Soulful Deep House

In our latest drum programming and sound design tutorial, we construct a dusty deep house beat from live drum hits and samples lifted from records. Beat Dissected is a regular…

Quantisation & Velocity Editing Basics
Further Chords

Dance music theory expert Oliver Curry demonstrates how to break away from basic chords and create more complex harmonic structures. Way back in the very first instalment of Passing Notes we looked…

West Coast Hip-Hop

In our latest drum programming and sound…

80s-Style Chicago House

Our latest beat programming and sound design…

How Compression Works In A Mix

Bruce Aisher takes a look at some of the different ways in which compressors can be used across the elements of a mix. Compression is an essential but often misunderstood…

Cold Pads

Pads come in all shapes and sizes. Here we explore the chillier end of the sonic spectrum – perfect for those long cold winter nights. When we think of synth…

Rough House

In our latest beat construction tutorial we…

Realistic Bongos

Creating an organic bongo groove using individual…

Four Tet – ’Angel Echoes’

The Breakdown is a regular series in which we examine the background context, composition and production of some of our favourite tracks in order to discover what makes them so…

Motor City Techno

Our latest beat programming and sound design tutorial focuses on the classic sound of early Detroit techno with a 909-based pattern which demonstrates a range of techniques for creating raw,…

Maniac Ghetto House
Breach – ‘Jack’
Found Sound 2-Step
Lessons From Disco

Dance music theory expert Oliver Curry examines…

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