FilterShaper XL is a dedicated reboot of their dedicated dual filter plugin FilterShaper 3.

Improvements designed for deep and complex modulation possibilities include even better filters, multistage drive, a modernized interface, Cableguys’ latest LFO editing system, and more.

FilterShaper XL comes with 20 colorful filter types, 60 LFOs and 50 Envelope Followers. Draw your own modulation shapes with their popular easy LFO editing while applying subtle nuances or giant wobbles, stepped rhythms or silky smooth sweeps.

You can turn synths into twisted rhythmic mutations, transform basslines into bubbling, pulsing patterns, and morph drums into exciting filtered rhythms and modular-style FX.

Features of the FilterShaper XL

Dual Filter with 20 Types
Ranging from classic low-, band- and high-pass, on through to notch and peaking shapes including warm filters that are fat and driven, inspired by the Sallen-Key filters of a legendary semimodular synthesizer.

XL has two separate filter sections in series or parallel so you can combine filter types however you like.

Multistage Drive Control
Each filter stage has a distortion control, each switchable pre- or post-filter. Warm filters have added Resonance Drive inside the resonance feedback stage, emulating a real analogue filter

Best Ever DSP
Cableguys promise their “best ever” filter DSP with zero-delay feedback (ZDF) algorithms, resonance compensation, internal saturation, and oversampling of the entire signal path.

60 LFOs, 50 Envelope Followers
Click a parameter – Cutoff, Resonance, Volume or Pan – and start editing its main LFO and Envelope Follower. Use LFO 2 to shift your shapes up and down over time. Control the depth of modulation itself with a dedicated Amount LFO. And use the Speed LFO to rhythmically speed up and slow down your patterns.

Easy LFO Editing
LFO waveform editing shares the same UX as ShaperBox.

Analogue-like Envelopes
The Envelope Followers share the analogue-like response and pro feature set of ShaperBox, with Adaptive Release, adjustable Threshold, Input Filter, and external Sidechain Input.

Tons of Presets
450 professional presets in an easy-to-use preset browser, including filter rhythms, percolating resonance patterns, motion-packed sweeps, and more.

Extra features

  •  4x oversampling for superb sound quality
  •  Safe resonance mode for stable levels – disable for screaming self-oscillation
  • Soft and Hard saturation modes for Resonance Drive
  • Anti-click Trigger Smoothing for MIDI triggering
  • Resizable Retina interface with large LFO editing areas
  • Multiple oscilloscope view modes

FilterShaper XL is out now at an intro price of €49 / $49 instead of €79 / $79. It’s free for owners of the original FilterShaper 3 plugin.

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Author Stuart Foot
4th September, 2023

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