Arturia has announced the Acid V, an enhanced emulation of the Roland TB-303.

Arturia has long been a gold standard for emulations. Their Analog V collection has a wealth of impressive, and much-loved, emulations. That trend continues with the Acid V.

This new device is an enhanced emulation of the TB-303. It’s not a direct copy, though previous users will notice many similarities. Instead, Acid V elaborates on the original features with new additions such as advanced sequencing and sound processing capabilities. On our first goes with it, this is much much more than a 303 but we’ll leave all opinions till a full review.

acid v
The front panel of the Acid V

Main Features

The Acid V sequencer comes with the sequencer and arpeggiator. It also has an extensive preset list including ‘Tributes’ to some of the most popular 303 sounds created. Someone somewhere has spent a lot of time painstakingly recreating things that were often created at random. Nice work if you can get it.

acid v
The ACID V sequencer

The sequencer has built-in artificial intelligence with ‘TRANSMUTATION’ which allows you to edit the whole sequence with Generate – affecting scales, octaves, slides, and accents. Density – affects how many of how few notes are in your sequencer.

Advanced Modulation

Once you click Advanced at the top of the device it opens up all the advanced features including modulation.

acid v
Advanced modulation in the Acid V

This is one of the biggest developments for 303 users – the ability to customize modulation across the device. You have three modulators to play with and almost every parameter can be modulated in a traditional drag-and-drop manner. It also has lots of built in waveform presets and macro controls.


Arturia appears to have jumped into their back catalog here, in particular, Coldfire. The Distortion sits on the front panel and is pumped with presets. It’s inviting you to turn up the gain without any deep diving. They want you to push the sound as far as it can go.

acid v
EFFECTS section in the advanced window of the Acid V

EFFECTS includes four effects channels which can be toggled off or on. Effects include Reverb, Delay, Tape Echo, PS Delay, Compressor, Mulitband, Multi Filter, Param EQ, Distortion, Bitcrusher, Super Unison, Chorus and more.


At the top of a device is a second secret window of advanced macro controls. These included Bass Boost, PW, Accent Attack, Cutoff Range, Pitch Tracking, Noise Gain, and Clipping. These are global controls especially good for powerful automation.

acid v

Acid V drops at an interesting time. The Attack team are all on holiday so forgive the cursory news and social post. We plan to do a full tutorial and review at some point soon. We didn’t think there is more to life than acid house but it turns out there is. Whatcha know?

Acid V is available today on, with introductory prices for single purchases, as well as discounts on a bundle with V Collection 9 for eligible users.

The offers will end on September 14th.

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Author Eric Brünjes
22nd August, 2023

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