Learn How To Make Noisia-Inspired Synths With Ableton’s Operator

In this Synth Secrets, we’ll be showing you how to make an explosive FM lead sound inspired by Noisia…

Analog Meets Digital: Korg Drumlogue Review

Analog, digital and even plugins, Korg’s Drumlogue has it all – but is it enough?

Maud Geffray ‘Nite Sessions’ – “I Wanted to Show A New Vision Of My Tracks”

Hailing from France, Maud Geffray has turned her talents to the dance floor with her latest mixtape ‘Nite Sessions’.…

Schak: “It’s ‘the’ Sound Of The North East”

How do you introduce someone who has racked up 12 million clicks on Spotify alone?…

Make A Beat Inspired By Alexander Robotnick’s ‘Problèmes D’Amour’.

This time on Beat Dissected we’ll be showing you how to create groovy electro drums in the style of…

Win A NVIDIA Graphics Card From GPU Audio Worth £649!

Attack Magazine will select one lucky participant at random to receive a brand new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card…

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The Secrets of Dance Music Production

The world-leading book on dance music production. Comes with samples too.

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The Producer’s Manual

Everything you need to take a mix, from initial recording to final master.

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Inside Information: Minimoog Poster

The ultimate studio wall poster for music fans.

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Underground Resistance: The Final Frontier Poster

Anti corporate, political, powerful and progressive the power house of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and "Mad" Mike Banks needs little introduction.

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Acid House Love Blueprint Poster

A 303 map of dance music and rave culture. Perfect.

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Acid House T-Shirt

Long live acid house!

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Refraction – Elektron Sample Pack

Techno sounds for the Elektron Analog Rytm

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Prism – Digitone Sample Pack

Electronic sounds for the Elektron Digitone.

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Replicants – Elektron Analog Rytm Sample Pack

Electro sounds for the Elektron Analog Rytm. Free your spirit.

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The Korg ARP Odyssey FS Kit: Unbox & Assemble A G Funk Special

Korg are back with another Odyssey release, this time a full-size kit. Is a 51-year-old analog synth still relevant in the 21st century?

“Underground” Should Not Mean “Play For Free”

When an artist struggled to cover their transport costs to their gig, what message did that send to the wider…

Announcing The Winner Of The ABL3 303-Day Competition

It’s time to announce the winner of the Attack x Audiorealism 303-day competition. Read on to find out…

MasterSounds and Union Audio Release New MK2 Version Of Their Flagship Valve-Driven Rotary Mixer

The Valve MK2 is available now in two and four-channel options with each unit hand-crafted in Cornwall, England…

Crossword Number 13: March 23

Ooooh, it’s crossword number 13! Lucky for some and not so lucky for others!…

A Look At Synth Modulations For Beginners

Using the modulation matrix in Wavetable in Ableton Live to help bring a track alive.

Cast Your Vote For The Winner Of The ABL3 303 Day Competition!

Attack has chosen what we think are the 10 best entries. Now it’s up to you to determine who…

Beatport & Polkadot Announce ‘Beatport.IO’ A New Web3 Electronic Music Platform

The platform, dubbed Beatport.io, will bring electronic music culture to Web3, giving fans access to exclusive collectables and interactive…

Klaudia Gawlas: “Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination”

Techno powerhouse Klaudia Gawlas has just launched her own label Illusion Recordings with her brand new single, ‘YDK’. To celebrate…

Close Counters: Sawtooths & Spikey Plant Infused Disco

Following the recent release of their album ‘SOULACOASTA II’, we asked Close Counters to show us their studio.…

Make A 303 Inspired Bassline & Win A Bundle Of Plugins Worth £236!

To celebrate 303 day, it’s time to see who has the best acid house chops!…

Five Key Takeaways From AVA Conference 2023

We run through five main takeaways from the AVA conference 2023 at Printworks.…

5 Women In The Synthesizer Industry: Flavia Ferreira, Focusrite

For International Women’s Day, we talked to five women engineers working in the synthesizer industry about the challenges they face. This time, we speak with Flavia Ferreira of Focusrite.

5 Women In The Synthesizer Industry: Paula Maddox, Dove Audio

For International Women’s Day we talked to five women engineers working in the synthesizer industry about the challenges they face and what keeps them going. This time, we speak with Paula Maddox.

Minimal Audio Release Brand New Tap Sequence Designer: ‘Cluster Delay’.

Minimal Audio’s Cluster Delay allows you to shape delay sequences in time by ramping, spacing, and scattering up to…

Pioneer DJ Announce New Four Channel Mixer ‘DJM-A9’

Pioneer DJ’s latest hardware mixer features improved sound quality, a refreshed layout, two headphone outputs, the ability to connect…

5 Women In The Synthesizer Industry: Sandra Sims, SDS Digital Modular

For International Women’s Day we talked to five women engineers working in the synthesizer industry about the challenges they face. This time, we speak with Sandra Sims, designer and engineer at SDS Digital Modular.

How To Synthesize A Bassline Inspired By Camo & Krooked With U-He’s Zebra

This time on Synth Secrets we’ll be walking you through how to create a bassline inspired by Camo &amp…

Build Your Own ARP Odyssey With Korg’s New FS- Kit

Korg has recently unveiled the ARP Odyssey FS Kit, allowing you to create your own unique version of the iconic…

Burial Soundtracks Burberry Autumn/Winter 2023 Runway Show

‘Shell of Light’, ‘Homeless,’ and ‘Traunt’ were among the songs accompanying Burberry’s AW23 runway show.…

5 Women In The Synthesizer Industry: Yoriko Matsushita, Roland Japan

For International Women’s Day we talked to five women engineers working in the synthesizer industry about their jobs. This time, we speak with Yoriko Matsushita at Roland.

Roland SH-4d: Four Synths And A Drum Machine In One Black Techno Box

Roland’s latest, the SH-4d, is a multitimbral powerhouse complete with rhythm track and sequencer.

Roland Unveil New Addition To SH Line: SH-4d

Roland’s SH-4d is a multi-timbral virtual analogue desktop synth as well as a groove box with dedicated…

What To See At AVA London Conference 2023

Belfast’s preeminent music festival, AVA, returns to Printworks for its London conference. We run down a few of the…

5 Women In The Synthesizer Industry: Kris Kaiser, Noise Engineering

For International Women’s Day we talked to five women engineers working in the synthesizer industry about the challenges they face and what keeps them going. This time, we speak with Kris Kaiser, the cofounder of Noise Engineering.

What Is The Recipe For An Effective Breakdown?

In this article we look at some tricks for producing one of the key sections in any dance music genre – the breakdown.

Watch A KiNK Workshop From ADE 2022

Learn how KiNK plays live, the gear he uses and how his career has developed over the year.…

TikTok Clashes With Major Labels

Recent actions from TikTok have stoked tensions between the social media giant and major record labels. Could this be good…

SOHMI:- “There’s No Easy Way To Make It In The Industry”

SOHMI blends techno and minimal house with a dash of pop-inspired vocals. Sound good? Find out what makes her…

Sand, Sea & Modular Synths: Qatar & The Synth Museum

In Doha, a small group of synth heads are trying to build a world-beating synth museum and associated music…

Win A Free Arturia Minilab MK II

Some may not have noticed but it was Valentine’s day this week As a gesture of love from us…

Love Injection Founders Launch Kickstarter For New Paul Klipsch Book

The book, titled ‘Dope For Hope’, contains a collection of newsletters, draft papers, sketches, captions and indices from Hi-Fi…

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