“A journey to discover the man behind the myth…” Producer behind 2014’s I Dream Of Wires plans documentary on synth icon Bob Moog.

Musician and film producer Jason Amm, who was responsible for 2014’s I Dream Of Wires documentary on modular synths, has announced his next film project. Electronic Voyager will tell the story of synth pioneer Bob Moog, following his daughter Michelle Moog-Koussa as she retraces his sonic journey.

Amm’s Waveshaper Media is seeking $125,000 CAD of investment via Kickstarter in order to go ahead with the project, with the crowd funding drive open until May 25th.

Confirmed participants already include Moog’s collaborator Herb Deutsch, artists such as Gary Numan, Moby and Portishead’s Adrian Utley, plus a roster of music tech royalty including Dave Smith, Tom Oberheim and Roger Linn.

For full details of the plans for the film and rewards for backing the project, head to the Kickstarter page.

You can read our review of I Dream Of Wires here, and an extensive feature on the modular synth resurgence – including interviews with James Holden, Justin Greenspan and other participants in the film – here.

26th April, 2016


  • Of all interesting topics, why Bob Moog? This whole Bob Moog “myth” bs is just a marketing hype. I do not hate him, I really adore the work he has done, but seriously, he has a museum dedicated to him. But what about the likes of Tom Oberheim? Roger Linn? Chris Huggett? What about Rolands designteams, the guys behind the TR 909 / 808/ 303 Junos and Jupiters? Who did the Korg MS 20 Filter? How was Doepfer founded? Why not telling about the rise and fall of Mutronics?

    These are stories that most people never heard of, and they´re equally interesting.


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