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Add Variety To Your Drums With Audiomodern Playbeat 3

Audiomodern’s slick new updates may have just turned Playbeat into the only software random-sequence-generator you need.

Programming Drum ‘n’ Bass In 5/4 Time Signature

In this Beat Dissected, we break down the superb groove of Machinedrum’s “Only One,” focusing on tricks for making a 5/4 beat sound more natural. 

Sister Zo – “Give Yourself Fully To What You Love With Zero Expectation Of The Outcome”

Sister Zo has recently released her “Freak Shift” EP on the “3024” label. In support of her release, we asked…


Cologne-based DJ and producer Sandilé has recently put out the 4-track EP “Home Again 04” as her debut…

Dub-Style Drum Processing For Character And Groove

In this tutorial, we use Surreal Machines’ Dub Machines plugins to turn a dry beat into delay-soaked dub madness.

Tuning Drums To Improve Your Mix

In this tutorial, we explore how to use tuning to improve drum mixes and add weight to the low end.

Mixing A House Track With Channel Strip Plugins

Is it possible to get a solid mix done with just channel strips? We use Waves’ SSL EV2 plugin and find out.

8 Things You May Have Missed This March

With so many stories released every day, it’s easy to miss some. Here’s a round-up of some…

In The Red: Mixer-Distorted ‘90s Techno Drums

In this tutorial, we explore using a channel strip plugin to recreate mixer distortion.

Robert Hood: “Give that machine a heart”

Robert Hood’s ‘Mirror Man’ album drops later this month on Rekids. We spoke with the Detroit techno legend about…

Win UVI’s Vintage Vault 4 Worth $3,934!

Take part in our latest Instagram competition for a chance to win the brilliant Vintage Vault 4.…

AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ Headphones

AIAIAI’s studio headphones are the first wireless headphones with a dedicated transmitter. But is going cable-free worth it? Are they the best choice for music production? We test them out.

Drunk Drummer-Style Grooves

In this latest Beat Dissected, we program a hip-hop beat with a drunk drummer feel inspired by J Dilla and more contemporary users of the technique like Flying Lotus and Kaytranada.

Purple Disco Machine – ‘In Your Arms’

In our latest deconstructed we break down the arrangement of Purple Disco Machine’s ‘70s-style stormer, “In My Arms…

Samples From Mars Announces Xmas Sale

Hardware sample company, Samples From Mars has announced a massive Xmas sale. Be good and perhaps Santa might drop this…

Making Techno With Patterning 2

In our latest video tutorial on YouTube, we show you how to use Patterning 2, a drum machine app made…

Luke Slater: Without passion, the best machines in the world won’t produce great music

For this month’s feature interview, we spoke with Luke Slater on why he doesn’t see technological advancements as…

Organic LinnDrum House

In the latest Beat Dissected, we use LinnDrum samples to add character to an organic house beat.…

Akai Unveils MPC ONE Retro Standalone

This one is for the real heads. With all the modern features but the classic look, get the sound of…


Wayward are dropping their debut album ‘Waiting For The World’ next month. We got Lawrence Hayes and  Louis Greenwood…

Arturia DrumBrute: Long-Term Impact

As the Arturia DrumBrute approaches its first birthday, we assess its long-term impact.…


Drum machine obsessives Bottin and Leo di Angilla show us some highlights of the collection in their hardware-packed Venice…

Black Friday: Buy Anything and Get An Enamel Badge 50% Off

This Black Friday we’re offering a different deal each day. Today is our final Black Friday promo drop and…

Korg Announce the SQ-64 Polyphonic Step Sequencer

Korg make a swift return to hardware step sequencers with the new 64-pad SQ-64.

Rise Of The Machines: Klavikon

Greg Scarth talks to pianist Leon Michener about his unique sound, which fuses techno and electro influences with modern classical…

Slave To The Rhythm: 11 Essential Drum Techniques

Jonny Strinati walks through 11 essential drum techniques, from programming hi-hat patterns to compressing kicks.…

Moog Make Their Most Affordable Synth Available Again

The Moog Werkstatt-01 analogue monosynth is back on the market for $199, and now includes the CV Expander for interfacing with Eurorack and other semi-modular Moogs.

Novation Comes To Daddy With The Limited Edition AFX Station

Novation’s 2013 Bass Station 2 gets remixed by Richard D James with new graphics and AFX Mode pre-loaded.

Ten Of The Best: Drum Synth Plugins

We run through our pick of the best drum synth plugins on the market, from basic kick drum generators all…

The Psychoacoustics Of Drums

There’s a lot more to drum grooves than you may realise. Bruce Aisher investigates the psychoacoustics of rhythm programming…

Arturia Announce PolyBrute, A Morphing Analogue Polysynth

The French brand’s follow-up to 2016’s MatrixBrute boasts polyphony, preset morphing and new options for modulation with expression.

Korg Unveil the Next Generation Volca Sample

Korg have added more memory, features, and connectivity options to their internationally acclaimed compact sampler.

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