Wez Saunders – Managing Director At Defected Records

For this month’s Job Envy feature, we sat down with Wez Saunders, the managing director at Defected Records.…

Adding Quality And Clarity To Your Mix with Oeksound’s Soothe2

We put Soothe2 to the test on the stems and mix bus of a deep house track.

Rebekah Announces ‘End The Silence’ GoFundMe Campaign

Rebekah, who announced the #Forthemusic campaign in the summer of 2020, has announced a GoFundMe Campaign to raise funds for…

Josef K – Dec 21

Top ten December tunes from Josef K featuring Johannes Motschmann, Julien Brecht, Adam Ten and more.…

How to Improve The Sound Of Your Home Studio

It’s important to learn how to sound treat a home studio. In this piece, we’re going to look…

Creating House Piano Chords with Toontrack’s EZKeys

Nothing screams classic house music more than house piano chords. In this tutorial, we show you how to make classic…

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The Biggest & Best Black Friday Deals For Producers

It’s Black Friday again. Time to look behind the sofa for every spare penny as there are some massive…

Wrong-Speeding: A Brief History Of Records That Sound Good At The Wrong Speed (Part 2)

The second part of our investigation into records that sound good at the wrong speed, focusing on New Beat and…


We sat down with Fabian Appolaire aka TAOS ahead of his release ‘Reflections’ on Pont Neuf records.…

‘Lady of The House’ Is Out Now

Originally announced earlier this year, Lady Of The House is now available.…


“Why the fuck are people still asking which one is the closest to the original (TB-303). Are people conducting…

Using Bi-Polar Distortion On a Bassline With Rift by Minimal Audio

In this article, we are using a bass hit one shot in Ableton Live and applying modulating filters plus bi…

Plastician Nov 21

Top ten November tunes from Plastician featuring Gina Breeze, Plastician, Interplanetary Criminal and more.…

Eventide SplitEQ: Is It A Genuine Game Changer for EQ Plugins?

We take a look at Eventide’s new and revolutionary EQ plug-in that introduces a transient-based approach to EQ’ing

Balancing A Disco Track

We use compression, EQ, modulation and spatial widening to balance a disco mix and create focus.

How Has Twitch Managed to Become a Go-To Music Platform During COVID?

The live-streaming site Twitch has stealthily become a viable platform for music, with artists and labels alike using it. How did this happen?

Maelstrom Nov 21

Top ten November tunes from Maelstrom featuring Air Max ’97, Paula Temple, DJ Stingray and more.…

Oeksound Drop Prices This Black Friday on Soothe2 and Spiff

Bored of Black Friday? Of course not – there’s so much more to come and OekSound are giving away massive…

Crossword #5 – Win A Free Copy of SplitEQ!

Complete this month’s music crossword and be in with a chance to win a copy of Eventide’s new…

Minimal Techno Sound Design Using Soundtoys

If you want to sharpen your sound design skills, we’d recommend looking at the excellent suite of plugins from…

Joyce Muniz Nov 21

Top ten November tunes from Joyce Muniz including SouveQ, Laurent Chanal, Spencer Parker and more.…

SuperEQ 12 Hour Flash Sale For Black Friday

Don’t blink as there are only 12 hours to take advantage of this Black Friday flash sale discount from…

Virtuoso: A New Approach To Music Education

Virtuoso is modernising how music education is taught and learnt, and have just launched a new subscription on its music…

Adding Compression And Colour With Mathew Lane’s TiCo

We take a deep dive into the combination compressor and saturator and use it to add shine and presence to a house track.

Minimal Audio Joins The Black Friday Rush With ‘Rift’ Sale

Save up to 35% off Rift by Minimal Audio this Black Friday.…

Ross From Friends Is Giving Away 50 GB Of Session Recordings For Free

The 2000 files of recordings that the British producer jammed out during the sessions for his latest album ‘Tread’ are…

Marketing Your Music Using Videvo

Paid for content by…

Mason Maynard: “I don’t want what’s come before to be forgotten about”

For this month’s feature interview we speak with house music rising star, Manchester’s Mason Maynard.…

The Soundtoys Black Friday Sale Ends Soon

Soundtoys announced its huge Black Friday plugin sale last week. There is just one week left to save big this…

OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones

OneOdio aims to offer quality headphones for affordable prices. The Monitor 60 model is being billed as suited for DJ…

Joyce Muniz

With her latest EP ‘Flashes On The Floor’ out on Pets Recordings, we caught up with Joyce Muniz to find…

Eventide SplitEQ: A Genuine Game changer?

In our latest YouTube video, we run through a review and tutorial on Eventide’s SplitEQ plugin.…

Black Girl / White Girl

Top ten November tunes from BLACK GIRL / WHITE GIRL featuring Dasha Ignatova, KUSS, Joey Beltram and more……

Beatport And Microsoft Surface Launch World First Remote B2B

Thie new initiative between Beatport and Microsoft will showcase remote real-time collaboration and will kick off with Jamie Jones…

Exploring Analogue Subtractive Synthesis With The Moog Mother-32

Confused about subtractive synthesis? We use the Moog Mother-32 to explain oscillators, filters, and envelopes, plus take things to the next level with the patchbay.

James Araujo – Mixed In Key

For this month’s Job Envy feature, we spoke to James Araujo, marketing director at Mixed In Key.…

Boxia Nov 21

Top ten November tunes from Boxia featuring Posthuman, Black Girl/White Girl, AK sports and more.…

Black Cadmium Nov 21

Top ten tunes for November 2021 from Black Cadmium featuring Omar S, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Eversines and more.…

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