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Learn How To Make Noisia-Inspired Synths With Ableton’s Operator

In this Synth Secrets, we’ll be showing you how to make an explosive FM lead sound inspired by Noisia…

How To Synthesize A Bassline Inspired By Camo & Krooked With U-He’s Zebra

This time on Synth Secrets we’ll be walking you through how to create a bassline inspired by Camo &amp…

Subby Bass with U-He Ace

Synth Secrets is a series of programming tutorials in which we show how to make a range of…

Detuned Pad

Synth Secrets is a series of programming tutorials in which we show how to make a range of…

Rebuilding The Strings & Bass Parts From ‘Eutow’ By Autechre

Using Synthmaster, we recreate the synth parts in a mid 90s classic – ‘Eutow’.…

This Is Why You Need Vector Synthesis in Your Life

Here’s how to create a simple but enigmatic sweeping chord sound using KV331’s SynthMaster 2 that you simply can’t get without vector synthesis

Pitched Percussion

Synth Secrets is a series of programming tutorials in which we show how to make a range of classic and…

303-Style Arpeggiator In Sylenth

This month we’re creating an arpeggiated 303-style acid synth using Sylenth.…

What Is Polyconvolution Synthesis? We Use Spitfire Audio’s BT Phobos To Show You

In this tutorial, we’re going to build a harmonic-rhythmic pad with a variety of sounds through one of…

Make Music Like Aphex Twin’s ‘Polynomial-C’ With SynthMaster2

In this Synth Secrets, we’re going to use KV331 Audio’s SynthMaster2 to recreate the sound and synths of…

What Is A Modulation Matrix? How Does It Work?

We go deep with the mod matrix in SynthMaster 2 to add rhythm and movement to a static sound.

How To Remake ‘Flash Light’ By Parliament

In this Synth Secrets, we use Ableton’s Wavetable to remake the bonafide head-nodding funk Parliament classic, ‘Flash Light…

Programming A Punchy Piano With Additive Synthesis Using SynthMaster 2

Additive synthesis isn’t as well-known as subtractive or FM but it’s perfect for harmonically rich sounds.

Undulating Modular Bass In The Style Of Blawan’s 993 Using Wavetable

In our latest Synth Secrets we tackle the sounds of an undisputed heavyweight, Blawan, and make a synth patch heavily…

How To Make Your Own Kick Drums Using Thorn

In this Synth Secrets, we’re going to use Thorn by DS Audio Alliance to make a kick drum from…

Programming a ‘90s-Style Drum and Bass Lead With Roland’s XV-5080

Roland’s sample player modules were the secret weapons of the biggest drum and bass producers in the ‘90s. We use the XV-5080 plugin to craft a multi-layered synth lead.

Recreating The Sound Of Immaterial By Sophie Using Wavetable

In this Synth Secrets, we’re going to use Ableton Wavetable to show you the foundational elements of Sophie’s…

Floating Points-Inspired Vocoder Drums

We use Waves’ OVox to turn a UK garage beat into a melodic line, harnessing the power of both its synthesis and melody-generating capabilities.

Making 3 Garage Basslines with Sublab

In this Synth Secrets, we’ll be taking a look at some 808 sound design using Sublab from Future Audio…

Creating A Massive And Multilayered Pad With Waves CR8

Waves’ new sampler CR8 supports multiple sample layers. Let’s use it to build up a gorgeous pad with plenty of movement and character.

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