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Caelum Audio Choric: Not Your Old Man’s Chorus Plugin

Chorus effects are indispensable for doubling and adding stereo width but that’s all they can do, right? Caelum Audio’s Choric is here to prove that wrong.

Undulating Modular Bass In The Style Of Blawan’s 993 Using Wavetable

In our latest Synth Secrets we tackle the sounds of an undisputed heavyweight, Blawan, and make a synth patch heavily…

Make A Glitch Inspired Beat Using Loopcloud

In this new Beat Dissected we use Loopcloud samples to program a drum break with glitched effect loops and a vocal acapella. 

Using Bi-Polar Distortion On a Bassline With Rift by Minimal Audio

In this article, we are using a bass hit one shot in Ableton Live and applying modulating filters plus bi…

Morphing Arpeggios Like ‘Argente’ by Floating Points

In this Synth Secrets, we’re going to use Ableton Wavetable to show you how to create morphing arpeggios. We…

Adding Rhythmic Delay And Reverb To A Static Melody

Rhythmic effects can inject energy into synth lines. We use Baby Audio’s Spaced Out delay and reverb plugin to bring groove to a tightly quantized chord stab line.

Recreating The ‘Roygbiv’ Bassline From Boards of Canada

In this Synth Secrets, we’ll build a thick, dusty bass lifted from an undisputed classic, Boards of Canada’s…

Thinking Outside The Box: The DAW-Less Revolution

More and more producers are ditching the computer. Is this a response to an increasingly digitised life?…

Creating 808-Style Basslines For Jungle, Trap And Footwork

08s have come a long way since the release of the drum machine. See how to use the 808-derived basses in Capsule Onyx to create multi-layered basslines for three bass music genres.

Lone Inspired Percussion Driven Drums

In this installment of Beat Dissected we program a percussion-driven house beat and use stereo width techniques to add character to the drums.

Adding Atmosphere With Delay And Reverb

Delay and reverb aren’t just for imparting a sense of space. In this tutorial, we use them creatively to add atmosphere to a mix.

How To Bring Your Mix Alive With Bus Processing

We show you how to take your mix from dull to sparkle with bus processing plugins from the Arturia FX Collection 2.

Dub-Style Drum Processing For Character And Groove

In this tutorial, we use Surreal Machines’ Dub Machines plugins to turn a dry beat into delay-soaked dub madness.

How Japanese Technology Shaped Dance Music

There’s no denying that Japanese hardware – synthesizers, drum machines, and DJ gear – has exerted a huge influence on dance music. How did this island nation come to dominate music production and playback?

Basic Channel-Style Dub Techno

In this installment of Beat Dissected we program a dub techno beat in the style of Basic Channel, the duo that pioneered the genre.

From Voder To OVox: A History Of Vocal Synthesis – Part 2

In this second part of a two-part series, we further explore the history of vocal synthesis, this time diving deep with the talk box and vocal pitch correction.

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