Today is International Music Day! And to celebrate, the cloud storage provider pCloud is offering all music creators 500GB of free storage for three months if you register now.

PCloud is gifting musicians 500GB of free cloud storage if you register this International Music Day! The cloud storage provider was voted as the best cloud storage in 2021, is a direct Dropbox competitor, according to TechRadar, and is now trusted by more than 16 million+ users.

If 500GB isn’t enough after your three-month free period, pCloud is also offering you their industry-first Lifetime plan. This requires just a single payment, while giving you unlimited storage, without payment renewals or subscriptions. 1 payment, unlimited storage in perpetuity. 🤯

To find out more about this, read our article on pCloud’s Lifetime plan. Regardless if you are accomplished music professional or music lover, pCloud offers a lot of value to those who struggle with storage space.

PCloud offers robust security with its unbreakable military-grade encryption and regularly upgrades its feature sets. The service is available for all devices and OS, with an abundance of collaborative tools and features, plus an interface that seems to be tailored toward professional artists.

The virtual drive allows users to upload entire drum kit collections, sound design files, vocal samples and all forms of production files. This renders the service invaluable to industry professionals looking to create content without device storage issues.

pCloud’s Main Features

  • Virtual drive
  • File sharing
  • Branded links
  • Unlimited speed
  • Lifetime Access
  • Audio album sorting
  • Access across devices
  • Share link customization
  • Real-time backup update
  • Unbreakable encryption
  • Sync locally stored folders with the cloud
  • DAW and OS compatible
  • Native audio player for demo sharing and listening

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, musicians had to find innovative ways to continue creating. This boosted the demand for quality and efficient tools in the music industry. PCloud allows you to initiate collaborations with anyone around the world, regardless of your location. This helped in relieving the distance that Covid-19 created, while still keeping up with the ever-evolving pace of music creation.

Simply drag and drop your vocal tracks into a mutually shared folder and your studio engineer can start mixing right away. And if you are only listening to music, you can use pCloud’s native audio player for your entire music collection! All the albums are properly sorted, allowing you to carry your favourite albums anywhere you go.

Why Choose pCloud?

Storage is a never-ending issue, especially on the new Mac Book Pro. Audio creators, and more importantly video creators, will find huge value in an ‘unlimited storage’ service provider that isn’t the expensive Google or the hard-to-navigate Apple.

Register to pCloud today.

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21st June, 2022

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