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Newfangled Audio Recirculate – More Than A Delay Plugin

Newfangled Audio, created by Eventide effects guru Dan Gillespie, has entered the spatial effects market with Recirculate. Could they have finally cracked the code for the perfect delay workflow?

Adding Rhythmic Delay And Reverb To A Static Melody

Rhythmic effects can inject energy into synth lines. We use Baby Audio’s Spaced Out delay and reverb plugin to bring groove to a tightly quantized chord stab line.

Newfangled Audio Unveil  ‘Recirculate’: A Polyrhythmic Feedback Delay

The company behind Pendulate and Generate returns with Recirculate – a distilled essence of what a feedback echo should be.…

Minimal Audio Release Brand New Tap Sequence Designer: ‘Cluster Delay’.

Minimal Audio’s Cluster Delay allows you to shape delay sequences in time by ramping, spacing, and scattering up to…

Adding Atmosphere With Delay And Reverb

Delay and reverb aren’t just for imparting a sense of space. In this tutorial, we use them creatively to add atmosphere to a mix.

Modulating Risers with Additive Synthesis and Pitch Delay in Arturia Pigments 3

In this installment of Synth Secrets, we use the third and latest version of Arturia’s Pigments synth to build a pre-drop riser full of movement, automation, textures and effects.

The Ultimate Delay Guide

Delay may not be as complicated as some other kinds of effects but there’s still a number of things to keep straight. We take the guesswork out of choosing the right

Waves Kick Off Cyber Monday with CLA Epic, A Multi-Channel Reverb and Delay Plugin

Waves’ newest is a suite of Chris Lord-Alge’s eight go-to reverbs and delays, emulating the gear used by the rock mixing legend to add depth to his mixes.

Tuned Metallic Delays

In this tutorial, we look at how to add metallic delays to a break, and then tune them to match the key of the track.

Creating Dub Delays With Standard Plugins

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to create dub-style dirty tape delays using standard plugins.

Waves Drop Free Combination Delay And Reverb Plugin For Black Friday

Waves continues its tradition of releasing a free plugin on Black Friday with CLA EchoSphere.

Make metal-inspired riffs with Meld!

Meld is a modulation monster. We dive into making metal-inspired riffs step by step and add Roar to the…

Exploring Digital Hardware: Creative Delay

Greg Scarth puts forward the case for hardware effect units, showing how the Eventide H9 can be used as a…

Ten Of The Best: Delay Plugins

From analogue emulations to the most techy digital options, we run through ten of our favourite delay plugins.…

Minimal Audio Releases Flex Chorus

Hot on the heels of Current, Flex Chorus, a “prismatic chorus effect,” is Minimal Audio’s latest plugin.…

Minimal Audio Release Swarm Reverb

Minimal Audio has released a new reverb plugin, Swarm Reverb.…

Automated Delay Effects

Bruce Aisher walks us through some of the most effective methods for automating delay effects into tracks.…

IDRISS D: “Bled EL Fen – Algeria In An Electronic Key”

‘Bled El Fen’ is an ambitious double vinyl release by IDRISS D that celebrates Arabic electronic music. 303, Roland, and…

Soundtoys Little Plate is Free

Soundtoys is making Little Plate free through December 1st.…

FabFilter Pro-R 2 Is Here

One of the more popular reverbs around, the Pro-R has had an update to the Pro-R 2.…

Fred Again Inspired Reese Basslines With Twin 3

Load up FabFilter’s powerful Twin 3 and take a classic sound in new directions.…

Are Plugin Prices Confusing? What Do Developers Think?

Plugin prices have gone wild, with endless sales, confusing price structures and high-pressure marketing. How do the developers feel about it?

Cableguys Release FilterShaper XL

FilterShaper XL is a dedicated reboot of their dedicated dual filter plugin FilterShaper 3.…

Win Over $2k In Prizes In Beat Challenge Competition

GPU Audio has announced the launch of the ‘GPU Audio Beat Battle,’ a beat making competition.…

Dan Gillespie: Newfangled Audio

After 11 years working with Eventide, Dan Gillespie started his own venture, Newfangled Audio, making a range of innovative plugins…

 Blomfelt – ‘i’m interested in apathy’

Blomfelt takes us through his album ‘i’m interested in apathy’.…

Erica Synths & Richie Hawtin Announce Bullfrog

Bullfrog, unveiled at Sonar+D, is an educational electronic music instrument made in partnership with two electronic music greats, Erica…

Baby Audio Unveil Their First Ever Soft Synth The ‘BA-1’

Esteemed plugin developer Baby Audio has just released their first-ever synth, BA-1, modelled after the iconic Yamaha CS01…

Expressive E Osmose: A Genuine Game-Changer

We finally have our hands on the Expressive E Osmose, a wonderful synth and performance instrument that fulfills all the…

The 10 Best Hardware and Software Releases of the Year

From synths to effects, grooveboxes to pedals, here are our favorite music production releases of 2023.

Manifest Audio Update MIDI Effects With A new Toolkit & Bundles

Berlin’s Manifest Audio unleash free updates along with Bundles and an all-new Toolkit of racks for Live 11

Roland Unveil New Addition To SH Line: SH-4d

Roland’s SH-4d is a multi-timbral virtual analogue desktop synth as well as a groove box with dedicated…

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