Recently displayed on Instagram, this lovely custom Korg Minilogue XD job by Love Hultén is bound to set pulses racing.

Love Hultén is an audiovisual artist and Swedish craftsman. His reputation is for fusing traditional craftsmanship with modern tech to create unique objects in an unexpected merge of form and function. 

With a focus on one-of-a-kind exclusive objects, he has recently turned his attention to a modded Korg Minilogue. One of Attack’s favourite analogue synths of recent years, perhaps in this new form it would have become Attack’s favourite analogue synth. It would be hard to bet against.

The new creation dubbed the Montesynth is a project for a client and is a rearrangement of Korg’s parts into a new format, front panel and aesthetic. It’s been enough to catch the attention of Black Panther actor Michael B Jordan commenting on the IG post – “need one lmao”. It’s fair to say he speaks for us all in that regard.

Details are thin but this job is for producer Montebooker and currently one the luckiest producers alive. Love Hultén did however embellish that the Montesynth “had issues, so I came up with a new design” suggesting this isn’t his first time attempting to pull this off. I’m sure many of us would have taken the first iteration without much fuss.

Check out Love Hultén‘s other work on his site including the The the Minilogue reimagined into a Prism 37, with a detached module and keyboard and the Carrier 37, which is a Commodore SX-64-inspired Minilogue available to order, with a price tag of $3,299. There’s also this Yamaha D X 8 4 synthesizer based on the Yamaha Reface DX. Tropical!

For further information visit the Love Hultén website.

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25th March, 2021

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