Aphex Twin’s Noyzelab interview, a Warner-SoundCloud licensing deal and Floating Points creates rotary mixer with Isonoe.

Theo Parrish album details announced. Following previews from Theo Parrish‘s next LP at his live shows and the sale of white label copies in Chicago and Detroit, American Intelligence is coming out through Sound Signature on November 17th. Watch the video for the album opener (and recent single) ‘Footwork’ above.

Zanzibar: An Oral History. Tony Humphries, Danny Krivit and others discuss the famous Club Zanzibar, the New Jersey spot where famed spinner Humphries rose to fame, which along with the Movin’ Records shop and label helped spawn the sometimes raw but always soulful, gospel-infused sub-genre of house known as the Jersey Sound – in RBMA‘s feature.

Bugged Out at 20. “The spirit of acid house had a strong hold” – John Burgess, the co-founder of one of the UK’s longest running club nights, Bugged Out, kicks off a five-part series on how club culture has changed over the past two decades, with a look at Manchester in 1994 here.

Aphex Twin Noyzelab Interview. In part one of his interview with Dave Noyze of the independent art/science music studio Noyzelab, Richard D James provides unprecedented insight into his work with a treasure trove of pictures, audio and words here.

Sample Magic releases Synthwave. SM47 is a vintage synth-laden fusion of Moroder melodics, Nightrider riffs and Drive-style neo-retro pop sensibilities primed for iconic 80s-inspired electronica. Emotive, atmospheric and anthemic, Synthwave serves up 1GB of authentic retro-cool electronica tools. Find out more here.

Smackos Tape Smudge X free download from Legowelt. “Do you use Ableton 9 and are you longing for a saturated smudgy woolllly tape sound???” – Legowelt brings you a freely downloadable effect rack for Ableton 8 or 9 “that simulates the warm tranquill tape smear of worn out cassette tapes”. Download it here and drag it into your Ableton projects.

Win a Teenage Engineering OP-1. For a chance to win Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 synth, simply do the following: Watch the LFO trailer (above), download the LFO trailer competition video here, add your own creative synth or original track to the trailer, upload to YouTube or Vimeo & share your link with #LFOtheMovieContest on Twitter.

Warner-SoundCloud Licensing Deal. Artists on Warner labels will now be paid royalties from SoundCloud plays, making Warner Music Group the first major record label to start earning money from the popular audio-sharing platform. The Guardian reports.

Floating Points and Isonoe unveil rotary mixer. The FP is an ultra-high end mixer whose audiophile-quality features have been described as “world-firsts”. It boasts all single-ended class A circuitry, and a two-channel rotary design with an isolator section, which you can find in full here. Floating Points writes that one has been “lurking at Plastic People” for the past few months.

WTF is a Bush Doof? Explore Sydney’s untamed bush doof scene with the first episode of Sceno’s Subcultural Safari. “Legend has it, every new moon under an inky sky, dreadlocks emerge from hiding and bring together music and art in the depths of Sydney’s forests. Ivan is going into the wild to capture the rare phenomenon. Be prepared for mud, lasers and incessant trance music. Sorry, I mean psy-trance. This is bush doof.” Watch above.

Acoustic Instrument Sounds Electronic. The ‘Yaybahar’ is a totally acoustic instrument designed by Turkish musician Gorkem Sen. “The vibrations from the strings are transmitted via the coiled springs to the frame drums. These vibrations are turned into sound by the membranes which echo back and forth on the coiled springs.” Watch and listen above.

Keith McMillen Introduce K-Board. A simplified and even more affordable version of the QuNexus that “has been tested to survive being run over by a car, dropped from a 2-story building, and more — all without breaking.” The K-Board retains the QuNexus’s velocity/pressure/tilt-sensitive keys, giving you plenty of potential for expression and represents a highly impressive portable keyboard controller solution for only $99. Watch it in action above.

7th November, 2014

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