Leaked photos claim to show a brand new reissue of Moog’s iconic 1970 synth.

Update 19/5: Moog have confirmed the Minimoog Model D Pilot Production. Check out the intro video below.

Seriously. It's a new Minimoog Model D !

A photo posted by Kurt Kurasaki (@peff) on

Instagram user Kurt Kurasaki (@peff) has posted two photos which he claim show a new Minimoog reissue, set to be unveiled at Moogfest 2016, which takes place in Durham, North Carolina over the next three days.

Kurasaki claims that the new (old) synth is “like the modular [reissues], where it’s built as true to the original where possible”.

Official details are yet to be announced, but the reissue is said to feature a few upgrades in the name of modernisation: notably, built-in MIDI and some improvements to the modulation options.

Moog recently discontinued the Voyager Old School, which left a convenient slot in the range for a flagship bare-bones synth. It’s unclear whether the reissued Minimoog will be a limited-edition run like the Moog Modular reissues, or a permanent addition to the product range.

It’s rumoured to be set for retail at $3,499.

The New #minimoog Model D @moogfest

A photo posted by Kurt Kurasaki (@peff) on


Author Eric Brünjes
19th May, 2016


  • $3,499 seriously?

    for that price you can have a great modular system.

    the moog hype.

  • $3,499 is far to much. For less than that u will get an perfect model d clone, the Minimod from AJH. And its modular eurorack based. So better check this out before buying the “original” one 🙂


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