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Floating Points-Inspired Vocoder Drums

We use Waves’ OVox to turn a UK garage beat into a melodic line, harnessing the power of both its synthesis and melody-generating capabilities.

Making 3 Garage Basslines with Sublab

In this Synth Secrets, we’ll be taking a look at some 808 sound design using Sublab from Future Audio…

Subby Bass with U-He Ace

Synth Secrets is a series of programming tutorials in which we show how to make a range of…

Detuned Pad

Synth Secrets is a series of programming tutorials in which we show how to make a range of…

Creating A Massive And Multilayered Pad With Waves CR8

Waves’ new sampler CR8 supports multiple sample layers. Let’s use it to build up a gorgeous pad with plenty of movement and character.

Use Ableton’s Wavetable to Create A Bassline Inspired By Kings Of The Rollers

In this Synth Secrets, we’ll build a growling, pulsating drum and bass bassline inspired by Kings of the Rollers…

Pitched Percussion

Synth Secrets is a series of programming tutorials in which we show how to make a range of classic and…

303-Style Arpeggiator In Sylenth

This month we’re creating an arpeggiated 303-style acid synth using Sylenth.…

Synthesizing Bass For 3 Different Genres With Moog Minitaur

We use Moog’s Minitaur to make basslines for techno, house and bass music tracks.

Programming An Evolving Pad With Moog Animoog Z

Moog’s latest app Animoog Z is deep, combining wavetable and vector synthesis in a 3D environment. We show you how to synthesize a shifting and evolving pad sound.

How To Make A Synthwave ‘Laser Gun’ Bassline

In this Synth Secrets, we show you how to create an analogue bassline inspired by Trans-X’s synth-pop classic, ‘Living On Video’.

Morphing Arpeggios Like ‘Argente’ by Floating Points

In this Synth Secrets, we’re going to use Ableton Wavetable to show you how to create morphing arpeggios. We…

Recreating The ‘Roygbiv’ Bassline From Boards of Canada

In this Synth Secrets, we’ll build a thick, dusty bass lifted from an undisputed classic, Boards of Canada’s…

3 Quick Ways To Program Basslines On An UNO Synth Pro

We use the onboard sequencer on the desktop model of IK Multimedia’s UNO Synth Pro to quickly whip up three house and techno basslines.

Drum ‘n’ Bass Foghorn Bass With Wavetable

In this Synth Secrets, we show you how to craft a bass sound that will both devastate dance floors and guide ships through a foggy harbour.

Ambient Sound Design With A Moog Grandmother

Restricting yourself to one synth can be a great way to improve your synthesis chops. We use a Moog Grandmother and Ableton Live to build up an ambient song piece by piece.

Lo-Fi Synth Lead

We show you how to make a gritty lo-fi analogue synth lead in the style of Mac DeMarco.

Pacific State-Style Pads

The pads in 808 State’s genre-defining ‘Pacific State’ are no doubt at the top of the list of the most iconic sounds in dance music. In this Synth Secrets, we replicate the Mancunian quartet’s synthesis secrets.

Modulating Risers with Additive Synthesis and Pitch Delay in Arturia Pigments 3

In this installment of Synth Secrets, we use the third and latest version of Arturia’s Pigments synth to build a pre-drop riser full of movement, automation, textures and effects.

‘80s Post-Disco Funk Synth

We go back to the ‘80s and synthesize some polysynth licks inspired by post-disco heat from Larry Levan and the New York underground.

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