Synapse Audio Dune 2


Synapse Audio Dune 2, New Synth Plugins

Like your synths staggeringly powerful, packed full of features and capable of doing just about anything you can imagine? Look no further. Based on the same Differential Unison Engine concept as the original Dune, version 2 is a full rewrite from scratch. The sound is similar: bold, forward and digital, but the synth architecture is even more complex and the features even more impressive.

Everywhere you turn in Dune 2 there are options: the oscillators can be set to virtual analogue, wavetable or FM modes; there are 17 different filter modes to choose from; there are four multi-stage envelope generators for modulation. Oh, and you can use up to eight layers simultaneously. At full 16-voice polyphony, that equates to a preposterous 8,320 oscillators in action simultaneously.

Dune 2 is a dream come true for those who like to tinker with every aspect of their synth. If you’re the type who likes a quick, simple interface with every parameter accessible from a single page, this is not for you. But if you’re frustrated by the limitations of your current synths and always looking to tweak the tiniest details, Dune 2 can probably satisfy your urge to get hands-on.


27th April, 2015

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