Why Is SoundCloud Laying Off Staff?

As the legendary indie platform makes its first layoffs since 2017, what’s the driving force behind the decision?…

Percussion-Based Beat Dissected Inspired By Bonobo

Downtempo, leftfield, organica, electronica, fairy-light house? Whatever you want to call it we show you how to make percussion…

Selective Response August 22 Chart

Top ten for August from Selective Response featuring Glenn Wilson, Perc and Dax J.…

Alpha Tracks August 22 Chart

Top ten for August from Alpha Tracks featuring Dj Ibon, Caterina Barbieri and Oprofessionel.…

BeDJ: A Step By Step Timestamped Guide For Learning How To DJ?

Can BeDJ teach you every movement and mix position with a sheet music inspired timestamped DJ learning tool?…

Creating Choirs In The Style Of Forest Swords Or Kelly Lee Owens

In this new Passing Notes, we craft a lush vocal bass, pad and layered stab with Spitfire Audio’s brand…

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Vintage Culture “Back On The Road Is Like A Family Reunion”

Ahead of his performance in San Diego this weekend for DAY.MVS.XL, we caught up with Lukas Ruiz better…

Tearing Acid Techno Bassline With SynthMaster2

We use KV331 Audio’s SynthMaster 2 to create an unorthodox acid bassline complete with effects – and all within the single plugin.

Beatport Announces Inaugural ReConnect Summit

ReConnect, originally launched by Beatport in March of 2020, is moving to an IRL event this September in New York…

KI/KI August 22 Chart

Top ten for August from KI/KI featuring Narciss & Vixen, Oprofessionell and Alpha Tracks.…

Does Hardware Still Shape Genres?

We’re inundated with hardware releases all the time and yet how much of it is actually shaping new music? Attack writer Adam Douglas charts the decline of hardware as a driving force of change in music.

Making Six Sounds With One Preset Using Forbidden Planet By EastWest

EastWest is known for their huge library of sample-based instruments, but Forbidden Planet is their first adventure into the realm of hybrid morphing synths. In this tutorial we push one preset (out of the available 600!) to the limit.

Spitfire Audio Announces Summer Sale

The London-based company are running huge discounts this week up till Sunday.…

Progressing Gender Representation In UK Dance Music.

The Jaguar Foundation has released the findings of its report, Progressing Gender Representation In UK Dance Music.…

Watch A Guy Called Gerald for Around The World in 80 Raves

We kick off our summer streaming program, in support of In Place Of War, starting with none other than A…

GPU Audio Is Powering Plugins With Your Graphics Card. Is It Time To Finally Say Goodbye To Latency?

Constantly maxing out your CPU? GPU Audio is hoping to leverage your graphics card to speed up music production processing.

Ka§par July 22 Chart

Top ten for July from Ka§par featuring Terra Chã, Belizian Voodoo Priest, Cyclonix, Larry Quest and more.…

Manifest Audio Update Free Mod Squad to v2.1

Berlin-based Manifest Audio has updated their free Mod Squad pack to include 15 Max for Live modulation devices.…

Mixing Techno Drums With Excite Audio’s Lifeline Console

How can you get TR-909 samples sounding punchy and powerful? Console-style processing is an excellent way to add character and thump at the mixing stage.

Double Drop: The Symbiotic Interdependence of Dance Music Duos

Harold Heath looks into the science of dance music duos……

Nick Dare July 22 Chart

Top ten for July from Nick Dare featuring MAW, Brian Burnside, Zetbee, Virgo Four and more.…

Dutchie – “I Find Inspiration In Everyday Sounds, Feelings And Environments As Well As My Dreams”

Bristol-based artist Dutchie released her 2-track ‘Yeah/Look Down’ project on the ‘Future Bounce’ label back in May…

“How I Made ‘Lexicon'” – Lynyn Takes Us Through His Debut Album

Chicago composer Conor Mackey aka Lynyn has recently released his nine-track album “lexicon”. If you are a fan of…

5 Tips To Improve Your Synth Basslines

In this new Passing Notes we look at look at techniques you can apply to transform your synth bass lines from basic loops into one of the catchiest aspects of your track.

Eli Escobar & Kim Anh July 22 Chart

Top ten for July from Eli Escobar and Kim Anh featuring Ron Trent, Sensory Productions, Paramida, Komo B and more…

Nyege Nyege Festival Returns After 3 years

The Ugandan festival has moved to new site and announced it’s line-up taking place from September 15th through…

5 Must Watch Sets At DAY.MVS XL Festival 2022

Attack Magazine breaks down 5 must-watch sets at this year’s DAY.MVS XL Festival taking place on the…

Sign Up To Play At Attack’s First Live Event

We’re very pleased to announce that Attack Magazine’s first event is happening on Sept 29th in London. If…

Making Ableton FX Racks With The Arturia FX Collection 3

In our new YouTube tutorial, we show you how to make Ableton FX Racks with the Arturia FX Collection 3…

Hacko July 22 Chart

Top ten for July from Hacko featuring Kentphonik, The Weeknd, Floetry, Kings of Tomorrow and more.…

Undulating Modular Bass In The Style Of Blawan’s 993 Using Wavetable

In our latest Synth Secrets we tackle the sounds of an undisputed heavyweight, Blawan, and make a synth patch heavily…

Reviewing The Aurora Australis 12U System By Northern Light Modular

Northern Light Modular (NLM) are a global collective of music tech enthusiasts who create synth modules, with a particular current…

Anna Kost July 22 Chart

Top ten for Anna Kost featuring Atonism, MSDMNR, Hassan Abou Alam, Justyn Nell and more.…

Tita Lau July 22 Chart

Top ten for July from Tita Lau featuring James Hype, Sally C, Patrick Topping, Armand Van Helden and more.…

A Service For Electronic Labels and Musicians: Move Music Distribution 

What is music distribution? What does it cost? Do I need it? How do I go about it? There are…

The 10 Rarest Drum Machines On Reverb Right Now

Grab a notepad to make a wish list and a rag to wipe up the drool because we’re checking out 10 of the rarest rhythm machines currently on Reverb.

Sensu July 22 Chart

Top ten for July from Sensu featuring Overmono, Mura Masa, Jungle, PinkPantheress and more.…

Luciid July 22 Chart

Top ten for July from Luciid featuring Itachi, NTBR, Selective Response, Jehra and more.…

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