Following on from the popular Volca FM, Korg has now released the next-generation 6-voice polyphony Volca FM2. The original is a firm favourite in the Attack office and on a perfunctory glance, this update looks very similar to the original. But looks can be deceptive.

Six years since the Volca FM, Korg has now released a new addition to the Volca series with the next generation Volca FM2. The new synthesizer has double the power of its predecessor and features 6 voices instead of 3, allowing for greater harmonic layering and sequencing during production.

Korg’s Volca FM2 Introducing Video

The Volca FM2 also includes a 16-step loop sequencer, reverb and chorus effects, MIDI velocity sensitivity, arpeggiator, expanded connectivity, and program randomization. It is DX compatible, can load files in the SYS-EX/SYX format and is adapter or battery operated. Like all the Volca range, it’s highly portable.

Korg Volca FM2

The Volca FM2 features both MIDI IN and MIDI OUT for controlling other devices and as you would expect, works well with all DAWs. Its internal memory can store up to 16 sequence patterns and motion sequencing allows for real-time recording, while the pattern chain function lets you up-scale your productions by joining up to 16 sequences.

The FM2 features MODULATOR/CARRIER knobs that are matted to various parameters, making for easier sound editing, and includes a parameter edits menu and parameter list guide.

Volca FM2

Volca FM 2 Features

  • Compact FM synthesizer
  • The second generation of the Volca FM
  • Six operators with multiple carrier+modulator routings
  • Mono, unison, and polyphonic voicings with up to six voices
  • Dedicated synthesis parameters with multi-functioning performance controls
  • Onboard arpeggiator, note sequencer, and motion sequencer with pattern chaining
  • Original chorus and added reverb for spatializing your FM timbres
  • Program randomization for inspiring new ideas and patches
  • Up to 64 program slots to save and recall
  • Both MIDI in and out over TRS minijack
  • Built-in speaker
Volca FM2

The Volca FM2 comes with a free music software bundle that includes Izotope’s “Ozone Elements”, “Skoove”, and “Reason Lite”, as well as synths from Korg and various brands.

Korg also collaborated with Oscillator Sink to provide old and new Volca FM users with the Synthmata online editor. With its ‘Intelligent randomizer’, you can generate an infinite number of patches and is free to use and requires no installation.

The new Volca FM is due to arrive in mid-May 2022. The price is TBC.

Korg Volca FM2 Demo


19th April, 2022

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