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Fumio Mieda, The Father Of The Korg MS-20

Longtime Korg engineer Fumio Mieda has had a massive but largely unappreciated influence on dance music. We spoke to the 83-year-old about designing the MS-20 and Jimi Hendrix’s favorite effect, and more.

Analog Meets Digital: Korg Drumlogue Review

Analog, digital and even plugins, Korg’s Drumlogue has it all – but is it enough?

Korg Announce MicroKorg Crystal 🔮

20 years after the original release, Korg has unveiled a special edition, translucent, microKorg.…

Build Your Own ARP Odyssey With Korg’s New FS- Kit

Korg has recently unveiled the ARP Odyssey FS Kit, allowing you to create your own unique version of the iconic…

The Korg ARP Odyssey FS Kit: Unbox & Assemble A G Funk Special

Korg are back with another Odyssey release, this time a full-size kit. Is a 51-year-old analog synth still relevant in the 21st century?

Meet The Minilogue Bass Korg’s New Analogue Poly Synth

Korg has announced the limited edition Minilogue Bass. It’s due to arrive on our studio shelves sometime in early…

Korg Bring The M1 Sound To The Nautilus For Free

Korg has released an M1 pack for all new and existing Nautilus users allowing customers to bolster their instrument with…

Korg Launches Brand New Volca FM2 Synthesizer

Following on from the popular Volca FM, Korg has now released the next-generation 6-voice polyphony Volca FM2. The…

Win a Korg Volca Modular

We’re giving you the chance to win a Korg Volca Modular. Simply take part in a short survey for…

Korg SQ-64 Poly Sequencer

Korg’s hardware sequencer seems to have it all but how does it perform in the studio?

Tips & Tricks Using The Korg SQ 64 Hooked Up To The Korg SV2

In the final tutorial of our Korg trilogy, we show you a few tips and tricks using the Korg SQ…

Polyphony With The Korg SQ-64 Hooked Up To A Volca Sample & SV2

They say ‘never look at the comments, but we did on our first Korg video. With that in mind, in…

Korg opsix

Korg’s latest synth promises ‘altered’ FM synthesis. But is it more than just an overblown Volca FM?

Korg MS-20 FS

Korg finally release the full-size version of their classic monosynth, the MS-20. Can it still hold its own amidst the clones and competition?

How To Set Up & Make A Beat With The Korg SQ-64 & Volca Sample

In our latest YouTube video, we show you how to program a beat using the Korg SQ-64 – Korg’s…

Love Hultén unveils a stunning customised Korg Minilogue XD

Recently displayed on Instagram, this lovely custom Korg Minilogue XD job by Love Hultén is bound to set pulses…

Korg Volca Sample2

Korg has updated its popular Volca Sample with USB sample import. But is it enough to justify the price bump?

Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1

Korg’s NTS-1 puts the digital oscillator from the Prologue and effects section from the Minilogue XD in a small synth that you put together yourself.

NAMM 2021: Korg Announce New Synths, Drum Machine, More

Korg has revealed a truckload of new hardware for NAMM 2021, from classic synth revivals to a modern drum machine.

Korg Announce the SQ-64 Polyphonic Step Sequencer

Korg make a swift return to hardware step sequencers with the new 64-pad SQ-64.

Analogue Plus Digital: Designing the Korg Prologue

Korg Prologue designers Etienne Noreau-Hebert and Yoshihito Yamada discuss the company’s new flagship synth and the pressure of…

Meet the Prologue: Korg’s New Analogue Synth Flagship

With 16 voices and customisable oscillators, the new Prologue is one of Korg’s most powerful synths in decades.…

Korg Announce The Opsix Altered FM Synthesizer

Korg’s latest is a digital poly-synth that takes classic six-operator FM modulation and enhances it with new FM paramaters and operator modes.

Korg Unveil the Next Generation Volca Sample

Korg have added more memory, features, and connectivity options to their internationally acclaimed compact sampler.

Korg Monologue

Korg’s follow-up to the Minilogue includes features designed by Aphex Twin and newly developed analogue circuits with notable…

The Democratisation Of Synthesis: Korg Designers On The Making Of The Minilogue

Attack editor Greg Scarth goes behind the scenes with Minilogue creator Tatsuya Takahashi and principle sound designer Yuki Ohta to…

Sinevibes Wants To Turn Your Korg Synth Into a Groovebox

Sinevibes’ Groove turns your Korg synth into a groovebox.

Moog and Korg Make Mobile Apps Free for Housebound Musicians

Moog and Korg have made their mobile apps free for housebound musicians for a limited time. …

Getting Dirty With Korg’s Volca Sample

Korg’s Volca Sample is one of the most affordable hardware samplers ever produced. Here’s how you can push…

New Stuff On The Way From Korg

New Electribes, a Volca sampler and a fresh Kaoss Pad among the latest offerings from Korg.…

NAMM 2020: Korg Wavestate

With NAMM incoming next week companies are gearing up their new releases. One to get excited about is Korg’s…

Korg Announce Affordable Analogue Polysynth

Korg announce new synth, set to bring analogue polyphony down to an affordable price point.…

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