An Introduction To FM Synthesis

Often dismissed as overly complex, FM synthesis isn't necessarily as difficult to get to grips with as its reputation might suggest. Join us as we take a look at the…

Lukid – ‘USSR’
Are You Sure You Want To Quit?

We scour our mailbox for the most deserving recipient of the Attack readership’s collective advice in the first experiment in crowdsourced answers to all kinds of production and creative problems.…

Belleville Techno

In the latest instalment of Beat Dissected,…

Complex Arps

Arpeggiators aren't just for simple chord parts. Bruce…

Polished House

In our latest sound design and drum programming walkthrough we take a look at techniques used by some of the young British house producers enjoying crossover chart success. Beat Dissected…

Ten Tips For Better Drums

Bruce Aisher runs through ten essential tips for getting the most from your drums. Sub-mix Compression While there is often a lot of focus on compressing individual sounds or even…

Raw French House

In our latest drum programming and sound…

‘Your Love’ Synths Deconstructed

Oliver Curry explains the theory of counterpoint, with help from JS Bach, Steve Reich, The Orb, Lorn and children's nursery rhymes. Counterpoint refers to the relationship between two or more…

Soulful Deep House

In our latest drum programming and sound design tutorial, we construct a dusty deep house beat from live drum hits and samples lifted from records. Beat Dissected is a regular…

21st-Century Chicago House

Our latest drum programming and sound design…

Help! How To Finish Tracks
Quantisation & Velocity Editing Basics
Further Chords

Dance music theory expert Oliver Curry demonstrates…

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