Gerald VDH, once played with a man asleep at his feet in the booth. We caught up with him for a quick-fire Q&A to support of his latest release “Snacks“.

Gerald VDH
Gerald VDH

Why music?

I never asked myself that question. It’s always been music.

If you weren’t making music what would you be doing?

Go back to teaching kids full-time in a school.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t over-prepare.

What inspires you?

Beautiful people that bring their full energy to a dancefloor, in a dark club.

What’s the next big thing?

Inflation, by the looks of things. 

Best club experience?

Playing Berghain. Every single time.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

When I was a teenager, my job was to carry phone books up flights of stairs to offices and rich people’s flats.

How do you know when a track’s finished?

I feel it in my bones. Then I go back and reopen the projects until I get that feeling again… This sometimes goes on for a while…

What was your last day job and when did you realise you could give it up?

I still am and will always be a teacher. I wouldn’t give it up. Ever.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Depeche Mode – Policy of Truth.

What’s the easiest way to make it in the music industry?

There is no easy way. I’ve always done things the hard way and it paid off eventually.

What’s the worst track you’ve ever released?

Probably “Broken Teeth & A Heart of Gold”. It’s not that bad though, I’m generally happy with my output under this moniker. I did some weird stuff in my teens and twenties though.

If someone saw a performance of yours in 1000 years, what do you think they would say?

I wish they would’ve taken climate change seriously, so we would not have to watch this from our safety starship in space.

Recommend us a film.

Terminator 2, could watch it every day.

Recommend us a book.

I like gay romances. I just finished “The Music Of What Happens” by Bill Konigsberg. Yes, it’s cheesy and is the gay equivalent of a straight rom-com, but hey, we only live once, and this makes my heart sing.

What or who is underrated?

Austrian whiskey.

What or who is overrated?

Any techno act that plays hard trance, can pull it off as being “arty” and earns shit loads of money with it.

What are you addicted to?

Coriander and sushi.

What do you lust over?

Good food and wine.

What is your greatest regret?

Only stupid people have regrets. But if I had to choose the closest thing I have to regret, it would be: not moving to London permanently, when I had the chance.

What one thing would most improve your life?

A left-wing and progressive government in my country, Austria.

What’s the worst gig you’ve ever played?

When a guy fell asleep with his head next to my feet in the DJ booth.

Collaboration: rich creative experience or pain in the ass?

Can be both. Collaborating is mostly a pain. Chemistry is key.

What’s the secret to a great mix?

Selection, timing, feeling and mixing skills.

If you could only listen to one more track, what would it be?

Metallica – …And justice for all.

How do you relax?

Netflix and chill.

What one piece of software/kit could you not do without? Why?

My new mac studio. What a fucking beast. I know. Not a cool answer like saying 808 or Moog, but it’s my honest opinion.

Art or money?


Ronaldo or Messi?

I dislike both with a passion, but if I had to choose, it would be CR. 

Strangest place you ever wrote a track?

On the loo.

Must-visit record store?

Hard Wax in Berlin & Das Market in Vienna.

What’s your single biggest frustration in the music industry?


What’s your favourite label? Why?

At the moment it’s Clergy because Jorden keeps finding good, new music.

What’s the worst thing about making music?

That the process takes quite long. Particularly electronic music.

What’s your motto?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. 

Name something timeless


Tweet us a tip. What’s the best production advice you can give in 140 characters or less?

Before you mix down, ask yourself: do I need all the elements? Do they make this tune better? If no, lose some or go back to the drawing board altogether.

Complete this sentence: At heart, I’m just a frustrated…



Can music change the world?


What are you listening to right now?

My AC making fart noises.

What should you do before you die?

Spend at least a month in NYC.

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1st July, 2022

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