The plugin company continues its tradition of releasing a free plugin on Black Friday with CLA EchoSphere.

Black Friday is upon us and with it an onslaught of sales, deals and new music-making products. We’re especially fond of the freebies that are released on Black Friday. This year, Waves is continuing its post-Turkey Day tradition of gifting the world free software with CLA EchoSphere, a combination slapback echo and plate reverb effects plugin.

The CLA in the name, of course, refers to Chris Lord-Alge, the legendary mix engineer responsible for some of the mixes on Green Day, Muse, and Bruce Springsteen records, to name just a few. Chris has partnered with Waves on a number of previous products and that relationship continues with CLA EchoSphere.

CLA EchoSphere combines Chris’ number one slap delay and plate reverb into a single plugin. These are based on settings from two of his favourite hardware units. Given the combination of slap delay and plate reverb, you’d probably guess that this is aimed at vocal processing, and you’d be right. According to Waves, this is “CLA’s go-to combination for lush lead vocals”. Of course, you’re not limited to vocals, with presets designed for guitar, lead synth, and more also included.

The plugin features faders to blend amounts of each effect. Mute and solo buttons, as well as a wet/dry knob, are also present. You can run the effects in parallel or in series, with the delay feeding into the reverb, as Chris reportedly does to achieve his lead vocal sound. The plugin also features three selectable slap delay EQ slopes based on analogue tape speed. Additionally, there are separate modulation controls for each effect to add texture and spread.

CLA EchoSphere is free for Black Friday only. Waves are also currently running a 60% off sale.

Visit Waves for more information.

Author Adam Douglas
27th November, 2020


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