Korg Electribe


£395, korg.com

KORG ELECTRIBE, new digital synth

The Electribe range has been a cult hit since Korg introduced the very first models back in 1999. The previous models were starting to look a bit outdated, but Korg has once again made a huge leap forward with the introduction of the new Electribe and Electribe Sampler. The minimally named Electribe is the one we’re interested in here, based around a new virtual analogue synth engine, equally as capable of churning out fat basslines and gritty leads as it is silky string sounds or synthesised drum hits.

Where the Electribe differs from the other units featured in our list is that it’s so much more than just a synth engine. The entire unit is built around the Electribe’s famously intuitive approach to step sequencing. There’s still an XY touchpad for modulating parameters, but there are now also 16 touch-sensitive pads for playing and programming beats and melodies. Another new feature which will surely be of huge interest to many dance producers is the neat integration with Ableton Live.

The Electribe is once again right up to date with the demands of modern producers. If you’re looking for something a bit different, something that bridges the gap between digital synthesis, old-school sequencing techniques and now Ableton Live’s neat workflow, the Electribe is a great choice.

29th January, 2015


  • Ploytec is on the table behind the Bass Station 2… What do I win?

  • Is that it behind his monitor controller??? or ai or whatev

  • My next synth is definitly in that list!

  • i think it not good the MICROGRANNY 2.1 . is supper

    als the The Critter & Guitari Bolsa Bass is dupper

    more supper synth,s on http://www.errorinstruments.com

  • Was the Elektron Monomachine just too expensive to be included, or too old?

  • @Clay – I’d personally say that’s it too old to make the list, the Monomachine MK2 came out 5-ish years ago now. That said, I just bought a new one from Elektron and it’s probably my favourite digital synth EVER (though the Machinedrum is probably parallel to that as well, yeh I’m a fanboy)

  • We love the Monomachine but here we’re just focusing on more recent releases.

  • I highly recommend the Audiothingies P6, it sounds more ‘analogue’ than modern analogue synths I’ve used, I’d take it over a load of more expensive synths any day.
    Strong filter with lovely sqidgy resonance, snappy envelopes and a good mod matrix, this is a very flexible instrument with a very wide sweet spot.
    Here’s a demo I made recently showing a wide range of sounds, I’ll be posting another one soon as well:



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