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Roland Space Echo

In our latest Hardware Focus, we take a closer look at one of the most iconic echo effects of all…

Dub Techno Synth Chords

This Synth Secrets sees us synthesizing some dub techno chords. Tape echo at the ready.

The Ultimate Delay Guide

Delay may not be as complicated as some other kinds of effects but there’s still a number of things to keep straight. We take the guesswork out of choosing the right

Jamie xx – Girl

By popular demand, we deconstruct the arrangements of tracks to see what we can learn from their structure.…

The Acid V Is Here To Corrode Your Basslines

Arturia has announced the Acid V, an enhanced emulation of the Roland TB-303.…

Lo-Fi Synth Lead

We show you how to make a gritty lo-fi analogue synth lead in the style of Mac DeMarco.

Spitfire Audio Releases Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings

Spitfire Audio has teamed up once again with Abbey Road to release Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings.…

Waves Kick Off Cyber Monday with CLA Epic, A Multi-Channel Reverb and Delay Plugin

Waves’ newest is a suite of Chris Lord-Alge’s eight go-to reverbs and delays, emulating the gear used by the rock mixing legend to add depth to his mixes.

Breaking Down Special Request’s Remix of ‘Delicate Limbs’ By Virgil Abloh

We put Paul Woolford’s jungle remix of ‘Delicate Limbs’ under the microscope and see what makes it hit so hard.

Modulating Risers with Additive Synthesis and Pitch Delay in Arturia Pigments 3

In this installment of Synth Secrets, we use the third and latest version of Arturia’s Pigments synth to build a pre-drop riser full of movement, automation, textures and effects.

Black Friday: The Producer’s Manual is 20% Off

This Black Friday we’re offering a different deal each day. Keep an eye on our socials and newsletter to…

Waves Drop Free Combination Delay And Reverb Plugin For Black Friday

Waves continues its tradition of releasing a free plugin on Black Friday with CLA EchoSphere.

Change Request – Theoretical Certainty LP

House producer and DJ Andrew Emil aka Change Request dropped his Theoretical Certainty LP, so we thought we’d get…

Lone – Dragonrush

Every month in Deconstructed we examine the arrangement of a successful dance track. This time, we tear down Lone’s throwback head rush of a tune, ‘Dragonrush’.

Mr Beatnick

Genre-straddling UK producer Mr Beatnick released his second album, ‘Honeycomb’ in June this year. It’s an enticing journey…

The Producer’s Manual: Now Available as a PDF

We’re pleased to announce that The Producer’s Manual is now also available as a PDF.…

Creating Dub Delays With Standard Plugins

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to create dub-style dirty tape delays using standard plugins.

Purple Disco Machine – ‘In Your Arms’

In our latest deconstructed we break down the arrangement of Purple Disco Machine’s ‘70s-style stormer, “In My Arms…

Mixes Of The Week: 10/7/17

This week’s top mixes include Kahn & Neek’s Essential Mix, Exercise One’s Ebb and Flow, Mr Mitch…

News Round-Up: 13/1/17

Moby laughs off invitation to play at Donald Trump’s Inauguration Ball. Mad Mike opens up about Underground Resistance’s…

Robert Owens – “I’ll Be Your Friend”

In our Deconstructed series, we analyse the arrangements of tracks to see what we can learn from their structure. In…

U-he Colour Copy

“Colour Copy is analogue delay brought slap-back up to date”. We review U-he’s latest offering.…

News Round Up: 7/11/14

Aphex Twin’s Noyzelab interview, a Warner-SoundCloud licensing deal and Floating Points creates rotary mixer with Isonoe.…

Free to Roam: Kornél Kovács

“‘Pantalón’ is obviously a piss take…” Kristan Caryl talks to the joker of the Studio Barnhus pack about his…

Ten Of The Best: Delay Plugins

From analogue emulations to the most techy digital options, we run through ten of our favourite delay plugins.…

Aphex Twin’s Syro Gear List… Or Is It?

The gear list for Aphex Twin’s forthcoming album Syro has been revealed. But should we trust it?…

The Best Reverbs For Dance Music

We break down our favourite reverb effects, covering everything from cutting-edge digital hardware to lo-fi analogue options.…

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