Dreadbox Murmux Semi-Modular


DREADBOX MURMUX SEMI-MODULAR, new analogue mono synths

Introduced at NAMM 2014, the Murmux is probably the most resolutely boutique synthesiser to appear here. Built entirely by hand in Athens, the attention to detail on the Murmux’s stunningly retro, tweed-clad enclosure (designed in collaboration with Black Science) should give you a clue about how lovingly this synth has been created.

There are two version of the Murmux. The neat Initiate version is a fine synth in its own right, but if you can stretch to the more expensive Semi-Modular we’d strongly recommend it. Whichever one you go for you’ll get two oscillators, each with sub-oscillators, two envelopes and an LFO. The Semi-Modular adds a handful of additional features including a slightly more advanced filter section and four-stage modulator source.

Dreadbox also just released the affordable Erebus, a much more simple synth which still offers a very good selection of patch points for semi-modular use, built-in MIDI and even a paraphonic mode, all for less than £350.

With such strong offerings at a range of prices, we wouldn’t be surprised if Dreadbox soon became regarded as one of the most popular players on the boutique synth scene.


6th February, 2015

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