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Max For Cats OSCiLLOT, New Synth Plugins

Based on Max For Live, OSCiLLOT is a true modular synth that runs seamlessly within Ableton, allowing you to patch and edit the setup in real time. The range of modules available is huge and well documented to make it easier to get started patching and combining elements in order to create an almost infinite range of unique and excellent sounding modular devices.

You can also integrate the modules with hardware by routing audio and CV signals in and out of the system via an audio interface (kind of like a simplified take on Expert Sleepers’ excellent Silent Way suite).

There are now quite a few modular and semi-modular synth plugins and environments available. Some, like NI’s well-established Reaktor plugin, are hugely flexible but hampered by a steep learning curve. Others, like U-he’s ACE offer an easier, more intuitive approach but still lock you into the fixed architecture of the synth to some extent.

OSCiLLOT really strikes the balance perfectly, offering incredible flexibility without being dauntingly complex. Above all, it feels like an instrument rather than a dazzlingly technical display of programming prowess. This is a modular plugin that you want to make music with, not just get lost in endless loops of virtual patch cables.


27th April, 2015

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