Esteemed plugin developer Baby Audio has just released their first-ever synth, BA-1, modelled after the iconic Yamaha CS01.

Los Angeles-based music software developer Baby Audio, well known for Crystalline, Spaced Out, and Super VHS has just announced their first soft synth the BA-1.

The synth is a modern reimagining of the cultish 1982 Yamaha CS01, which similar to many Baby Audio products, has a deceptive toy-like appearance but a gritty and powerful sound.

BA-1 Features

Baby Audio BA-1

BA-1 directly models the analogue circuitry of the original CS01, a synth that has never been captured in software form. The plugin is a faithful recreation of the CS01 with all the features of the iconic synth. However, Baby Audio has gone a step further and upgraded the design with plenty of new and useful features. Rather than an emulation, it’s a “re-imagination”.

Some of the newly added features include a second analogue-modelled oscillator, FM synthesis, and polyphony. All of these features come together to expand the sonic palette of the original without spoiling its signature sound.

Furthermore, BA-1 lets you drain the battery (virtually), bend the circuits, and use the built-in speaker–for a more authentic lo-fi aesthetic. With the battery drained the tuning becomes wonky.

The synth also boasts an effects chain inspired from budget 1980s rack hardware. It promises to help you, “capture the lo-fi charm of the home studio scene of the era.” Available effects include overdrive, delay, reverb, and chorus.

BA-1 comes with 500+ high-quality presets, including four genre-based expansion packs covering synth-wave, modern pop and more. The synth also features a switch to change between Mono and Poly modes, MIDI Settings, and a sidechain feature that can work in both external and internal modes.

With its authentic textures, fast programming, and lo-fi aesthetic, BA-1 promises to be a must-have synth for any music producer looking for a unique and powerful sound.

BA-1 is available for purchase now with an introductory sale price of $49.

To get the full spec or to purchase BA-1 be sure to visit Baby Audio’s website.

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25th April, 2023

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