The 10 Rarest Drum Machines On Reverb Right Now

Grab a notepad to make a wish list and a rag to wipe up the drool because we’re checking out 10 of the rarest rhythm machines currently on Reverb.

5 Things You May Have Missed In June

Been too busy to keep up this May? Read a quick round-up of all the goings-on in dance music this past month.

Risa Taniguchi July 22 Chart

Top ten for July from Risa Taniguchi featuring Yigitoglu, Askkin, Trunkline, Truncate and more.…

Gerald VDH – “When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”

Gerald VDH, once played with a man asleep at his feet in the booth. We caught up with him for…

Reviewing Tracklib, A Record Store For Sampling

Tracklib’s music sampling service promises to make sample clearance fast, easy, legal and affordable. Does it deliver on these claims?

Twisting Up A Synth Drone With Antares’ Auto-Tune Pro

We all know what Antares’ Auto-Tune Pro can do to vocals but what about synths? We turn a boring drone into a unique melody with the vocal processor.

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Sun Shower: Larry Levan and the J-Pop Remix

The story of how DJ legend Larry Levan came to remix an obscure J-pop song and what happened after.

Make UK Drill In The Style Of Dutchavelli Or M24

Using Deft Lines and Young Phantom by Native Instruments, we show you how to make a drill beat including Note…

Music Production For Women Are Offering A Day Of Masterclasses For Female & Non-Gender Conforming Musicians

Music Production For Women, MPW, are offering a day of masterclasses in London on the 16th of July 2022, to…

Sister Zo – “Give Yourself Fully To What You Love With Zero Expectation Of The Outcome”

Sister Zo has recently released her “Freak Shift” EP on the “3024” label. In support of her release, we asked…

Programming a ‘90s-Style Drum and Bass Lead With Roland’s XV-5080

Roland’s sample player modules were the secret weapons of the biggest drum and bass producers in the ‘90s. We use the XV-5080 plugin to craft a multi-layered synth lead.

u-he and Bitwig Announce New Open-Source Plugin Standard, CLAP

CLAP, the new plugin type from u-he and Bitwig, promises performance gains, per-note modulation, and future-proofing – and it’s currently available to try in beta.

Arturia FX Collection 3 Competition Winner Announced

It’s time to announce the winners of this month’s Attack x Arturia competition. Read on to see if…

FrescoEdits June 22 Chart

Top ten for June from FrescoEdits featuring Jacques Renault, Sam Ruffillo, Kassian, Alan Dixon and more.…

Panning Effects for Breakdowns With Sound Particles’ Energy Panner

In this tutorial we test out Sound Particles’ dynamic panning plug-ins, which have recently developed a reputation in Hollywood for creating realistic soundscapes.

Alexander Robotnick On Ageism In Dance Music: “To Be Old Is Gold”

In part two of our ageism in dance music series, we spoke with Alexander Robotnick to discuss his experience of…


Cologne-based DJ and producer Sandilé has recently put out the 4-track EP “Home Again 04” as her debut…

Adam Warped June 22 Chart

Top ten for June from Adam Warped featuring Jake Childs, Cantoma, The Emperor Machine, Flying Mojitobros and more.…

Cinematic String-Synth Hybrid Chords With Spitfire Audio Polaris

In this new Passing Notes we run wide chord voicings through Spitfire Audio’s new hybrid instrument to compose cinematic pad textures and melodies.

Crossword #11 May 22

In need of a brand new quiz? Test your music and electronic music gear knowledge in our crossword for the…

PCloud Are Gifting Musicians 500GB Of Free Storage To Celebrate International Music Day

Today is International Music Day! And to celebrate, the cloud storage provider pCloud is offering all music creators 500GB of…

Black Pomade June 22 Chart

Top ten for June from Black Pomade featuring Hippi & The Graffics, Atelier Francesco, Diogo, Trotsky and more.…

How Beatport & Microsoft Are Aiming To Reshape Music With Originals²

Two entertainment giants partner to shape how we might consume music in future.…

Recreating The Sound Of Immaterial By Sophie Using Wavetable

In this Synth Secrets, we’re going to use Ableton Wavetable to show you the foundational elements of Sophie’s…

Mick Wilson And August Artier June 22 Chart

Top ten for June from Mick Wilson And August Artier featuring MEZER, Nullptr, Harrison BPD, Peter Pixzel and more.…

Virtuoso Launches Artist Development Course: Virtuoso Artist Accelerator

Virtuoso returns with a brand new course, the “Virtuoso Artist Accelerator”, created to support artists in designing, planning and executing…

Dave Smith 1950-2022

The music world was rocked to hear of the passing of synth hero Dave Smith.…

A New Album Every Two Weeks: The Story Of Aleksi Perälä

There are many different ways to make music but none are quite as original as Aleksi Perälä’s. We speak to the prolific producer about his remarkable output.

We’re Giving Away 2 Copies Of Arturia’s Brand New FX Collection 3

For our June competition, we have joined forces with Arturia to giveaway the latest expanded version of their production plugin…

Purple Disco Machine June 22 Chart

Top ten for June from Purple Disco Machine featuring Jamie Jones, Mighty Mouse, Patrick Cowley, The Human League and more…

Floating Points-Inspired Vocoder Drums

We use Waves’ OVox to turn a UK garage beat into a melodic line, harnessing the power of both its synthesis and melody-generating capabilities.

9 Things You May Have Missed This May

Been too busy to keep up this May? Read a quick round-up of all the goings-on in dance music this past month.

Blast Box Competition Winner Announced

It’s time to announce the winner of last month’s Attack X Blast Radio competition. Read on to see…

Surusinghe – “Difference Is What Makes The World An Interesting Place”

Surusinghe has recently released “Heaven”, the second single on her forthcoming EP, on the ‘Steel City Dance Discs’ label. In…

Arturia’s Flagship V9 Collection In Review

Arturia’s returns with their brand new V Collection 9, packed with a number of new plugins and presets.…

How Prevalent Is Ageism In Dance Music?

We spoke with Fabio, Anja Schneider and I:Robots about the reality of getting old working in dance music.…

SONNEE June 22 Chart

Top ten for June from SONNEE featuring Jamie XX, Jeshi, Flume, Teebs and more.…

Eventide Announce Their Pluginpalooza Summer Sale – Up To 70% Off

Eventide has announced their summer ‘Pluginpalooza’ sale. Save up to 70% off on select plug-ins and bundles, until August…

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