crisis and get on it!

If you are not sure who or what to watch, these five suggestions should act as a guide and you can go from there. Enjoy!

Maceo Plex

This might feel like a homecoming gig for Maceo Plex. Born in Texas and raised in Austin, Seismic Dance Event takes place in Dallas, not too far from his birthplace. However, Maceo (real name Eric Estornel) has been based in Spain for many years.

Maceo should really require little introduction. He’s been a mainstay at festivals for two decades having established himself as Martrik in the early 2000s. It wasn’t till 2009 did we see the emergence of his alter ego Maceo Plex which itself has morphed through many sounds.

Why watch him at Seismic? That’s simple – he’s got a plethora of sounds to choose from and a really interesting DJ set-up. He’s billed as playing Live. His setup reflects exactly what track-to-track DJs need more of in their arsenal: effects units to add delay, reverb, and generally build moments of tension and release.

He’s also got a new single on his label from Melawati who is Attack’s Introducing artist of the month.

Catch Maceo Plex on Sat.


We first came across Nala through her excellent work with Nikki Nair. Their tune ‘The World is Ending’ released on Dirtybird has been a favourite in the Attack office this year.

But it’s another tune with DirtyBird boss Claude Von Stroke that you want to catch live. ‘Temperature rising, everything burning’ goes the lyrics to ‘Everything is Burning’. This might not be a Limp Bizkit call to create carnage, we’re looking at your Woodstock 99, but instead, it’s a great piece of acid house that’s bound to get everyone going. If you’re looking to get mangled at Seismic you’re going to want to catch this track.

Nala is a newcomer who’s broken through playing a blend of deep house to disco. Earmilk described Nala “as one of Miami’s top female DJs and certainly an act making some serious strides on the circuit to keep an eye out for’ and “One To Watch”, which is what we’re saying here too…

Nala has a quote on her Instagram that reads “I have a head for business and a bod for sin”. The quote is a play on how nightlife is full of debauchery and that in order to be successful in it, you need to have your head on straight. She does, and you would too if you went and checked her out.

Catch Nala on the Sat.


What to say about Anklepants that’s not already been said? He’s generated more column inches than most in part for his quite frankly weird as fuck get-up. His Boileroom from 2014 is one of the most discussed of all time. With an elephant phallic face and a Willy Wonka dress sense, Anklepants begs you not to take him too seriously.

But behind the showbusiness, Anklepants means serious business with a formidable live set to boot. Anyone who has supported Aphex Twin on tour is worth taking notice of. His music is a mismatch of jungle, techno, hardcore and just about anything else rammed in between. If you’re getting fed up with sunset tech house and looking for something different, then Anklepants is for you.

Our favourite description of him online is “the final boss of the internet” which is spot on. Make sure to go immerse yourself in the psychedelic chaos.

Anklepants is playing on Sunday.

Jamie xx

“Prolific” is an overused word. We’d be millionaires if we had a pound for every time we see it in a press release. Yet, with Jamie xx, it’s true.

From pioneering the Mercury Prize-winning band The XX, through to his own era-defining music with tracks like ‘Gosh’ and ‘Farer Neaer’ – Jamie xx is fighting for the top of our must-see list at Seismic Dance Event this year. 

Jamie xx’s music is known for its euphoric nature. His output could easily accompany a lazy day vibe – the sort of vibe Spotify tries to nail with a playlist and washed-out nostalgic cover art. However, his recent shift to create tracks like ‘Kill Dem’ – described as a ‘Notting Hill Carnival–inspired track‘ – marks a welcomed return to a darker style

The beat-maker and knob-shaker from The XX has returned to releasing regularly after a two-year silence which means his set at Seismic is sure to be chocked full of dubs, white labels and more to get the dance-floor shaking and you scream “Oh My Gosh”. 

Jamie xx is playing Saturday.

I Hate Models

In the second of our faceless choices, after Anklepants, I Hate Models (IHM) has a label CV to die for (or hate for?).

IHM has released music on labels ranging from Arts, VOITAX and Khemia to Rave Or Die and Perc Trax, who carried his 2019 album L’Âge Des Métamorphoses. He’s also remixed Depeche Mode and Perc.

Furthermore, a cursory glance at his Instagram will tell you everything you need to know about his live sets. He covers his face so you may not learn much about him but the pounding sets speak for themselves. France has a long tradition of techno royalty, and with IHM it’s in good hands.

Based on the response to last year’s Attack Mag competition, we can assume people reading this are already familiar with the mysterious producers’ music. It’s often described as euphoric, brutal, dark, atmospheric and beautiful at the same time. From dancefloor melters like ‘Daydream’ to acidic masterpieces like ‘Werewolf Disco Club’ – if you’re looking to lose yourself, he’s got you covered.

I Hate Models plays Sunday.

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Author Eric Brünjes
5th October, 2022

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