Hardware sample company, Samples From Mars has announced a massive Xmas sale. Be good and perhaps Santa might drop this vintage goodness into your stocking.

What’s on sale?

In short, all the Samples From Mars is up for grabs. It typically retails at $1,834 but you can pick it up for $39.

The mega pack includes eight years’ worth of sounds from drum machines to synths and all sounds are processed through 100% hardware. If you are looking for an explosion of hardware sounds, then this pack is the one for you.

Multi-Sampled Drum Machines

Drum machines are one of the Samples From Mars specialities. Where available, Samples From Mars (SFM), sample every pitch, decay, etc. In Ableton, you are provided Macros that select different drum machine pitches, which makes a huge difference in sounding like the original drum machine.

All samples are recorded with high-quality conversion gear (Apogee Symphony MKII) and often things are spiced up with a mastering reel to reel, and a host of mastering level hardware saturators, EQs, and compressors.

Most of the drum products include clean and coloured samples. The following are demos composed of the one-shot drum samples:

Multi-Sampled, Vintage Synth Instruments

What better to pair drum machines with than some extensively sampled vintage synths?

This mega bundle includes all the synths sampled by the NY sample library. There’s a full list below but you can expect vintage Russian synths, Voyetra’s, Oberheims’, SH101’s, and more. If it’s vintage, rare, and awesome it’s likely to be included.

Presets are provided for various software samplers including Ableton Live and Logic.

The Samples From Mars Xmas sales has started.

Find out more on the Samples From Mars website.



All Samples From Mars

$1,834 > $39

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16th December, 2021

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