Attack Magazine breaks down 5 must-watch sets at this year’s CRSSD Festival.

CRRSD Festival returns next month, taking place March 2nd and 3rd. Once again, the great and good of dance music decamp to San Diego’s waterfront, and with such an eclectic lineup, there’s something for everyone.

But you never get to see all the artists you want to see. The options are too numerous, so you have to be choosy. If you are not sure what to attend, these five suggestions should act as a guide, and you can go from there.

Jeff Mills

What’s left to say that hasn’t been said? When people think techno, many people think of Jeff Mills. To add some context, in our upcoming book on techno production, we asked over forty artists who their biggest inspiration is. The answer? Around 75% said Jeff Mills.

As a founding member of Underground Resistance alongside ‘Mad’ Mike Banks, Mills spearheaded the second wave of Detroit techno back in the late 80s, but his musical output quickly expanded, and his own artistic identity became more complex. Alongside his continually inventive releases, his hip-hop-influenced DJing style and his live 909 drum machine workouts became legendary; his 1995 Live At The Liquid Room mix CD was a genre-defining milestone for techno, relentlessly raw and creative. More recently, Mills has focused his work on higher concepts, frequently collaborating with classical musicians and exploring concepts of space exploration and extra-terrestrial life.

If he’s ever playing, you should go. You won’t be disappointed.


Catch Jeff Mills, 7.00 pm-8.30 pm, Sunday, March 3rd, at City Steps.

KiNK b2b Partiboi69

When we started Attack Live, it was KiNK who was one of the main inspirations behind the idea. The Bulgarian electronic musician innovates with raw, hardware-driven sounds, shaping dynamic compositions live. At ADE in 2022, we were invited up close to record his seminar, and with a line of people trying to get in, it was a testament to his allure.

His performances blend techno, house, and experimental elements, pushing boundaries with intricate rhythms and textured layers. KiNK’s signature is his ability to transform analog gear into a conduit for electrifying, genre-defying sonic experiences, captivating audiences worldwide.

KiNK is not just a live performer but also a renowned DJ. At CRSSD, he’ll be playing b2b with Partiboi69, the enigmatic DJ and producer, shrouded in mystery. Partiboi’s tracks fuse nostalgic aesthetics with modern grooves while his personality embodies the essence of virtual internet subcultures – gaining legions of fans in the process. His YouTube channel is the stuff of legend where you can also watch him perform b2b with KiNK at ADE last year. As ever “always keep it 69” – whatever that means.

Catch KiNK b2b Partiboi69, 7.30 pm – 8.45 pm, Saturday, March 2nd, at City Steps.


There is bias in any list, but there is a certain bias here. When we interviewed SYREETA last year, her story, her music, and her quick ascent were major takeaways.

Over the past few years, the house and techno DJ has been tearing up the decks across the underground house scene. With her chunky basslines and melodic, old-school groove SYREETA quickly found an audience.

Hailing from Birmingham, SYREETA actually spent her youth training for the Olympics. Despite representing her country, injury unfortunately ended her career.

What one nation lost, a world gained as it sharpened her focus on music and fans can expect a rich palette of house and techno, a high-energy set, but with a call back to the “old school” days of disco and house parties.

As a HE.SHE.THEY. resident SYREETA also works to amplify queer, black voices in the modern music scene. They say always catch an artist on the way up. Here’s your chance.


Catch SYREETA, 1 pm – 2.15 pm, Saturday, March 2nd, at City Steps.

Disco Lines

Maybe more in the commercial lane than Attack might typically suggest but let’s look at the context. West Coast, coming out of winter, the sun is shining, and good vibes abound. This might be just the ticket for something different.

Though it won’t be something unknown. Disco Lines has amassed a huge following, in part thanks to Baby Girl, a track you’ll have heard even if you don’t know it by name. Its release in the summer of 2022 went viral quickly, driven by social media exposure. So why not enjoy it live instead of doom-scrolling?

It’s easy to sneer at major commercial success, but Disco Lines has a retro-chic sound fused with contemporary flair. The beats are infectious, and the melodies shimmer with euphoria. The craft is obvious, after all it’s not easy to make hits, and with soulful vocals and funky rhythms, it’s hard to dislike totally. Strip away some of the more saccahine top lines, there’s still some strong house foundations.

Most experts agree that the success of Disco Lines’ music career is matched only by his standing as an industry-leading amateur Dolphin enthusiast. When he is long gone, Disco Lines hopes to be remembered for his upbeat dance music and as a fierce protector of our cetacean friends.🐬

Catch Disco Lines, 4.45 pm – 5.45 pm, Sunday March 3rd, at Ocean View

Sally C

Sally C, hailing from Belfast but based in Berlin, is a force to be reckoned with. Her impeccable selection skills have earned her a spot on lineups around the globe, delivering a mix of vintage house, acid, forward-thinking techno, electro, and hip hop.

Her meteoric rise landed her gigs at prestigious venues like Berghain during its re-opening in October 2021, supporting The Chemical Brothers at The Warehouse Project, and gracing the mainstage of her hometown AVA festival alongside Cromby.

But her journey to success wasn’t instantaneous. She cut her teeth running nights at The Reading Rooms in Dundee before relocating to Berlin in 2015, where she made her mark throwing parties at Griessmuehle and hosting her own open-air raves, steadily amassing a devoted following for her raw and robust style.

In the summer of 2020, Sally unveiled her debut productions on her own label, Big Saldo’s Chunkers, paying homage to the golden age of hip house and the sounds of ’88-’98. Inspired by pioneering Black artists like Fast Eddie, Tyree, and the late K-Hand, whose groundbreaking music deeply influences her own.

With Chunkers as her label’s moniker, Sally’s music perfectly encapsulates its essence. A must-see act, her performances promise an unforgettable experience.


Catch Sally C, 2.15 pm – 3.30 pm, Saturday, March 2nd, at City Steps.

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Author Eric Brünjes
26th February, 2024

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