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We’re Giving Away A Moog Grandmother Dark Series

In this month’s competition, we are giving away a free Moog Grandmother Dark Series. Read on to find out…

Synthesizing Bass For 3 Different Genres With Moog Minitaur

We use Moog’s Minitaur to make basslines for techno, house and bass music tracks.

Moog Grandmother Dark Series Competition Winner Announced

It’s time to announce the winner of last month’s Attack X KMR Audio competition. Read on to see…

Moog Music Adds a New Chapter to the Moog Sound Studio Experience

Moog Music is making its full family of 60HP semi-modular analog synthesizers more accessible with Moog Sound Studio: Mother…

Moog Grandmother Dark Series Review

Mike Adams might be stepping down as CEO but Moog is in good stead and Mike’s legacy is assured…

Programming An Evolving Pad With Moog Animoog Z

Moog’s latest app Animoog Z is deep, combining wavetable and vector synthesis in a 3D environment. We show you how to synthesize a shifting and evolving pad sound.

Moog Make Their Most Affordable Synth Available Again

The Moog Werkstatt-01 analogue monosynth is back on the market for $199, and now includes the CV Expander for interfacing with Eurorack and other semi-modular Moogs.

Moog Subharmonicon Demo Video Drops Before Official Announcement

Demo video of Moog Subharminicon appears on YouTube.

Exploring Analogue Subtractive Synthesis With The Moog Mother-32

Confused about subtractive synthesis? We use the Moog Mother-32 to explain oscillators, filters, and envelopes, plus take things to the next level with the patchbay.

Ambient Sound Design With Moog Grandmother And Ableton Live

The Moog Grandmother is surprisingly flexible for a two-oscillator monosynth. We use a Dark Series edition Grandmother to create a Boards Of Canada-style ambient track in Ableton Live.

Moog and Korg Make Mobile Apps Free for Housebound Musicians

Moog and Korg have made their mobile apps free for housebound musicians for a limited time. …

Bob Moog’s Archives Set to Open at Cornell University

Synth pioneer Bob Moog’s archives to open at Cornell University.…

Ambient Sound Design With A Moog Grandmother

Restricting yourself to one synth can be a great way to improve your synthesis chops. We use a Moog Grandmother and Ableton Live to build up an ambient song piece by piece.

Introducing the sub-$1000 Moog Grandmother

Introducing the Moog Grandmother: the sub-$1000 synth that took us all by surprise.…

First Look: Moog One

Moog have announced a new synthesiser and you might have to crack open the piggy bank to get one.…

Gerald VDH – “When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”

Gerald VDH, once played with a man asleep at his feet in the booth. We caught up with him for…

Minimoog To Be Reissued

Leaked photos claim to show a brand new reissue of Moog’s iconic 1970 synth.…

Help Kickstart A New Bob Moog Documentary

“A journey to discover the man behind the myth…” Producer behind 2014’s I Dream Of Wires plans documentary on…

Five Plugins, One Chain: Creating A Reverb Effect With A Variety Of OneKnob Plugins

Single knob-style plugins can be convenient for quickly adding effects but can they be used in a more creative way? We string together a chain of Waves OneKnob plugins and find out.

Nala April 22 Chart

Top ten for April from Nala featuring Nikki Nair, Anfisa Letyago, Kristin Velvet, Michael Bibi and more.…

Pink Moogs & Ponytails

Our resident agony aunt Charlie Leigh Gamble is here to answer your queries on music, life and existential crises. This…

Does Hardware Still Shape Genres?

We’re inundated with hardware releases all the time and yet how much of it is actually shaping new music? Attack writer Adam Douglas charts the decline of hardware as a driving force of change in music.

Mixing A Breaks Track Using Waves’ Gold Plus Subscription

Is it possible to mix a song using just Waves’ Music Maker Access subscription service? We find out.

Hassan Abou Alam Mar 22 Chart

Top ten for March from producer & DJ Hassan Abou Alam featuring Kindtree, Piezo, RIP Swirl, Metrist and more.…

5 Tips To Improve Your Synth Basslines

In this new Passing Notes we look at look at techniques you can apply to transform your synth bass lines from basic loops into one of the catchiest aspects of your track.

Reviewing The Aurora Australis 12U System By Northern Light Modular

Northern Light Modular (NLM) are a global collective of music tech enthusiasts who create synth modules, with a particular current…

Thomas Brett On ‘The Creative Electronic Music Producer’

Thomas Brett is a musician, ethnomusicologist and author of ‘The Creative Electronic Music Producer’, a book that examines the process…

Defrag – ‘Float’

Jeff Dodson aka Defrag has recently released his 13-track album ‘Float’, on Hymen Records. We asked him to run…

Reviewing Tracklib, A Record Store For Sampling

Tracklib’s music sampling service promises to make sample clearance fast, easy, legal and affordable. Does it deliver on these claims?

Programming a ‘90s-Style Drum and Bass Lead With Roland’s XV-5080

Roland’s sample player modules were the secret weapons of the biggest drum and bass producers in the ‘90s. We use the XV-5080 plugin to craft a multi-layered synth lead.

Fort Romeau

Cin Cin label owner Michael Greene aka Fort Romeau has recently released his LP, Beings of Light. After nearly seven…

Benjamin Long Feb 22 Chart

Top ten for February from producer Benjamin Long featuring Doctor Rockit, Joss Moog, Clive from Accounts, Eddie C and more…

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