U-he Bazille

$129 (+VAT in EU)

U-he Bazille, New Synth Plugins

Urs Heckman’s plugins are occasionally criticised for being a little on the greedy side when it comes to their appetite for processing power. It’s a fair enough criticism, and one that U-he have addressed with the forthcoming Hive plugin, which is designed to be as efficient as possible.

With Bazille, however, the company took exactly the opposite approach. What happens if you just try to build your dream soft synth, without worrying about the strain it might put on your computer? For Urs, that meant drawing inspiration from the Roland System 100m and Doepfer Eurorack modules, then mixing in elements of digital synthesis (such as frequency modulation and phase distortion) in order to create something utterly unique. The result is an almighty patchable modular system built around four digital oscillators, four multi-mode analogue-style filters and a wealth of modulation options.

How does it sound? There’s an inherent grittiness to the oscillators, which have been designed to exhibit all of their digital aliasing character rather than emulating a smooth analogue oscillator. The filters are super flexible, shaping and taming the oscillators in just about any way you can imagine.

If you’re not too careful, Bazille might chew up your CPU and spit it out, but the strain on your processing power is more than worth it for the exceptional sonic flexibility and incredible sound.


27th April, 2015

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