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Madrona Labs Kaivo, New Synth Plugins

There are plenty of synths on the market with completely unique, off-the-wall approaches to synthesis. The problem is that so few of them really offer anything better than the conventional methods. It’s one thing coming up with a new approach, but it’s another thing entirely to improve on the long-established methods (for proof of that, just consider how many new synths rely on exactly the same subtractive analogue architecture as synths manufactured half a century ago). Kaivo is that rare beast: a synth with a new approach that actually offers something more than existing approaches.

Thankfully, you don’t need to understand the intimidating-sounding theory behind the synth’s “finite difference time domain” modelling engine in order to use it. At its heart, Kaivo is a physical modelling synth, but with granular synthesis elements integrated into the synth architecture and semi-modular capabilities to make it more flexible.

As you’d expect from a physical modelling synth, Kaivo excels at imitations of acoustic instruments, from plucked strings to struck percussion. But the versatility of the setup allows it to do a lot more. Things start to get interesting very easily; even if all you do is load a preset and start adjusting parameters at random, you soon find yourself in a strange, otherworldly territory where common sounds start to degrade and dissolve into unique timbres. It’s a highly creative tool for producing entirely original sounds.


27th April, 2015

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